May 05, 2009

Nice new friends you've got, huh?

The Senate Dems voted to put Benedict Arlen in junior slots on each of the five committees he serves on:

Without any assurance of seniority, Specter loses a major weapon in his campaign to win reelection in 2010: the ability to claim that his nearly 30 years of Senate service places him in key positions to benefit his constituents.
Never let it be said that the Donks have never done anything for us. I guess.
Tonight's committee resolution, quickly read on the Senate floor by Reid himself, contradicts Specter's assertion last Tuesday when he publicly announced his move from the Republican side of the aisle. He told reporters that he retained his seniority both in the overall chamber and in the committees on which he serves. Specter said that becoming chairman of the Appropriations Committee was a personal goal of his, one that would be within reach if he were granted his seniority on the panel and placed as the third-most senior Democrat there.
Heh. I guess you ended up looking like kind of an ass there, didn't you? Sort of appropriate, considering your new party's mascot.

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May 04, 2009

Okay, who let Ron Paul breed?

The most welcome news I've heard in the past week is that Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson is running for Jim Bunning's Senate seat in 2010, apparently at the urging of Bunning himself. 

Great news, indeed...unless you have one of Ron Paul's sons in your state, who has the same craving for attention as his father

Exit question: Do you think Rand Paul would drop out if he were told he'd have to represent Jews, too?

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