September 15, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Saw this via the Puppy Blender.
Sunspot activity isn't really getting better. It's more active than last year, but still a minimum.
According to the article, the minimum has been for 26 months, normal ones are about 16 months.
Some scientists are measuring magnetic activity in the sunspots. That's been going down steadily.
Now, they're predicting that by 2016 there wouldn't be enough magnetism to sustain sunspots. That seems almost like reverse-global warmmongers. Looking at a trend and assuming it'll continue that way and then WE ALL DIE!!!!!!, except this time from the coming ice age, not from bursting into flames.
At least they note that there's no proof the trend will continue in a straight line graph, but...
There is precedent for the Sun shutting down, the "Little Ice Age" a few hundred years ago, and, of course, the Earth's climate has gone up and down for as long as there's been an Earth.
I have to admit, I'm rooting for the global warmmongers because I really hate the cold, I just prefer my science to have a basis in fact and not endlessly subject to "correction" when you get caught. 

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