March 30, 2009

No, Patterico doesn't hate Rush

I never thought he did, but apparently he felt it necessary to prove it.  I think, all the personal drama between him and Goldstein aside (and I mean every last grisly bit of it), Pat's overall a good soldier.  Occasionally he throws out a weird one, but at least he isn't endlessly antagonistic to conservatives or conservatism.  Certainly he should get credit for how relentlessly he hounds the LAT. 

I don't think we should dismiss Patterico, and if you're on Patterico's side, you shouldn't dismiss Goldstein either.  Jeff has a lot to bring to the table regarding classical liberalism, individualism, language and intentionalism.  I think ugliness of the personal drama is starting to eclipse the original debate, which was of critical substance.  As I said in my first commentary on the whole thing, we need both of them.  I meant it.  I don't think it serves any of us well to have Pat and Jeff completely destroying each other, or their readers trying to do the same by proxy in comments and elsewhere.  I'm hoping they call a truce at some point, and this goes back to being solely a philosophical argument.

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