January 19, 2009

Fuck the Inaugeration

If I hear one more goddamned thing about this inaugeration I'm going to lose my fucking mind.  If it weren't for the recent posts featuring scantily clad hot chicks in thigh-highs I might have already lost it. 

I mean, did you hear?  Its cool to wave the American flag again.  When wasn't it?

I'm so fucking tired of these people acting like their fucking war agaisnt America for the last 8 years didn't happen while they expect us all to just smile and accept Obama's super-fucking-awesomeness.  They'd say "well, Bush sucked and Obama is great, that's why its different."  But it isn't different.  47% of America doesn't like Obama just as much as their 47% didn't like Bush when he was elected.  It is exactly fucking the same. 

Anyway, fuck 'em.  I wrote a REALLY LONG ALL-CAPS INSANE RANT HERE written as if I was just as hysterical and retarded as your average lefty but it got deleted when a sidling coworker surprised me into pushing backspace without focus on the form.

I'll exact my revenge soon.  If there is a lot of demand for my "impression" of the left for the last 8 years as it applies to Obama, I may add it later.

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