August 21, 2010

In Response To A Dipshit

"Joe Bob" decided to leave this gem on a recent thread about liberals.

Yeah! Great F'ing points.   You know why I really hate liberals.  Because they want to spend money on public schools.  I hate having my daughter having to get a free and decent education.  And I hate how those liberals always want to spend money building highways.  Screw that.  They even spent a lot of money in the stimulus bill building highways.  Damnit, if we were a free country, we'd be driving on gravel.  You know what would be even worse?  Them wanting to spend my hard-earned salary on building schools.  And you know what I hate even worse?  People who say bigoted things about another group of people, like muslims, and then get slammed for it.  I'm the racist for saying that?  No, you're the racist for noticing that I said something about muslims.  God damn liberals

I left a quick response to him in the comments. But I have a more polished product to "Joe Bob" after the jump. But first:

*walks to the door with only "Joe Bob" and me in the room*

*locks door*

Now, "Joe Bob"...
Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Don't you even fucking dare take a swing at my daughter, you fucking flincher when fatfucked. I fucking pay a fucking megafuckton amount of tuition for my daughter to attend PRIVATE SCHOOL, you fucking fuckjumble. I fucking pay to send her to school because liberals have indeed fucked up public education so bad that the public schools in my town are unable to receive accreditation from the state, and this is after throwing billions of dollars (including building the schools, as you suggest) since failed liberal policies of the late 1960s onward have caused scores and quality to decrease.

As for roads, where in my post did I attack roads? But looking at the roads in my state, after leftist rule, they are shittier and more potholed and in need of repair than Andrew Sullivan's boxers after a night of meeting up with the recipients of his milky loads, and this is after billions have been thrown at the mismanagers who fucked up the system of repairs and contracts.

But you want to talk the stimulus? Are you really fucking sure you want to do that? Tell me, then: if the stimulus was so awesome, then how have jobs actually disappeared and unemployment increased after the Stimulus? Are the roads any better? Are the schools better? Just leave it at that before you fuck yourself in your goatse with any more stupidity. And as for gravel, how is it with this Golden Age of Obama, gravel roads are increasing? Again, skullfuck you and your stupidity so hard and loud that your eyes grow out of the back of your head.

And as for saying something about Muslims, what did I say about the group other than the Ground Zero Mosque was a deliberate affront to the city of New York? Wherein did I say anything about the religion or the practitioners of such that would suggest that I would be intolerant of their faith or the practice of such, other than what the people who organized the mosque (not the faith, mind you) wish to do? No, you fucking fuckyokel who was last place in the competition to be the Fistfucked Fuckloser of Fuckdome, you are the ones who are trying to fucking stifle debate by claiming that any and all criticism is bigoted. You are the one who is trying to harm our future. And you are the fucking ones who need to get quasarfucked with a fuckquat while we try to save the world from your stupidity and fuckheadedness.

So fuck off, "Joe Bob". Fuck you for your mindless lefty talking points. Fuck you for defending an ideology that wishes to ruin the cradle of liberty. And fuck you for being such a fucking weak ass troll.

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