April 30, 2009

This is why I love Justice Scalia

That's going to leave a mark

This is actually a wonderful distillation of the competing schools of jurisprudence as well as the difference between much of conservative thought and liberal thought.  Sure, you *can* compile a dossier on someone.  That doesn't mean you *should*.  The conservative response is to maintain the right to do so while simultaneously retaining the right to bench slap the hell out of someone for so doing.  The liberal response is to ban the right to do so since someone's feelings will get hurt.  (Yes, yes, broad brush whatevs)

It's the Tea Party thing.  It's the fury over the housing thing.  It's my blinding rage over "hate crimes" legislation (v v short version of rage - fuck you you motherfuckers I do not need anyone to protect my wee delicate sensibilities and how dare you HOW FUCKING DARE YOU treat me as a child in need of protection).  It's the difference between can and should.  Conservatives say you can but you are a jackass for doing it.  Liberals say you shouldn't because Of The Children.  Fuck that.  Chainsaw.  Sideways.

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