October 03, 2010

Four More Weeks

Four more weeks until election day.

Four more weeks until we can tell the statists and the leftists:


Callistofuck you pegging style so hard your anal cavities will make a train tunnel fucking wish it were your sphincter for everything you have done to this country over the past twenty one months. Fuck you for what you wish to do to this country. Fuck you for your beatings, racism accusations, lies, slander, abuse, arrogance, and all around assfistery. And fuck you because you stand in the way of freeing all of us for generations to come from the unsolicited prep school freshman hazing goatse that is your political philosophy.

This fucking election is about revenge and the fucking future. This election is to avenge the country for what has happened to it over the past twenty fuckingone months. This election is to avenge the Constitution. This election is to avenge the notion that We The Fucking People are the ultimate arbiters of what happens in Washington, not some rumprangers who fucking think they are above it all and can do what thy fucking please. This election is to preserve our country and the freedoms it entails for the little ones you see sleeping in their beds. This election is for your loved ones who you wish to see have the best care and opportunities available, not some waiting line bullshit. And this election is our opportunity to fucking tell the shitheads in Washington that we don't want you ruining our future any more, and that they should go and get duteously nailfucked by the public and get the fuck out of our lives.

November is indeed coming, you fucking fucknitriles of fucking nutsuckery. November is when we freedomfuck you so hard, you'll wish you were Jodie Foster on the pinball machine. And November is when we fucking avenge the past twenty one months. 

So fuck you, lefties. Fuck you with the victorcock of victory soaked in  triumph juice while I strapfuck your careers. Fuck your agenda. And fuck what you believe in. Despite your best efforts, WE WILL GET OUR COUNTRY BACK! So get fucked. Go to Gaiahell where the only snooch is the unshaven rabid type. And have a tryst with a shaving blade on the way out.

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