July 12, 2009

God must have been growing impatient

Lil' Kim Jong-il apparently has pancreatic cancer.  How much you want to bet he'll try and use those two US journalists as a bargaining chip to try and get better treatment?

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July 10, 2009

Okay, I'm back

I'd of course like to thank John Hawkins for giving me the opportunity to trash Conservative Grapevine and drive away his readership again. 

In other news, a fat bastard in Pennsylvania has decided he needs to be a slightly less fat bastard, and has joined a gym.  When asked if he'd give up the large quantities of soda he consumes on a daily basis, said fat bastard loudly declared, defiantly holding a 2 liter of birch beer over his head, "From my cold, dead hands!"

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July 09, 2009

The City of Brotherly Love

Hey, you racist Philly douchebags, the guys who Abe Lincoln memorialized at Gettysburg are surely proud of you.

(Via Ed, who notes that this isn't something that came from the MSM's usual suspects. That said, though, whoever is behind this is a true shitheel and deserves a punch in the dick.)

Also: Be sure to click on the Cap'n's DU link. Trust me.

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July 08, 2009

Poshington's Worst

In a column in which she tries to make the argument that "the benighted East Coast media" was responsible for making Sarah Palin a national figure (yes, really!), everyone's least favorite "conservative" columnist talks to a few of her pals from Beltway cocktail parties:

"Let's face it, she just doesn't really want to govern, and she's doing what's best for her," said a Republican campaign strategist who has worked with Palin.

"This is a win-win," said another. "It's a win for her because she is not politically viable, and now hopefully she can make a lot of money, have balance and affect culture in a positive way. It's a win for the Republican Party because she was the female version of [George W.] Bush in some ways. She is not intellectually curious. We need and have smart, competent alternatives."

And I'm sure those "smart, competent alternatives" aren't at all a bunch of squishy moderates in the McCain mold, seeing as how the unnamed people quoted are likely, um, McCain staffers who still can't wait to shift the responsibility from the complete and utter clusterfuck they made out of the campaign onto Palin. Yeah.

Oh, and the thing about Palin being able to "make a lot of money" is a running theme throughout Parker's column. When she's not implying that Palin is a rube or that she's dishonest, Kathleen insinuates that the real motive behind all of this is that she's, well, a greedy bitch.

I'll say this: I'm not sure why Palin chose to resign.  If I happened to be one of her advisers, I might have told her not to do that.  But that's just my uninformed opinion.

Enjoy those cocktails and invites to the best parties, Kathleen.  Sure, you might not pocket any money there, but you'll get quotes for your columns.

Who's greedy now?

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July 06, 2009

Remember how excited you all knew I was going to be when McCain named Palin as his VP?

Yeah, I've felt the exact opposite of that the past three days, and that's that.

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July 02, 2009

Lori Drew walks

I can't believe they couldn't even convict that stupid cunt of predatory sexual behavior toward a minor, let alone accessing computers without authorization.  The last misdemeanor charge, accessing MySpace computers in violation of the company's Terms Of Service, has been thrown out by District Court Judge George Wu.  The acquittal negates the misdemeanor convictions from last November.  Judge Wu's rationale was that it would be impossible to convict everyone who violated a TOS.  I'm looking forward to using this as case law for each and every site whose TOS I decide to flagrantly defy.

I suppose at the very least we can be satisfied that no one in their right mind will ever let Lori Drew near a child again.  If she thought Megan Meier was saying mean things about her daughter before, just wait until she sees what kind of outcast she's going to be now.

Maybe all that creepy pedophile males need to do in order to get acquitted is say that they weren't really trying to seduce that thirteen-year-old, they were just trying to drive her to madness and suicide.  Certainly if a male had created a fake profile of a 16-year-old and used it to befriend and chat up another teenager, he would have been convicted.  Double standard, anyone?

