November 18, 2008

Because Tuesdays are stupid

I hate Tuesdays, maybe even more than Mondays, because Tuesday is when my 'work week' starts.  And even for people with real schedules, Tuesday sucks.  It's not Monday, so you're not reminiscing about your weekend debauchery, it's not Wednesday, so you can't go out and get sloshed for humpday, and you're definitely not on the downhill slide to the end of the weekend.

In honor of a stupid day, some animal vids below the fold.  Courtesy Wired Blog.
Happy interaction between buffalo, crocodiles, and lions. I'm so glad they all get along.

For those of us with faint stomachs who can't quite sell themselves on the idea that the last vid was just some concerned momma kitties pulling the poor little buffalo baby out of the water to save him from the mean nasty crocs, here's something that's just eye candy.

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