October 19, 2009

An event of cosmic proportions

This is bigger than the Harmonic Convergence, guys.  This is immensely and hugely important.

November 1 at 2 am is when clocks change over for Daylight Savings, meaning that at 2:00 am it's really 1:00 am.  Sure, you say, it happens every year - but how often does your Halloween drinking get to carry over an extra hour?

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October 15, 2009

Shocka! Democrat Activists And Pollsters Are Burying Bad News For Them

I always get a chuckle out of how the Democrats and the MSM (BIRM) treat polling data: if it is good for Democrats, then hype, hype hype, while bad polling gets buried.

In that vein, I doubt this poll will get much play in the MSM. I learned my lessons in the past not to scream and hop up and down over one particular poll. As Ace and others have stated, trendlines and the like are more important than a day to day +1,-1 type of movement.

So, what trendlines are we seeing?

So the Democratic party is more or less as popular in these swing district as the Republican party. And voters with a Republican Congressman are noticeably 'warmer' toward their Representative than those represented by Democrats. The Democratic party has lost 13 points since April. The Democratic incumbents have lost 9 points, and the GOP incumbents have lost just 5 points.

I know it's a long way off, but thinking about the election for Congress next year, if the election for U.S. Congress were held today, would you be voting for - (DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE) or (REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE)
                                  Dem District     GOP District
Democratic Candidate.........48                  39
Republican Candidate.........45                   48

So the Democratic incumbents have a 3 point edge in their own districts, while the GOP incumbents hold a 9 point advantage. The Democrats have lost 10 points from their April margin, while the GOP has gained 3.

The poll also shows how much ground Democrats have lost on the issues. In April they held a 16 point edge in these battleground districts on handling the economy; now they trail by 3. Democrats had a 24 point edge on health care; now the two parties are tied. Republicans have improved their edge on taxes and on spending.

In both Republican and Democratic districts, a plurality of voters say 'I really want to be able to vote for a Republican for Congress because at least he or she won't be a rubber stamp for national Democrats and all of their wasteful spending.'

In both Republican and Democratic districts, a plurality of voters say 'President Obama's economic policies have run up a record federal deficit while failing to end the recession or slow the record pace of job losses.'

It's early, but now only the GOP Leadership could stand in the way of big GOP Gains.

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October 12, 2009

Blame Harold Koh for stupid Honduras policy

Sen. DeMint's op/ed about his trip to Honduras tells us who screwed the pooch with our moronic policy - one Harold Koh.  NiceDeb has the write-up.

Not to let everybody else off the hook... The buck pauses on Hillary Clinton's desk before stopping with Obama.

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October 10, 2009

Deep Thought, By Edward Von Bear, 54th Margrave Of Dipshittystan

I stole this from a famous Lemmy line about Motorhead and updated it for blogging, but I think this should describe how to approach to Teh Innertubes:

"We want to be the dirtiest political blog in the world. If this site moved in next to you, your lawn would die."
Thank you, and G-d Bless.

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