April 30, 2009

Kim Jong Il Is An Awesome Singer!


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This is why I love Justice Scalia

That's going to leave a mark

This is actually a wonderful distillation of the competing schools of jurisprudence as well as the difference between much of conservative thought and liberal thought.  Sure, you *can* compile a dossier on someone.  That doesn't mean you *should*.  The conservative response is to maintain the right to do so while simultaneously retaining the right to bench slap the hell out of someone for so doing.  The liberal response is to ban the right to do so since someone's feelings will get hurt.  (Yes, yes, broad brush whatevs)

It's the Tea Party thing.  It's the fury over the housing thing.  It's my blinding rage over "hate crimes" legislation (v v short version of rage - fuck you you motherfuckers I do not need anyone to protect my wee delicate sensibilities and how dare you HOW FUCKING DARE YOU treat me as a child in need of protection).  It's the difference between can and should.  Conservatives say you can but you are a jackass for doing it.  Liberals say you shouldn't because Of The Children.  Fuck that.  Chainsaw.  Sideways.

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April 25, 2009

Saturday Night perfection

I love her more than there are words to express.

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April 24, 2009

The manliest business card ever

Made out of jerky, the text is etched with a laser.  I'd hand them out to PETA freaks, but it'd be a waste of perfectly good jerky.

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Yet more swag I need

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

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April 23, 2009

Whenever I Start To Feel Blue, All I Need To Cheer Me Up Is A Naked Hippie Getting Tasered

And, sure enough, this "Wizard" gets a good dosage of justice.


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We All Need To Keep Our Traditions Intact

Thanks to home brewers in Germany, who are doing their part to keep the sacred tradition going.

German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner acted as “beer ambassador” in Berlin on Thursday, celebrating the hoppy occasion with the German Brewers Federation (DBB) and the DIRB beer purity institute by honouring the industry’s most engaged players.

While the DBB reports that Germany has the world’s most diverse beer market, a shrinking number of large brewers threatens this variety, Brauen.de said on Thursday.

“The beer variety shrank significantly in recent years, which also has to do the great market power of some large breweries,” the company said.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, high-calorie beer was considered a diet staple in Germany. But now large breweries filter beer to increase shelf life, decreasing its nutritional value.

“It’s no wonder that the trend is turning back to beer brewing like the mothers of old,” the company said, adding that home brewing could save Germany’s manifold beer tradition.

“More households in Germany are brewing their beer themselves,” home brewing supplier Dirk Oschmann said. “What often begins as a gag or a gift turns into a serious hobby combined with a multifaceted taste experience.”

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I Have No Idea What This Is, But It Is Awesome!

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April 22, 2009

fine FINE since me = caring giver

An appeal to bipartianship was made and since we know that I'm all about the bi, I hereby give you hot boy as well.

Hello there fake Capt. Kirk, you may not be as awesome but you sure are pretty.


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blahblahblah serious stuff whatevs

Let's focus on the important things:

Pretty girls and shoes.  Particularly a pretty girl with pretty ballet flats.


You're welcome. 

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April 18, 2009

I guess whoever nicknamed him RuPaul was dead-on

Am I the only one who finds Ron Paul going up to Bruno's hotel room disgusting and completely fucking hilarious all at once?

But we should give Rep. Paul the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps he got scared by some Jews in the lobby, and needed someone to console him. 

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Capitalism Still Thrives In Europe After All

At least in the hooker trade.

Flat fees and two-for-one deals often include free snacks for tightwad johns.

“It’s nothing new and it's spreading,” prostitute and head of the BSD federation for sex workers Stephanie Klee told the paper.

Sex industry businesses have also asked the government for financial support, just like banks and auto manufacturers, the paper said. But the industry was struggling long before the global financial crisis, pornographer Schütt said, blaming online piracy.

“The market is dead anyway,” he told the paper. “When a student can get laid for €20 and get the whole shebang, prices are just tanking completely.”

Prostitutes are also complaining that their regulars come less frequently, or not at all, the paper said. Tourists are also staying away from red light districts like the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

The limp business may be a result of customers taking a do-it-yourself approach to save money. Erotic retailer Beate Uhse, which sells sex toys and films at 151 locations throughout the country, reported profits of €253 million in 2008. But the company still has to “fight for sure,” head of marketing Jens Seipp said.

