September 13, 2008

Zogby has PALIN!/that other guy up by five in PA

Told you Obama was going to struggle here in PA, and sure enough, he is.  Obviously, it's a Zogby poll, but given the other recent polls, we do know Obama is facing the possibility of losing PA.  At the very least, he's going to have a very tight race in PA.

I don't know how Obama wins without PA, Democrats don't usually win without it.  It'd be an oddity if he did, the first time since Truman.  In any case, I really doubt he's gonna play well in Ohio either, Zogby's poll reflects that too.

Oh, and Obama's losing in Florida too.  In fact, he hasn't polled ahead of McCain at any point in Florida, he may not even be competitive there.  I'm guessing that idiotic ad sneering at McCain for not using email isn't gonna play well in the most elderly state in the union  either (Oh, and PA has the second oldest population, good job Obama campaign!).

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