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July 01, 2009

Wal-Mart Makes A Deal With The Devil

They're going to back Obamacare.  Their letter was signed by the head of the SEIU.  Malkin says it's a desperate ploy to get the unions off of their backs, maybe, but there's something deeper happening that people aren't seeing.

One thing I think people need to realize is that the big retail stores and chain restaurants are under a lot of pressure right now, and I don't think most folks are aware of it.  You may have noticed a slight increase in prices when you go shopping or buying food out.  Part of that is the shitty economy, but it also represents inflation.  But not all of the inflation.  Retailers and food chains are hiding the true level of inflation and increased costs of goods from their consumers, because the last thing any retailer or fast food joint wants to do is raise prices on their customers, and they'll do damn near anything to keep it from happening.

Well, where's that money coming from?  They're cutting costs and scaling back projects where they can and trying to be innovative and efficient, but where many of them are making up the bulk of this shortfall is by squeezing every penny they can out of their employees' wages and salaries.

Some of the retail chains and restaurants have gutted their stores' staffing and available work hours so that they have just enough of a skeleton crew working there to keep the store from completely going to hell.  Some are also cutting benefits (what little there usually is in retail), and cutting full time people to part time (at least on the books, if not on actual hours), so that the company doesn't have to pay for the benefits full time employees get. 

And you're thinking, so fucking what, deal with it, service monkies, now go get me my burger/TV!  That works, to a point, except you have millions and millions of employees who already have miserable, thankless jobs that pay for shit during the good times, who are now trying to do the work of 11/2-3 people now because of the cutbacks in staffing and hours, and on top of this are doing all this while their benefits and sometimes their hours and pay are getting gutted by the corporation, so that you can keep buying stuff at dirt cheap prices. 

Again, you're thinking, so what?  Go back to the top of the post, and read it again.  What are they trying to do?  Get the unions off their backs?  To an extent.  But what is really happening is that these big food service and retail stores are growing more and more afraid that their huge workforce is going to grow tired of being worked more while getting squeezed on their benefits, hours and pay, and go union.

Can you imagine what kind of disaster it would be, not only for retail and restaurant, but for America at large if the bulk of retail and/or chain restaurant employees flipped to union?  You think your service sucks now?  Just wait till union work ethic becomes part of retail and fast food work culture.  You think your vente cappucino from Starbucks and your iPod from Target are too fucking expensive now?  Wait till you're paying union wages on top of that.  You're going to learn about expensive.  And don't think the unionization would stop there.  Retail and fast food are where people start their work life, don't think they won't bring the unions with them as they move to different fields. 

It would be a complete revival of the unions in America, and a huge coup for the left.  I know for a fact that companies are panicked about this, because I know many of them are sitting employees down and making them watch corporate training videos, warning them about unions and the Employee Free Choice Act.  They're seriously afraid of it happening, and they should be.  So should you.  You can only hide the inflation that's happening for so long.  At some point corporations are going to have to be up front with the public about what is going on with the economy. 

As you can see, the left is in a very "Heads, we win, tails, you lose" position here.  From the chain retailer/restaurant's view, Obamacare is the lesser of two evils.  Particularly for Wal-Mart, given that they're the biggest of the lot, and probably because they have pharmacies and have some limited medical type operations (like basic optometry facilities), they may be able to cut some deals for themselves, and be in a better position to lobby their way out of some of the more painful provisions. 

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Don't try this at home, kids.

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Was Sarah Palin responsible for the 9/11 attacks?

Everyone's favorite hysterical man-bitch delves further down the Trig-truther rabbit hole (prompted by the Vanity Fair hit piece, which I'm not going to link any more readily than St. Andi's insane ramblings), which hopefully leads to a padded cell:

It remains true that no one in the MSM will investigate the details of this truly bizarre story - and MSM journalists instead have devoted their efforts to demonizing any journalist who tries.

Well, maybe it's because you're out of your mind.

Oh, and keep calling her "the Wasilla whack-job," Mister Heart-Ache. As if you're particularly credible sane at this point. Yeah.

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