March 26, 2009

Economic Freedom and the NFL

The intertubes are all abuzz with the latest from the NFL, namely the coming shift to an 18-game season and dropping two preseason games.  The consensus among sportswriters, their commenters, and drooling idiots (but I repeat myself) is something along these lines:
"Good, because charging full price for preseason games is a total ripoff, man.  Those games totally suck!"
Let me be blunt:  the NFL will charge whatever they want for the preseason games, and so long as somebody pays it, it's not too much, and the price is not a rip-off.  If you feel spending for preseason games is a waste of money, use the tried-and-true method that other consumers use with the Shamwow, New Coke, and the Segway Scooter:  don't buy the damn thing.
But please, spare me the faux-populist outrage against "exorbitant" ticket prices.  For one thing, most of the simpering nimrods doing the bitching can't even spell exorbitant.  For another, nobody forces you to go to preseason games.  In fact, if they suck so bad, you should be thankful to have a reason not to attend.
If the NFL started auctioning off used jock straps (complete with ball sweat!) on E-Bay, I'd not only steer clear but have to clean my E-Bay account with bleach.  But you know that some wannabe's somewhere is willing to pay $110 plus shipping and handling for a used TO jock strap.  Maybe even more if it was worn in a big game, or had authentic "battle stains" on it.
And that is right, and good, and the natural state of capitalism.  Exercising our economic liberty to make stupid choices about sporting events and memorabilia is a form of freedom, and we should encourage people to do that. 
Because freedom in abundance is never a bad thing.

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