April 16, 2009

Now this is an interesting question

Forbes has their Billionaire list out and there's some controversy because one of the newcomers is a Mexican drug lord.  This raises an interesting point, if the list is to be a listing of the world's billionaires then why should the source of the funds matter at all?  If he is a billionaire, then he should be listed.  But still, there does seem something a bit odd about including him in that list.

Then again, there's a bunch of Russian tycoons on there and, frankly, I think the drug lord is being way more honest about how he's getting his money.

I do find it fascinating that there's no mention of the fact that there are multiple Waltons on that list yet there's no mention of Wal-Mart in the main article, at least not that I saw.  There's some discussion of it in the blurbs under the pictures, but I would think that some indication that Wal-Mart is doing fairly well would be in order.

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