October 27, 2010

Rush Hannity, Come on Down!

WRKO in Bastin is having a contest for the Next Great Political Blogger!!!!!!
They don't say you need to be a New English blogger, but I bet that would help. They're kinda parochial around those pahts.

Not sure if anybody here is interested but there it is. You send them your best political post (not poat, I'll explain later) and they'll do stuff after that and then you win a temporary job they claim is worth $5k, you'll have to pay taxes on it.

Why no poats?
Contest rules
Entries must not contain any indecency, profanity, or obscenity as determined by Station in its sole discretion....

eddiebear should probably just root for someone else too.

Via Jay G at Marooned.
Don't tell him I told you. He's trying to win and he's at least as well armed as I am and maybe even a little better armed.
Eh, I have high-cap mags, I'll get him while he's reloading.

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