September 29, 2008

If I'm lucky, the bartender might spot me a drink

Who says nothing good ever comes from hanging out at a bar, drinking beer?

Not many people walk into a bar and walk out with a new leg.

But that’s what happened to David Huckvale, 42, who needed a £40,000 bionic leg to walk again.

The father-of-two popped down to his local pub on the same day surgeon Alistair Gibson, who specialises in fitting the computer-controlled limb, was there for a pint.

When the two happened to meet Mr Gibson mentioned he had a spare leg and could fit Mr Huckvale for free.

Mr Huckvale had his leg amputated when he was 29 after a benign tumour was removed.

Before the chance encounter, he had been limping around in a false leg, which didn’t fit properly and walked with the help of crutches and was sometimes in a wheelchair.

The guy had been saving for the new leg, but only had a fraction of the the money he needed, and was buying lottery tickets every week, hoping to win enough to buy it.

I think it's cool that this guy got a free £40,000 bionic leg out of a trip to the local watering hole, but how come nothing that cool ever happens to me when I go out drinking? Oh, right. Because I still have both of the legs I was born with.

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