October 18, 2010

VFW head to propose dissolving the VFW PAC

He asked the PAC to rescind their endorsements, they refused, so he's now going to move to dissolve the PAC entirely during the next VFW convention.

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October 16, 2010

Correct and stupid are not mutually exclusive positions

Some background: Okay, you may have heard that here in California, we have a ballot proposition (Prop. 19) that would essentially make it legal for adults to possess a certain quantity of marijuana (I believe it's an ounce) for personal use. (More on my personal views on that later.)

The DOJ released a memo on Thursday, wherein Eric Holder stated,

"We will vigorously enforce the (federal law) against those individuals and organizations that possess, manufacture or distribute marijuana for recreational use, even if such activities are permitted under state law."

Okay, since it's really, really long, the rest is below the fold...

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October 14, 2010


...don't you just feel terribly awful for the poor little chilly fella fucking terrorist traitor scumbag piece of shit motherfucker?

About 20 minutes into the hearing, a blanket was draped over his shoulders. Hasan was paralyzed from the upper chest down when he was wounded four times by police who rushed to the scene of the shooting. Defense attorneys say he has trouble regulating his body temperature because of his injures. He usually wears a watch cap and long underwear.
Well, I doubt he's gonna need either of those pieces of clothing where he's eventually headed.

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October 11, 2010

Wisconsin Politics Update

Just thought I'd weigh in on the current political climate in Wisconsin. 

I know its political season when my wife starts complaining about all the commercials, "When is this shit over?"  All parties are buying outrageous allotments of air time on pretty much every local television provider and both the Senate (Feingold/Johnson) and Governor's (Punched-in-the-face/Walker) have gone pretty much entirely negative.  The plus side on that is that the majority of the Republican entries are dealing with falsehoods in their opponent's ads instead of direct attacks.

I finally saw the end-zone celebration ad from Feingold and its a snoozer.  In case you out-of-staters were wondering, he's done.  This race is over.  Feingold is spending more time talking about NAFTA/GAFTA than any current political issue.  

I believe the Walker/Barrett race is closer and the usual lefty organizations have pulled out all the stops (read:  are lying) to beat the favorite.  Recently, Planned Parenthood et. al. have been going on about how he'll ban abortion and a recent campaign commercial stated that Walker would "ban all stem-cell research" with the obligatory paraplegic woman weeping about a cure.   

I still think he's going to win (he's up by about 6 pts on average right now) but that one will be closer than it probably should be.  

In my district, the 4th Wisconsin Congressional, the Democrat is running unopposed and with good reason, it is a D +22 district according to Cook PVI.  Looks like I'll have to run myself if we want to get a change in that office.

Anyway, overall the outlook is quite good in Wisconsin and this very purple state seems to be trending toward red.

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October 03, 2010

Four More Weeks

Four more weeks until election day.

Four more weeks until we can tell the statists and the leftists:


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October 02, 2010

The wrong lesson

I'm sorry, but this smacks of utter P.C. bullshit:

[Rutgers University President Richard] McCormick's Friday letter said that "This tragedy and the events surrounding it have raised critical questions about the climate of our campuses. Students, parents, and alumni have expressed deep concern that our university, which prides itself on its rich diversity, is not fully welcoming and accepting of all students."
In case you've been hiding under a rock for the last week or so, this has to do with a couple of creeps broadcasting a Rutgers freshman named Tyler Clementi having sex online via a hidden camera, after which Clementi committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge.

This is both a tragedy and an outrage.

But what this is not is some sort of indictment of the "climate" at Rutgers. It's about Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, the amoral assholes who decided that it would be funny to invade someone's privacy in a stupid and cruel way.

This isn't something where university officials need to sit down with a certain group of people and talk about diversity. This is something where they should be talking to ALL of their students about obeying the law and acting within the bounds of common decency.

This shouldn't be viewed through the prism of sexual orientation. Or race. Or class. Or gender. Or religion. Or any other label. The fact of the matter is that an individual was robbed of his dignity by a couple of repulsive fucking assholes who belong in jail and who will hopefully carry their victim's death on their consciences forever.

Oh, and when Ravi and Wei hopefully get the book thrown at them, I hope it's a "teachable moment" about legal and decent conduct more than "diversity."

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September 10, 2010

Allah's 9/11 memories

I know Allah can grate on people sometimes with his chronic pessimism/Eeyoreism and the Beta Male Blogger stuff, but I think Allah overall is a bright guy who deserves a lot more credit than what he gets for what he does.  I do think he takes more shit than what is warranted oftentimes too.  All said, his recollections of 9/11 are very moving, I had no idea that 9/11 literally hit that close to home for him.  I'm so glad Andy Levy thought enough to save Allah's stream of consciousness postings on Twitter recalling 9/11, if you haven't read them, I strongly advise you take the time to do so

Thanks to our Moronbloggers In Arms, The Hostages.

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September 09, 2010

Whoa: Explosion sets San Francisco On Fire

Just breaking on Fox News...

