August 03, 2010

Today, I Made My Voice Heard

After all of these long months, today was the day for my voice to be heard. And I made it heard. I voted yes for Prop C in Missouri. And today, I told the supporters of Obamacare to fuck off with the turgid fucktool from the fucklion of freedom. I told the O-bots that they can take their "reform" and fuck themselves backwards with it. And I told my family that I will do my damnedest within the electoral and legal process to fend off the fuckquacks who want to ruin our future.

This is merely the first step, but it was the first time I could exercise my freedom of the franchise to tell everybody what I really want to fucking happen. And I feel better for it. Now, I really can say I told the left to fucking get fucked in the fuckflames of fury.

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