April 07, 2009

All charges against Ted Stevens dropped, prosecutors may face series of tubes in prison

Wait, whaaaaaaa?  Can't believe this corrupt fucker is going to get the last laugh. 

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April 04, 2009

Pittsburgh lunatic kills three police officers, wounds five

The dirtbag, who I won't name, said he was worried about the Democrats taking away his Second Amendment rights.  He was also laid off a few months ago, was possibly dishonorably discharged from the Marines, which would have made him ineligible to own a firearm (h/t).  He also had a history of getting into fights and domestic disputes in the neighborhood.  He was known as someone to avoid.  Pittsburgh police were serving him a warrant when he opened up on them.

The problem with engaging in any strong rhetoric is that inevitably some psycho latches onto it and uses as an excuse to sew mayhem.  Liberals have seen their own do crazy shit like this too, so they aren't immune from it either.  I think one thing we on the right need to do is not let ourselves be overwhelmed by pessimism like the left allowed itself to be, which tends to encourage over the top rhetoric, which tends to encourage lunatics like this guy in Pittsburgh. 

Remember Reagan's optimism.  One of Reagan's greatest qualities was how endlessly optimistic he was.  People are naturally drawn to positive, optimistic people like Reagan had.  We need to chill with the End of the World rhetoric.  It may appeal to a lot of people, but optimism built on a bedrock of solid conservative principles will appeal to a much larger number of people. 

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April 02, 2009

Quote of the day

"The church interprets my being a Muslim as 'abandoning the church,' " she said. "And that [there] comes an understanding that you have to be one or the other, and most people would say that. It simply hasn't been my experience that I have to make a choice between the two."
Um, yeah. I can actually see how that might be a bit of a problem...


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