June 27, 2008


We usually leave the Big Boob Fridayâ„¢ stuff to The Hostages, whose offering for this week includes beer, Christian rock, and a rather fulsome Floridian, but I thought this week I might jump in, too.

You see, the other day, my brother and I were discussing the feminine pulchritude (i.e. big  tits) of various Los Angeles area teevee news personalities, when he mentioned that the local NBC station had a weather gal on their early morning news show by the name of Elita Loresca who had to be seen to be believed. 

Now, since I'm what you might call a Gentleman of Leisure (i.e. the kind of guy who's hung over a lot) I rarely, if ever, catch the early morning news.  But in this age of wonders we have Google Images, which brings you the following likeness of Ms. Loresca, below the fold.

Oh, and before you click, there's a bit of a NSFW Content Warning.  But you knew that.


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June 26, 2008

Move America Forward reached $500K goal, now working on $750K

The goal is $500K, and the count is at $250K as of 4:45, you can also watch the stream here, not a bad start.  UPDATE: Just short of $300K as of 5:20.  UPDATE:  $448K as of 8:15.  $500K goal passed at 9:00, bumped up to $750K goal.  UPDATE:  $698K as of 9:40, $750K is the new goal.  $715K as of 9:55. 

Its over $900,000!!!!!

$980K to be exact, they're trying to push it over $1million in this last hour.  They did it, $1,055,719 as of midnight on the east coast!

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Next Stop: Hopenchangeland!

Jim Geraghty says that the NRA's next step after todays decision will be to file a lawsuit challenging Chicago's harsh gun laws.

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Chimpy McHitlerburton's cowboy diplomacy claims another victim

This time it is The Littlest Tyrant, Kim Jong-Il:

North Korea has handed over a list of its nuclear programs, clearing the way to be removed from the US terrorism blacklist amid years of efforts to get the North to abandon the atom bomb.

South Korea announced that officials had delivered the dossier to China - the host country for six-nation talks since 2003 that have tried to entice the North into exchanging nuclear weapons for aid and diplomatic concessions.

Naturally, we wouldn't have had to wait this long under an Obama administration.  Had the President Bush been willing to engage in face-to-face, unilateral, and robust diplomatic talks with North Korea, Kim Jong-Il would have handed the nuclear information over to China years ago


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June 19, 2008

The Catholic Counterrevolution

Interesting piece in Newsweek about the role Pope Benedict XVI has had on the Mass.  In particular, Benedict has allowed for the Latin mass again.  The Latin mass was pretty much driven out of the Church in the years following Vatican II.  Benedict was a reformer, but found himself turned off by the aggressive reform efforts that took place after Vatican II, he and others who agreed started to informally band together to try and rein in the reformers.  I found this interesting, this was their big wake-up call,

Seeing a Gregorian chant CD from an obscure Spanish monastery rise to the top of the pop charts in the 1990s, they wondered why much of the church had abandoned one of Catholicism's classic musical forms.

For those who may have forgotten, or were in elementary school like me, they're talking about Chant, a Gregorian chant album which went triple platinum in 1994.  I hope Gregorian chants make a comeback, not everyone's favorite, I know, but I like it.  To me, that's what a Catholic Church is supposed to sound like. 

This rang out for me,

Finding congregations that seemed more interested in self-affirmation than worship, and priests given to making their personalities the center of the liturgical action, they asked whether the rush to create a kind of sacred circle in which the priest faces the people over the eucharistic "table" might have something to do with the problem.

Those are two huge reasons that I'm not nearly as active in the church as I used to be, particularly the latter.  The church I used to go regularly had a priest like this, and I can tell you that his boorish self-aggrandizement really began to grate on me over time, to the point where I just quit going to mass at all.  

The article goes on to say that much of the Catholic Church had been making a counterrevolution of its own, reining in the more radical reformists, and restoring a more traditional mass on a local level.  I saw this to some extent with the self aggrandizing priest I talk about above, when he first started there, he tried to ditch a lot of little things a priest normally does in a traditional mass, but was strongly opposed and he made some significant concessions to the parish, which was stunning given his near-Bill O'Reilly sized ego. 

Benedict, by his reforms is encouraging that sort of reining in of priests.  My hope is that the effort is successful, while I do think that the more reform style works for some, I don't care for it.  I do think there is room for both in the Church though, with strengths and weaknesses in both.  I actually think it'd help draw in potential new members, particularly younger people.  I'm terrible with foreign language, but I'd be ready to give learning some Latin a shot if a local priest brings the Latin mass back. 