Update:  San Bruno, apparently.  Seems that a gas line is feeding the blaze.

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Why I think burning Korans isn't such a great idea

I don't think I've seen much of anything here about the pastor who wants to burn copies of the Koran on this Saturday, the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, so I'd like to reprint this comment opposing the idea that I left over at The Hostages late Tuesday/early Wednesday (depending on your time zone) with a couple of edits...

First of all, I find book-burning repugnant in general. I hate Nazis, but I wouldn’t encourage the burning of copies of Mein Kampf. You can learn a lot from reading your enemies’ ideas, after all.

I should take pains to note here, which I did not in my original screed, that Muslims in general are not our enemies. I have Muslim friends, at least one of whom has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor a few times, who are kind and decent people. (In an otherwise serious comment, I should note that, sadly, nobody I personally know has been on Red Eye or punched Shep Smith in the dick.)

Also, behaving in the same manner as the people you’re condemning is hardly a good way to take the high ground.

Secondly, if you find parts of the Koran objectionable, why not scan it for some of the more repugnant verses and hold a protest where you read them out loud on a day like 9/11? That would seem like a more educational experience.

Third, while the guy who’s doing this has every right to do so, it’s an attention-seeking dick move pure and simple. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.

Does that last point sound anything like something else that’s been in the news as of late? Hm?

Well, that's my take on this controversy, and I'd be happy to hear what you think about it, especially if you agree with me. Because, if we've learned anything over the last twenty or so months, having people refute your arguments is kind of a downer.

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September 05, 2010

Sad news

One of my favorite comedians, Robert Schimmel, died of injuries he suffered in a car accident. He was only 60 years old.

He was one funny motherfucker, and he will be missed.

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August 12, 2010

In the interest of fairness

There was a post at the Mothership earlier today where Ace linked to a Coulter column where she pointed out that almost nobody in the MFM had identified "the party affiliation of the thieving government officials in Bell, Calif."

I don't intend to defend the bastards who are involved in the controversy, nor will I suggest that if they were all Republicans, the MFM wouldn't be all over that like flies on shit, but city council and appointed city positions here in SoCal tend to be "non-partisan," which is to say that there's usually no party affiliation listed after the person's name.

You can usually guess which way a politician here leans based on their votes (not to mention their ambitions toward moving on up to Sacramento), and it shouldn't exactly come as a surprise that the people running a mostly-Latino, working class city like Bell are Dems.

All I'm saying is that there are a lot more outrageously outrageous Democrat-media complex stories out there.

P.S. If any of these points were made in the comments at AoSHQ, I apologize for being redundant, but I almost never wade in there anymore.

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August 10, 2010

RIP Sen. Ted Stevens

Killed in that plane crash, as I suspected. 

We didn't agree on a lot of things, but you did give us an awesome Internet meme, so I'll call it even.

Best wishes to his family. 

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August 05, 2010

As the blog's resident Californian...

...I guess I ought to weigh in on the whole Prop 8 thing.

Let's get a few things out of the way.

First of all, I'm not a law-talkin'-guy, so I'm not really qualified to opine on the merits of the judge's legal reasoning.

Secondly, I voted yes on Prop 8. I'll tell you why in a minute.

Third, I'm a straight guy, but I'm not married, and it's unlikely that I will be anytime in the near future, if ever.

This is gonna be kind of long, so I tucked the rest below the fold...

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August 03, 2010

Today, I Made My Voice Heard

After all of these long months, today was the day for my voice to be heard. And I made it heard. I voted yes for Prop C in Missouri. And today, I told the supporters of Obamacare to fuck off with the turgid fucktool from the fucklion of freedom. I told the O-bots that they can take their "reform" and fuck themselves backwards with it. And I told my family that I will do my damnedest within the electoral and legal process to fend off the fuckquacks who want to ruin our future.

This is merely the first step, but it was the first time I could exercise my freedom of the franchise to tell everybody what I really want to fucking happen. And I feel better for it. Now, I really can say I told the left to fucking get fucked in the fuckflames of fury.

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July 30, 2010

Feingold Behind? Don't believe it.

Via Instapundit, I see a report that Russ Feingold polled behind is relatively no-name challenger, Johnson:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Wisconsin shows Johnson with 48% support. Feingold, a member of the Senate since 1993, again picks up 46% of the vote. Two percent (2%) favor another candidate in the race, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

While it would be great to talk about something that was right with Wisconsin, I'm not going to get too optimistic about this one.  Feingold has been winning by double digits for quite a while and for the first time, I'm seeing him actually put on television commercials. 

Sure, that means he's nervous but he's also good at this.  If Reid can come back and take a lead, bet that Russy will do the same.

Also, go Johnson!

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July 23, 2010

NRSC to stay out of WV Sen primary - For realz this time (?)

Cornyn says they'll do candidate recruitment, then GTFO.

