July 04, 2010

Adopted in Congress 4 July 1776

Fuck the rest of the world. Fuck the old order of things. Fuck the ancien regime mindset. Fuck the Divine Right of Kings. And fuck tyranny and being treated like shit with the fuckspear from the flying fuckeagle of freedom. And fuck everybody who has tried to limit, prevent, or hinder our ability to achieve life, liberty, and the fucking pursuit of happiness.

That's right, refuse and fuckwaste from the fuckquarry of fuckheadedness, we have indeed created a new world. We have fucking told the monarchies and strongmen of the world that WE THE MOTHERFUCKING PEOPLE consent to be governed, not the other fucking way around, something unheard of then and rarely achieved yet today. And the fact that this is so revolutionary and unique to this day, and that this experiment made public 230+ years ago still stands, is a testament to how fucking righteous and true it is and how fucking blessed we are to have had those risk takers and brave folks assembled in Philadelpia that year.

Have we made mistakes? Sadly, we have. But this date a long time ago set into motion the series of events which would help make the world more rewarding, safer, and better for those able to enjoy the freedoms we take for granted. And anybody who refuses to acknowledge what an awesomely radical and glorious achievement began and continues to unfold to this day needs to fuck off with a flintlock soaked in cannonfucking.

So celebrate, my fellow Americans, but never forget how fucking lucky we are to live in this free land. And fuck anybody with John Hancock's handcock if they don't like it.

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