November 22, 2009

Sully Loves Pot

And creamy loads, but I digress.

Ever since the dipshit got busted with pot he's been pushing how awesome and great marijuana is constantly on his site.  Today he had some fucking chart showing (among other things) how much tax money we'd make on pot. 

That.  Is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.  I guarantee you we'd make exactly zero dollars on marijuana and, were I the type of person who believes in conspiracy theories, I'd suspect that is the reason it was made illegal in the first place.

Why won't we make any tax money on pot? 


They'll grow their own.  Look, growing marijuana isn't like growing tobacco or even a fucking tomato.  It is not called "weed" for no reason.  That fucking shit will grow anywhere whether you want it to or not.  A few weeks after it was made legal everyone that wanted it would have a fucking forest of the shit in their back yard (leaving aside the likelihood that a serious pot user would own a house...).

Argue that the law enforcement is ridiculous or that it costs too much money but seriously, put the revenue argument away.  Besides the fact that its bullshit, just think how much money we could make if we legalized and taxed prostitution.  Or human slavery?  Just because we could make money is not even remotely a solid argument for it. 

And of course, Sully makes the argument because there is nothing a liberal needs more than to justify his personal behavior through the extension of his proclivities into law. 

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