March 05, 2010

Know Your Wavering Congresscritter

If you believe Bart Stupak's claim that he has a dozen Congresscritters who will join him in killing the Reidtacularly Ridiculous Reconciliation Rugfuck, make note (warning: lefty link) of Jerry Costello (D-IL).  He is the Representative for the 12th District, which is across the river from  me. This district is home to Scott Air Force Base, which is a major player in our military's air mobility capabilities and a massive employer in the area. Also, Rep. Costello has had a shady past with ties to folks who have gone to jail and trial lawyers as the Honorable Gentleman from Illinois keeps being reelcted.

Why do I mention this? Well, Costello is a slippery cat (even by Congressional Standards) who can be easily bought and bribed by the porkbarrel process. He has prided himself on protecting jobs and the Air Force Base and for the fact he has helped protect the "Jackpot Justice" system and out of control lawsuit abuse in Southwest Illinois. I would not count on him to stay with Stupak, especially if the Chicago Way threatens contracts or other ties to Scott AFB, or if a few trial lawyers start barking at him.

I will keep an eye on his activities, especially if truckloads of cash or Rahm Emmanuel (BIRM) start showing up in the area.

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March 02, 2010

Future Location of Moon Unit Alpha

There's water in that thar moon... hundreds of millions of tons of ice, as it turns out.

I think we need a "morons in space" category.

In lieu of morons in space, here's some classic Pigs In Space:

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Britain gets a B++

This blog I read sometimes (really), had a story about a Brit veteran who saw an evil gun in a garbage bag and took it to the police who then arrested him and a prosecutor decided to press the charges and a jury convicted him and he was waiting for sentencing of at least 5 years.
So the story was, naturally enough, under "Fail Britania".
The story was updated with more fail and less but still plenty of fail, just not quite a B+ level of fail.

Our hero claims he was doing one of the cops and some other cops didn't like that. He called the head cop to "bring him something" but kept getting blown off, he didn't want to tell the police what (either at 999 or the head cop) because he didn't want a SWAT type response.
Quote of the millenia from the judge, recall our hero had been calling the head cop for 4 days.
He said the fact Clarke had kept the gun for four days was "odd behaviour" and it was a "very serious matter" that he did not hand it in immediately.

Yeah, because bringing it in worked out so well.

So plenty of fail, but one spot of almost not-fail.
Paul Clarke, 27, was given a 12-month suspended sentence for possession of a firearm at Reading Crown Court today.

No jail time, but a suspended sentence for a weapons violation. I wonder how that will affect employment possibilities.
In keeping with this blog's style book, it's old. The story was updated before Christmas.

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