September 03, 2010

Pffft, fucking quitter

As someone with a BA in History, I think it's vitally important to note that the fat Indonesian kid who was smoking two packs of cigs a day has managed to kick the smoking habit with rehab.  Rehab was provided for the child in Jakarta by the Indonesian government.

I giggled like a tard when the reporter referred to the cigs as fags, I'll admit it.

In other news the fat Iraqi gangsta kid was recently quoted recently by Iraqi news sources that he quote "Still won't hesitate to cap a fuckin' bitchass motherfucker."

So, how long till this kid is back up to two packs a day again?  From there, how long till he switches to unfiltered?  How long till he's cast as Tattoo for the inevitable Fantasy Island themed movie that Hollywood'll pinch off onto America's collective lap?

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September 01, 2010


Eh,. there's nothing going on except Minitru/Journolist trying to explain how 300,000+ people on the Mall is no big deal and, of couse, the usual litany of outrages from Obama.
It's hard to keep up with them all. Especially since I try to limit my outrage/week rate. I get worked up.

Nobody's posting so here's a silly thread for a silly season.
Considering that Hollywood loves to remake good movies and make them worse, why don't they remake movies that sucked into something good?

I wish someone who had actually read the book instead of skimmed it for names had done Starship Troopers.

There are some really bad Lovecraft "B" movies that could be fan-farging-tastic. The SciFi channel should be looking into that. There aren't enough 'e's in the word "creepy" for Lovecraft. Again, it needs someone who has actually read some Lovecraft books.

Any ideas?

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The top three of the top nine hottest gamer girls of all time

courtesy of Panzerborne of Azuremyst

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