May 25, 2008

memorial day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, I'll probably be away most of the day, visiting with family in rural PA.  It is because of the sacrifice of our armed forces, and most especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the people of this nation that we are able to live with liberty, peace and prosperity, that I am free to enjoy a quiet afternoon with family tomorrow. 

Here are some links that may be of interest to you this Memorial weekend.  Jonn, an Army veteran with at least one son serving in the armed forces, has some good photos he took at this year's Rolling Thunder, and links to a site that allows vets to search an online database of the Vietnam War Memorial roll to leave remembrances of their fellow servicemen.  The Jawas link to an effort called the Gratitude Campaign, which is encouraging people to thank our servicemen for their sacrifice when they see them returning from deployment,  or see them on the streets.   In spite of my severe shyness, I do manage to give my thanks to people I see in uniform that I see on the street, so it can be done.

I thank all those that have served and defended our nation, and I'm keeping those who have given everything for us and their loved ones in my thoughts and prayers throughout this Memorial Day weekend.

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May 24, 2008

very nice

The Colombians are fucking wrecking FARC's shit up!  They have taken down quite a few leaders lately, and apparently this guy was the big cheese.  The left can go fuck itself sideways for denying the Colombians a free trade agreement they truly deserve.  The Colombians have more than earned it.

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May 20, 2008

ted kennedy diagnosed with malignant brain tumor

Obviously this is pretty serious.  

The question I have to ask is, what does Massachusetts do?  Does Ted end up being absent long term like Tim Johnson? What if they want Ted to step down, and he won't or can't?  Do they recall him?  I'm curious to see what the procedure would be for those scenarios.

I'll also be interested in seeing what the political fallout is.  Ted is obviously a leader on the Democrat side in Congress, and a powerful force on the left.  It will be interesting to see if his absence has any effect on the left's ability to organize and make legislation happen in Congress, moreso in the longterm. 

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