April 21, 2009

I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit

I learned a few lessons this weekend.

1)  Moving a 32" television by yourself could easily qualify you as insane. 

2)  It is not recommended to attempt things that were easy at 21 when you are 29. 

3)  Dollies are your friend. 

4)  3 story houses are tall.   They invented ranch style housing for a reason.

5)  The location of the breaker for the boiler falls into the category of "critical information" when you move into a new house. 

6)  I hate moving with the deepest burning passion.  There is no activity I'd rather avoid.  If I could facecock a verb I'd facecock the hell out of it.

But... we're in the new house.  All is well.  After a few more improvements the house will be comfortable and livable.  I'm sure in a few months the nightmare of this weekend will fade and only the pleasures of home ownership will remain. 

Now, does anyone know tips on installing tile slate on the kitchen counters? 

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