October 11, 2010

Wisconsin Politics Update

Just thought I'd weigh in on the current political climate in Wisconsin. 

I know its political season when my wife starts complaining about all the commercials, "When is this shit over?"  All parties are buying outrageous allotments of air time on pretty much every local television provider and both the Senate (Feingold/Johnson) and Governor's (Punched-in-the-face/Walker) have gone pretty much entirely negative.  The plus side on that is that the majority of the Republican entries are dealing with falsehoods in their opponent's ads instead of direct attacks.

I finally saw the end-zone celebration ad from Feingold and its a snoozer.  In case you out-of-staters were wondering, he's done.  This race is over.  Feingold is spending more time talking about NAFTA/GAFTA than any current political issue.  

I believe the Walker/Barrett race is closer and the usual lefty organizations have pulled out all the stops (read:  are lying) to beat the favorite.  Recently, Planned Parenthood et. al. have been going on about how he'll ban abortion and a recent campaign commercial stated that Walker would "ban all stem-cell research" with the obligatory paraplegic woman weeping about a cure.   

I still think he's going to win (he's up by about 6 pts on average right now) but that one will be closer than it probably should be.  

In my district, the 4th Wisconsin Congressional, the Democrat is running unopposed and with good reason, it is a D +22 district according to Cook PVI.  Looks like I'll have to run myself if we want to get a change in that office.

Anyway, overall the outlook is quite good in Wisconsin and this very purple state seems to be trending toward red.

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