January 22, 2009

Who knew that the Mumbai slums had an advocacy group?

Slumdog Millionaire was excellent.  I'm glad to see that it was nominated for a ton of Oscars today.  It's one of those rare occasions where I want a movie to win because it's good, not just because all the other nominees are so bad. 

But the rags-to-riches tale is unacceptable to some because, wait for it, the name "slumdog" is insulting:

Several dozen Mumbai slum residents protested the award-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire" on Thursday, calling the film's title insulting.


"I am poor, but don't call me slumdog," said Rekha Dhamji, 18, one of about two dozen slum residents who protested outside the home of one of the movie's actors, Anil Kapoor.

"I don't want to be referred to as a dog," she said.

Other protesters held up banners reading "Poverty For Sale," and "I am not a dog." One of them carried a puppy.


Perhaps if anyone in India had seen the film (it's not released there until tomorrow), they would know that the only people who call the main character a slumdog aren't exactly "nice" characters.  Or maybe they'd appreciate that one of the main themes of the film is the value of people who do grow up in the slums. 

And seriously..."poverty for sale"?  No one wants to buy poverty, dummy.

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