July 30, 2008

Die the Friendly Skies

I don't find it extremely interesting that a woman died in an airplane bathroom. Based on the amount of time women seem to spend in bathrooms, I'd suspect nearly 40% of women die in one bathroom or another.

What I do find interesting is the last paragraph of the article:

Atlanta police stationed at the airport respond to calls about dead bodies on airplanes a couple of times a year, said Officer Eric Schwartz, a police spokesman. Talton said the situation was rare, but flight crews are trained to handle “a number of situations on board.”

It wouldn't have raised an eyebrow except for the euphemistic vagueness of the statement. What are these situations and how exactly are they trained to handle them? Is there a Weekend at Bernie's class they are required to take so they don't freak out the other passengers? Today's class: Icing down a corpse in the galley!

Every time I think I've got a handle on how bizarre the world is, I'm proven wrong.

Thanks to RD.

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