November 23, 2009

China is waging economic war on us again

Can we please limit our importation of Chinese goods to bullets?  Bullets are supposed to have lead in them, and bullets are supposed to inflict massive damage and kill people. 

The good news is, we get to shell out federal bucks to fix this.  And our snazzy world-traveling president can go to China pretending to try to get some sort of financial recompense for our outlay, get an unearned black belt in kung fu to match his unearned black belt* in taekwondo**, and grin from ear to ear pretending he accomplished something.

*Why is it when I do an image search trying to find a picture of our fearless leader getting his fake belt, I only get pictures of M'Shell and her boobie belt?

**And seriously, did Obama not recognize that his honorary taekwondo black belt when he's only achieved an middling level of mastery is a reflection of his entire political career? 

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November 20, 2009

Those aren't hobos!

Holy crap, just when I think people can't surprise me with how evil they are, I find out they can.
Peruvian police have arrested a gang which allegedly killed scores of peasants, drained their bodies of fat and sold the liquid abroad as an anti-wrinkle cosmetic
They also claim there are 3 more gangs doing it. They get $tens of thousands/gallon jug of human fat.

That's about sick.

I ain't going to Peru anytime soon, that's for sure. I'm worth $millions.

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November 11, 2009

Looks like South Park is going after Glenn Beck

I don't really watch his show or follow him in any way so I'm not sure if its funny or way off base as relates to reality so I'm going to try and just enjoy what there is to enjoy from a position of total ignorance.

You can set me and South Park straight in the comments if you feel the need.

Update:  Apparently, it was about Sarah Palin?  Or Olbermann?  Or all of them?  Plus a jab at Avatar?

Looks like it was one of those South Parks without any single coherent point.

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Interesting survey released for Veterans Day

Over at This Ain't Hell, two articles highlighting a recent survey of US vets, how returning/retiring veterans are viewed in the community, and how they'd like to be viewed.  Many veterans feel their communities think of them as broken victims, or that vets have done their service, so they should be free to kick back and relax.  Most veterans however want to more actively serve their communities, but aren't being called upon to do so.  So if you're active with a church group, charity or club, maybe offer a vet a chance to get involved, it might be the best way to honor them and their service.

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November 05, 2009

I'm guessing you're all over at the Head Moron's

If not, either head there or check the news.  Shooting at Ft. Hood, not much in the way of details yet.  The Ft. Hood website is down.  The Twitter hashtag is #FtHood.

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November 04, 2009


This will really come in handy when SkyNet is cleaning out the last survivors in urban areas:

Security agencies have long used the canine nose to sniff out contraband like explosives, drugs, human traffic and the like by picking up the scent of criminals’ illegal cargo. Now British scientists are developing two sensor systems that sniff out the criminals themselves by zeroing in on a specific pheromone emitted when humans are in stressful, fearful situations.

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