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April 17, 2009

Lileks on Will's column


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STL Tea Party Photos

Porknbeasn was kind enough to send me some photos of her experiences at the St. Louis Tea Party. Here are a few photos.

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April 16, 2009

Tea Party pics

As I said, Veeshir managed to get to one of the demonstrations and take some pics, I'm still in the process of uploading them, but here are a few to start off, below the fold,

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And now for something far more enjoyable

Did someone say Dita-tini?

Hi.  It's Dita.  In the martini glass.  Of course it's NSFW.

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Demonstration pics coming soon

Veeshir got to go to his local Tea Party demonstration yesterday and got a bunch of good pics.  I'd be posting them this morning, but I'm tired and my computer is being a dick, so probably tonight.

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April 15, 2009

Some STL Win

97.1 FM Talk is the conservative news talk station in STL. They feature shows such as Hannity, Levin, and others*. The morning and evening drives times are covered with local talent, and the best is the morning guy, former TV reporter Jamie Allman.

Here is a clip of Allman destroying some liberal clown from Newsweek over the tea parties.

ALLMAN: "Why is it company policy?" Allman pressed. "Is it because your journalists?"

GROSS: "Yes."

ALLMAN: "Ok, so if you're a journalist and not a pundit, why would you go on David Shuster's show and refer to tea party people like this?" Allman said. "You call them tea baggers and you demean them and you claim that it's all part of ah, Lipton's this and Lipton's that. You seem to, as a journalist, have quite an opinion."

GROSS: "I'm supposed to have an opinion about all kinds of things. It's part of my job," Gross said.

ALLMAN: "But you can't say who you voted for?"

GROSS; "I'm not involved in partisan politics."

ALLMAN: "So Newsweek's policy is that you can go on MSNBC and accuse your fellow Americans of fraud and call them ‘tea baggers' and all kinds of pornographic ah, discussions, ah, ways of characterizing them but Newsweek won't allow you to say who you voted for?"

GROSS: "If that's how you want to interpret it, I guess I can't quibble with that. We can all reach our own conclusions."

ALLMAN: "That's one of the reasons why I cancelled my subscription to Newsweek."

*I don't listen to the radio during the day, since my office frowns upon that stuff, so I am not always up to speed as to who is on the station. Sadly, Limbaugh is not on 97.1, but AM 1120 KMOX.

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April 13, 2009

My current favorite headline

Spokane park to detonate squirrels


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April 12, 2009

I like JJ Abrams much more now

And the whole cast of the new Star Trek movie, for that matter.

I am in the Army and currently deployed to Kuwait. We have a movie theater on post that shows “second run” movies, meaning that we get the movie about a week or two after they are released in the states. At times, a special effort is made to show the movie here on the same date it is released in the states. With that being said, I was shocked to see the movie schedule that was published for the first half of April. According to this schedule the new Star Trek movie will have a “special premier” on April 11th. I found it very hard to believe that we would be able to view a big “summer time blockbuster” movie that won’t premiere in the States for another 27 days.

Sure enough, the movie actually did get played today and I was able to get in to see it not just once, but twice. Not only did the movie arrive in Kuwait, but J.J. Abrams and most of the “bridge crew” cast (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Eric Bana and Karl Urban) were here as well.

The cast went out of their way to entertain us before and after the movie was shown. They were more than happy to interact with the soldiers (Eric Bana leaped out of his “reserved” seat and sat next to a female soldier who invited him next to her) and they took their time describing their experiences making the film and answering questions and requests (Quinto obliged a soldier who asked him to call his daughter back in the states and say hello to her). I was truly impressed and grateful in the fact that they went out of their way to thank us and to offer this film to us. I’ll admit that this review won’t be as objective as it could because of the way the cast lent themselves to us. My biggest thrill was walking up to J.J. Abrams after the film and having the opportunity to give him my general impressions of it. How many times does a geek like me get a chance to do that?

We don't go see many movies in the theater, largely due to the fact that no one seems to recognize anymore that when you purchase a movie ticket you're renting your seat, and not the right to disturb everyone else in the theater, but we'll be making a point to see this in the theater more than once as a result of this.

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