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June 17, 2008

Hammer time

Mary Katharine Ham's blog is up and operational at the Washington Examiner. 

Bonus!  You don't have to set up an account to post a comment. 

Update:  The RSS feed for her blog can be found here

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Charlie Crist reversing course on oil exploration?

Crist looks like he's starting to hedge on his previous position of no drilling off the Florida coast, I figured they'd come around.  As the Moron-in-Chief notes, he hasn't changed course, but he's opening the door for that if that's the thing to do. 

The argument against it has been that these ugly oil platforms and the potential for oil spills would hurt their tourism funds, but I've never bought into it, because one, at some point, the cost of driving off tourists is negated by the value of petroleum.  Two, you don't have tourists if they can't afford to get there because of high oil prices.  Three, there's something about high oil prices that turn Americans ranting and borderline psychotic, I don't think you want to be known as the state keeping those prices high, because they'll hate your guts and avoid your state like the plague.

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June 11, 2008

Hey Now! He's Our Lord and Savior!

The crew at The Nose on Your Face were awesome with giving suggestions for the Obama Random Policy Generator(which we're still taking suggestions for if you have funneh lines), so I'm giving their latest "Beware False Idols" gear a plug, which can be had here, and of course there's always their classic TNOYF Islamic Rage Boy gear there too.  TNOYF has also uncovered the first chapter in the Book of Jesse Jackson Jr.

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June 09, 2008

gaypatriot: reporting the gay bashings the msm just won't report

I saw this story floating around and planned to write about it, and probably forgot.  I then saw it in Moron-in-Chief's sidebar, so I'm posting it now.  It seems that the English-speaking media is embargoing stories of muslim yoots ganging up and attacking gays in Amsterdam and other places in Europe.  In particular, an attack on a fashion show in which a gay model was dragged off the stage and beaten by a group of ten muslim yoots. 

Thankfully GayPatriotWest had a chance meeting with a Dutch woman who talked about attacks on gays in Amsterdam, and translated some articles for them.  We might not have learned this story without that chance meeting.  It makes one wonder, what else isn't getting reported?  In any case, good work by the GayPatriot crew for getting the story out.

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June 07, 2008

The Club for Growth endorses Sean Parnell

Those of you who read my blog in the past already know this, but for the uninitiated, one of my biggest annoyances is when conservatives use a bad presidential candidate as a way to excuse inactivity in grassroots activism. If you don't like the top of the ticket, you need to find someone further down the ticket to help out through donations, volunteering, or promotion.

My candidate of choice this election season is Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell of Alaska, who is trying to get rid of Kleptocrat Don Young. He's secured the endorsements of Gov. Sarah Palin, RedState, and National Review. Now, we can add the Club for Growth to that list (emphasis mine):

The reason for the endorsement is simple. Mr. Parnell is a solid conservative who led the fight for lower taxes and spending in the state legislature, and joined Gov. Sarah Palin in pushing for reform in the state. The man he is hoping to replace isn't economically conservative in the least. Mr. Young is actually a poster child for what has gone wrong with the Republican Party in Washington.

Over his 35 years in Congress, Mr. Young made himself into the most powerful Republican on the House Transportation Committee. But instead of using his power to steer Republicans down a principled, conservative track, he helped derail the GOP train in 2006.


The Alaska primary represents a crossroads for Republicans. Will party leaders line up behind Mr. Young, even as the Justice Department is looking into his earmarks? Or will they tell him they cannot support a member who has flagrantly disrespected taxpayers and abandoned Republican principles?

Sadly, we already know the answer to this question. If you can help Lt. Gov. Parnell, please do.

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June 04, 2008

another haditha marine found not guilty

Just off my RSS.  That makes six of the eight declared not guilty.

Thanks for the link Dave, be sure to check out the rest of doubleplusundead, and check out Moronpundit, Vinty, bmac and Sean, who just started co-blogging here this week.

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More of this, please!

Looks like we might be getting our first new oil refinery in 30 years!

Voters in Union County on Tuesday approved rezoning for what would be the first new U.S. oil refinery in more than 30 years.

With all 13 precincts reporting, 3,932 voters, or 58 percent, endorsed their county commission's rezoning of almost 3,300 acres north of Elk Point for the $10 billion refinery while 2,855, or 42 percent, opposed it.
This is especially crucial as the cost of refining has been rocketing up while our spare refining capacity has fallen dramatically. So, good on you South Dakotans! You do the rest of us a great service. Of course, I expect nothing less from people who have billboards like this in their fine state:
Wear Fur

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