October 02, 2010

The wrong lesson

I'm sorry, but this smacks of utter P.C. bullshit:

[Rutgers University President Richard] McCormick's Friday letter said that "This tragedy and the events surrounding it have raised critical questions about the climate of our campuses. Students, parents, and alumni have expressed deep concern that our university, which prides itself on its rich diversity, is not fully welcoming and accepting of all students."
In case you've been hiding under a rock for the last week or so, this has to do with a couple of creeps broadcasting a Rutgers freshman named Tyler Clementi having sex online via a hidden camera, after which Clementi committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge.

This is both a tragedy and an outrage.

But what this is not is some sort of indictment of the "climate" at Rutgers. It's about Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, the amoral assholes who decided that it would be funny to invade someone's privacy in a stupid and cruel way.

This isn't something where university officials need to sit down with a certain group of people and talk about diversity. This is something where they should be talking to ALL of their students about obeying the law and acting within the bounds of common decency.

This shouldn't be viewed through the prism of sexual orientation. Or race. Or class. Or gender. Or religion. Or any other label. The fact of the matter is that an individual was robbed of his dignity by a couple of repulsive fucking assholes who belong in jail and who will hopefully carry their victim's death on their consciences forever.

Oh, and when Ravi and Wei hopefully get the book thrown at them, I hope it's a "teachable moment" about legal and decent conduct more than "diversity."

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