December 22, 2009

Just ... fail

Is this the ghost of America's future?

 Like other heavily indebted nations around the world, Ireland is borrowing vast sums from foreign investors to plug its budget deficit. Fearing that the country will buckle under the weight of so much debt, the Irish have an answer: Put the government on a diet.

 More than $4 billion in cuts coming into effect after New Year's Day will slash salaries for 400,000 government workers while making painful reductions in benefits for such groups as widows and single mothers to the blind and disabled children. A tax targeting rich Irish nationals living overseas — dubbed the "Bono Tax" in the Irish press — will help restock empty coffers at home. Even Prime Minister Brian Cowen, who earns about as much as President Obama, is taking a 20 percent pay cut.

Such drastic steps have put Ireland on the front lines of a global battle against runaway government spending and exploding budget deficits in the wake of the financial crisis. The world's richest nations, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, are more indebted than at any time in at least the past 50 years.


Call me crazy if you will, but isn't this the kind of shit that the real conservatives have been saying about the American budget?  That we should stop spending, cut where we can, and through that simple process, work on lowering the deficit?  I mean, great for Ireland, but how can the author of this article even question if this is the future of America?

It has to be the future of America.  The Dems have to raise the limit on our credit to keep spending their way into oblivion; Obama has the balls to say that he's going to reduce the deficit by waving a magic wand while riding a unicorn; and they keep spending our money like it's nothing

I'm going to pull a little bit of an Eddie here.  Wish me luck.

Fuck you.  Fuck you.  Fuck you.  Fuck you for blaming Bush for our deficit when the drug-addled, botox-fed fucking ideas from the Democrat congress took that deficit and jacked it up to the motherfucking moon by paying off fucking banks that were too big to fail, but big enough to lobby for the paper FAIL that you keep calling "money".  Fuck you for thinking that President Obama can just say, "Look, all better," and it'll be just like ripping a band-aid off your kid's skinned knee; meanwhile, they beat us over the fucking heads with their unfounded, pork and ear-marked "health care" shit. 

Is this the future of America?  Unless you think the future of America is fucking fail with a side of HIV, complete with a lube-less ass-fisting as an appetizer and raped by a herpes dildo for dessert, than yes it's the mother-fucking future of America.  When you spend and spend and fucking spend like money is made of magic and Albus Dumbledore just has to wave a fucking wand and there'll be more of it, eventually, you dig yourself into a hole that's too damn big to climb out of.

And then, you're fucking drowning in your own urine and feces because there's no one left to pull your emaciated ass out of the grave you fucking created.

Not only is it the fucking future of America, but it should have been the fucking past too, you stupid, stupid asshat.

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