April 12, 2009

Father Jack's favorite

My dad got a bottle of this stuff yesterday:


I had some, and it's pretty smooth.  I'd recommend it.  Oh, and if you don't know who Father Jack is, FECK OFF!!!

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April 10, 2009

Consumer whoredom ftw

I need this a whole really lot.

From here

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Uh-Oh! Somebody's About To Get Banned From JournoList!

Well, I get the feeling this guy was already banned, but this may make it permanent.

President Barack Obama has recently completed the most successful foreign policy tour since Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. You name it, he blew it. What was his big deal economic programme that he was determined to drive through the G20 summit? Another massive stimulus package, globally funded and co-ordinated. Did he achieve it? Not so as you'd notice.

Well, that's a start. Where can you go from there?:

President Pantywaist is hopping mad and he has a strategy to cut Kim down to size: he is going to slice $1.4bn off America's missile defence programme, presumably on the calculation that Kim would feel it unsporting to hit a sitting duck, so that will spoil his fun.

Watch out, France and Co, there is a new surrender monkey on the block and, over the next four years, he will spectacularly sell out the interests of the West with every kind of liberal-delusionist initiative on nuclear disarmament and sitting down to negotiate with any power freak who wants to buy time to get a good ICBM fix on San Francisco, or wherever. If you thought the world was a tad unsafe with Dubya around, just wait until President Pantywaist gets into his stride.


Yup. He's definitely off the list now.

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April 08, 2009

Oh this fills my subcochal regions with glee

White House Press corps stranded in Istanbul.


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Why I want to be her when I grow up

This is why I love La Belle Dame Camille Paglia.

I'm specifically talking about the second question on that page.  She fully admits that there is something deeply, deeply ugly at the heart of modern "liberalism".  It should not be so refreshing to hear someone who self-identifies with liberalism do so, but it is.  I wish that she would apply that same level of insight and skepticism towards Obama but I do understand the source of her unwillingness to do so.  I don't agree, mind you, but I do understand. 


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Billy Mays Can Bring The Zen Like Nobody's Business

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April 07, 2009

This Calls For A WIN BRTITANNIA! Tag

National Beer Day!

Bob Russell tabled a parliamentary motion calling on the government to adopt a five-point plan to save the British pub, as TV presenters Melanie Sykes and Oz Clarke backed the call by the Campaign for Real Ale (Camara) and the Independent Family Brewers of Britain (IFBB) for yesterday to be recognised as National Beer Day.

The Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester said traditional public houses were being "unfairly priced out of the market while supermarkets offer cheap deals without the level of restrictions and responsibilities required" by licensees of pubs.

A total of 202 MPs, including LibDem deputy leader Vince Cable, former leader Menzies Campbell and the party's home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne, backed the Commons early day motion which comes at the start of National Cask Ale Week.

Labour MP Kim Howells and Tory MP Ann Widdecombe also backed the motion.

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April 01, 2009

Stock tip

Sure the economy is in bad shape, and you might be somewhat wary about investing right now, but it looks like this might be a good time to buy shares of Val-U-Rite Industries:

A just-released study showed while consumers bought more alcohol in 2008 than in previous years, they're buying cheaper alcohol.
There's no word in the article as to whether or not sales of hobo-huntin' supplies are also on the rise or if there's been a spike in business for Thai tranny hookers, but those studies might be just a little bit harder to conduct.

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