I'll believe it when I see it. CQ Reports:

However, Cornyn indicated that once the candidate field is set, the NRSC is inclined to let West Virginia Republicans sort out the nomination for themselves. Cornyn also said the NRSC would decide how much money to commit to the fall special election and base the decision on how the contest between Manchin and the eventual GOP nominee develops.

"I haven't made any commitment to get involved in the primary," Cornyn said. "I think in this environment, it's best to let the primary voters do their thing and select the candidate. Because -- I think particularly in this environment -- folks are less interested in what people who work in Washington have to say."

I'm of mixed mind when it comes to party endorsements. In theory, the party could do some homework and weed out the nutter candidates. In practice however, it seems they chose unelectable dipshits more often than not, and give short shrift to legitimate candidates who could use help polishing their images. Cornyn's track record is particularly weak in this respect. His truth-telling track record about staying out of primary races is also pretty poor. So forgive me if I'm a bit skeptical of this pledge.

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July 14, 2010

"Fearsome lesbian gangs" desperate to get their hands on Lindsay Lohan

If that title doesn't get links nothing will, as Howard Stern say "lesbians equal ratings".

Inmates of the jail where Lindsay Lohan is set to spend up to 90 days have warned of gangs out to attack the starlet, saying "everyone will want a piece of her," one inmate said in an interview with The Sun
Don't worry though the drug addicted hookers have her back:

Tamara Haley, 38, is doing time for heroin possession and prostitution. She said Monday: "Everyone will want a piece of her. It will make them famous if they hurt Lindsay Lohan."Or if you get her to cry, the whole ward will laugh and people will love it -- even the guards."

Haley also warned bisexual Lindsay of the jail's lesbian gangs -- and offered advice on how to avoid their clutches.She said: "The gay inmates wear their shirts inside out to let others know they are available.
"So if Lindsay doesn't want someone to grab her ass she'd better keep her shirt on straight.
"Women grab each other like animals when the guards aren't looking. It's disgusting.

Martha Stewart made it OK. Maybe she can teach Lindsay how to shank a b**ch.

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July 04, 2010

Adopted in Congress 4 July 1776

Fuck the rest of the world. Fuck the old order of things. Fuck the ancien regime mindset. Fuck the Divine Right of Kings. And fuck tyranny and being treated like shit with the fuckspear from the flying fuckeagle of freedom. And fuck everybody who has tried to limit, prevent, or hinder our ability to achieve life, liberty, and the fucking pursuit of happiness.

That's right, refuse and fuckwaste from the fuckquarry of fuckheadedness, we have indeed created a new world. We have fucking told the monarchies and strongmen of the world that WE THE MOTHERFUCKING PEOPLE consent to be governed, not the other fucking way around, something unheard of then and rarely achieved yet today. And the fact that this is so revolutionary and unique to this day, and that this experiment made public 230+ years ago still stands, is a testament to how fucking righteous and true it is and how fucking blessed we are to have had those risk takers and brave folks assembled in Philadelpia that year.

Have we made mistakes? Sadly, we have. But this date a long time ago set into motion the series of events which would help make the world more rewarding, safer, and better for those able to enjoy the freedoms we take for granted. And anybody who refuses to acknowledge what an awesomely radical and glorious achievement began and continues to unfold to this day needs to fuck off with a flintlock soaked in cannonfucking.

So celebrate, my fellow Americans, but never forget how fucking lucky we are to live in this free land. And fuck anybody with John Hancock's handcock if they don't like it.

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June 23, 2010

Gods and Generals

You aren't going to see this very often so I think you may want to write this down.

I completely, 100% agree with how Obama has handled the General McChrystal with the added bonus that he picked basically the most excellent possible general to replace him.

Bottom line is, as much as I love the military and those who serve in it, they work for the President.  He is their boss.  An honorable person makes every possible effort to discuss his concerns/disagreements with his boss before he goes around/over him and that's only when the disagreement is about something absolutely critical. 

Instead, McChrystal spouted a bunch of shit-talk to a Communist rag and completely sucker-punched the administration.  That's straight up bullshit and just like Bush shouldn't have tolerated this (to the degree he did) Obama has no reason to.  Even if McChrystal is correct on the merits (and I can't think of a bigger dipshit than Biden) he went way outside the proper channels for dealing with whatever issues he had and essentially placed his boss in a position where his options were very limited.  No organization can function effectively when its leadership (such as it is) is constantly undermined by its own members. 

But, of course, there is a higher cause here than honor and politics and that is bringing the war in Afghanistan to as swift and successful a completion as possible.  Were Obama asked to choose between firing him for the reasons I've listed above or winning the war, the choice would be clear (to most, anyway) but luckily Patraeus stepped up and broadened the options. 

So, we have a solid result that I believe will enhance the chances of success in the war along with the appropriate response to an outrageous example of insubordination. 

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June 07, 2010

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Helen Thomas to retire immediately, now we just need to drive Pat Buchanan out of conservative publications...

Mwahahahaha, love this pic,


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