October 08, 2010

So how many kids do you think are actually trying to apply to this college

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Speaking of college admissions (kind of):

I went and saw "Waiting for Superman" yesterday. If you haven't seen this movie you really need to grab a liberal friend and go see it. I admit that there is some of the usual liberal B.S., that should be expected, the director is the same guy who did "An Inconvenient Truth", but after a slow first 15 minutes it turns into one of the most devastating critiques of the education unions I have ever seen. And, amazingly enough, the film actually refers to the Democratic party as "a wholly owned subsidiary of the teacher's unions".

The one area I think most conservatives will have some issues is an advocacy of national standards and national funding, but the advocacy isn't particulary strong.

I hope when it comes out on DVD the producer includes some follow-ups on what has happened with the main characters.

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