September 28, 2010

Roundup: CFL rebels, OpenOffice, and a Sandwich Bag Preemie

(1) Don't call it a lightbulb -- it's a "Heatball". (English translation) That way, the regulators can't ban it, or something. Too bad GE recently shut down the last "heatball" factory in the US.

(2) OpenOffice wasn't faring well under its new corporate overlords at Oracle (which acquired Sun Microsystems, and got OOo in the package). So it's attempting to break free, going with the almost universally despised name of LibreOffice. Let's hope whatever organ Larry Ellison has in place of a heart allows him to donate the "" name back to the project.

I'm sticking with OOo 3.2.1 until somebody (either Oracle or Libre) puts out a stable version.

(3) Looks like the Democrats have made a pretty explicit decision to lie like dogs and hope that something sticks.

(4) Former SEIU boss Andy Stern is under investigation. It's about dang time.

(5) New Borg-like neural re-wiring tech for victims of traumatic brain injury. All your neurons are belong to us.

(6) UK docs improvised a sandwich bag insulator for a 26 wk preemie. Of course, this was almost a major Fail Britannia for telling a preggo woman with abdominal pain to not bother coming in to the hospital.

Miss Rowberry and her partner Lee Lacey, 24, feared she was having a miscarriage when she suffered agonising stomach pains when she was 26 weeks pregnant on the evening of June 26.

She rang the maternity suite at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester but was told it was nothing to worry about and to go back to sleep.

Later her mother Gillian called an ambulance and she was rushed to the hospital.

Who said socialized medicine would stifle innovation?!  Just MacGyver  yourself up some sammich bag insulation...

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