August 21, 2010

Cancer Sucks

In keeping with the cancer motif we seem to have here, I'm posting this link to a sports journalist.
The lymphoma we’d thought we’d beaten into remission back in May came roaring back last month. We threw some really nasty chemo at it. The cancer ate it up and came back for more.

And so I’m going to die, and not in four or five months. I’ve got probably a couple of halfway decent weeks left. Then the lymphoma will take over my bloodstream and kill me.

I can't imagine.
He's going to chronicle the rest of his life.
A year and a half ago my mother died because of cancer.
Ghe cancer didn't kill her, losing huge chunks of her lungs did. She was going in for surgery to remove the cancerous parts when she had a blood clot that stopped oxygen flow to half of the lung that was mostly cancer free.
They couldn't remove what was left as she could barely breathe as it was. She basically suffocated to death over a space of about a month or two.

Cancer sucks, it's interesting and kind of uplifting to see this guy say, "Fuck you".
Not as eloquently as eddiebear, but still interesting.
Via the Agitator
update, title added, I couldn't think of one and put if off and then forgot.
Edited to make my point clear.

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