June 23, 2010

Gods and Generals

You aren't going to see this very often so I think you may want to write this down.

I completely, 100% agree with how Obama has handled the General McChrystal with the added bonus that he picked basically the most excellent possible general to replace him.

Bottom line is, as much as I love the military and those who serve in it, they work for the President.  He is their boss.  An honorable person makes every possible effort to discuss his concerns/disagreements with his boss before he goes around/over him and that's only when the disagreement is about something absolutely critical. 

Instead, McChrystal spouted a bunch of shit-talk to a Communist rag and completely sucker-punched the administration.  That's straight up bullshit and just like Bush shouldn't have tolerated this (to the degree he did) Obama has no reason to.  Even if McChrystal is correct on the merits (and I can't think of a bigger dipshit than Biden) he went way outside the proper channels for dealing with whatever issues he had and essentially placed his boss in a position where his options were very limited.  No organization can function effectively when its leadership (such as it is) is constantly undermined by its own members. 

But, of course, there is a higher cause here than honor and politics and that is bringing the war in Afghanistan to as swift and successful a completion as possible.  Were Obama asked to choose between firing him for the reasons I've listed above or winning the war, the choice would be clear (to most, anyway) but luckily Patraeus stepped up and broadened the options. 

So, we have a solid result that I believe will enhance the chances of success in the war along with the appropriate response to an outrageous example of insubordination. 

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June 07, 2010

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Helen Thomas to retire immediately, now we just need to drive Pat Buchanan out of conservative publications...

Mwahahahaha, love this pic,


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June 02, 2010

Losing faith in the Euro

The regime in Iran, despite not being big fans of us, are unloading 45 billion Euros from their foreign currency reserve and buying up US dollars and gold.  I'd say that's a bad sign for the Euro.

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June 01, 2010

I knew it would be his fault somehow...

Guess who was behind Algore and Tipper's divorce?

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