June 26, 2008

Wow, I sure didn't see any of that coming

Q: What do you get when you take a camera out to some park and ask a bunch of assorted liberals, weirdos, and hippies what they would "say" to the RNC?

A: Fairly predictable results.

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June 25, 2008

This Is Legal?

I didn't know the government could purchase corporations. Sounds a lot like nationalizing them:

The state of Florida has announced it will buy the U.S. Sugar Corporation for $1.75 billion so as to convert farmland to reservoirs. U.S. Sugar owns some 187,000 acres of land around Lake Okeechobee. The plan, which is part of the state's Everglades restoration effort, is to convert much of this land from sugar production to conservation purposes.

This just has to be illegal, doesn't it? If it isn't, what's to stop the government from 'buying' Exxon or 'buying' General Electric if they don't like the way they do business? I fear this story just put a lot of bad ideas in many crazy heads.

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Anthony Kennedy breaks out his favorite crayon and scrawls another piece of judicial brilliance

Our special little Supreme flipped his favorite coin, and wrote the 5-4 decision declaring that child rape is not punishable by death, arguing that it isn't proportional to the crime committed.  


Hey Justice, why don't you have a seat over there?

And we're banking on this short-bus all-star to uphold our Second Amendment rights in the upcoming Heller decision?  Weak.

The article has an excerpt of Kennedy's decision, in it he claims that the "national consensus" around executing child rapists is that it is they are opposed, and that by imposing the death penalty, you encourage the rapist to commit murder, then he says this,

...Each of these propositions, standing alone, might not establish the unconstitutionality of the death penalty for the crime of child rape. Taken in sum, however, they demonstrate the serious negative consequences of making child rape a capital offense. These considerations lead us to conclude, in our independent judgment, that the death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child.

What a bunch of bullshit, he can't find any real constitutional justification for this decision, so he just made it up as he went along.

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ZING: George W. Bush Is A Poopy Head

Giggling scatologists Obama voters in ... wait for it ... San Francisco are finally gonna stick it to Chimpy McHitlerburton, man:

From the Department of Damned-With-Faint-Praise, a group going by the regal-sounding name of the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco is planning to ask voters here to change the name of a prize-winning water treatment plant on the shoreline to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

The renaming would take effect on Jan. 20, when the new president is sworn in. And regardless of the measure’s outcome, supporters plan to commemorate the inaugural with a synchronized flush of hundreds of thousands of San Francisco toilets, an action that would send a flood of water toward the plant, now called the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant.


 Back to San Francisco:

“It’s a way of doing something physical that’s mentally freeing,” said Stacey Reineccius, 45, a software consultant and entrepreneur who supports the plan. “It’s a weird thing, but it’s true.”

How much you wanna bet Stacey is a member of the Sierra Club:

Sewage and stormwater runoff are among the nation's largest sources of water pollution. Lack of investment in maintaining municipal sewerage systems and insufficient political will to curb new sewage hook-ups results in more sewage than many sewerage systems can treat, especially when stormwater enters the system.

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June 23, 2008


...I wonder if Sen. Robert Byrd has a blog.


Because, you know, the irony.

Oh, and by the way, in case you didn't get the oh-so-subtle hint, you're all RRRRRAAAAACISSSSSSTSSSS!!!1!!one!1eleven!!!

(Via another anti-Obama, uh, racist.  I guess.)

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June 19, 2008

Sixth British Colombia foot a fake

Someone decided it would be cute to stuff a shoe with a foot from an animal's skeleton and seaweed.  Hopefully they'll figure out what's actually happening, and give the hoaxer a kick in the ass when they find them.

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Crap: Marines to appeal and file new charges against Lt. Col. Chessani

Says David Harsanyi.

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June 17, 2008

Abandon hope all ye who click play

Here's a little glimpse into what I'm pretty sure hell is like:

Sorry about that.

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June 09, 2008

And yes, I am asking because I'm a creationist.

Why is Reason, a libertarian magazine, for government regulations against teaching any possible holes in the theory of evolution?

But then again, I got my higher education at conservative Christian institutions, so I'm probably too stupid to understand the nuances of their arguments anyway. 

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Cry Me A River

I hear you pirouetting sissies on the East Coast are complaining that it is hot outside.

Boo fucking hoo. I'd say to cry me a river but the last thing we need in the Midwest is more fucking water. Over the weekend Southeastern Wisconsin (among many other places) was slammed with up to 10 inches of rain and everyone I know has had some flooding or water damage. While it is exciting to have so many opportunities to name new rivers and lakes, the damage is staggering.

Cars were fucking floating through intersections in downtown Milwaukee. They had to close the fucking freeway. This bridge in my new hometown is normally high enough above the river to make you think twice about jumping off.


But all I hear on the news is that it is a touch over 90 degrees in New York in June. Stop the fucking presses! I'm sure it was really tough going to the pool or working on your tan while I was knee deep in my friends basement on her birthday!*

Anyway, Governor Doyle (*spit*) has declared a state of emergency in 29 counties in Wisconsin due to flooding, tornado, hail and high wind damage. I personally witnessed golf-ball sized hail on Saturday. I should have some pretty fucking awesome pictures/video of the event later on today when I get access to my home computer.

Anyone from other effected areas of the midwest, feel free to send me pictures, video or stories (chaos -dot- overlord -at- gmail -dot- com) and I'll be sure to add them in here.

* Another home improvement tip from Moron Pundit: When you are in the middle of the heaviest rainfall in decades, do not unplug your sump pump. Even if the fire department instructs you to do so (no seriously) do not. Leave the fucker plugged in. For real. I'm not kidding.

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June 08, 2008

stupid vegans endanger their child

A vegan couple in Scotland has had their 12 year old daughter admitted to the hospital because of decalcification of her bones caused by a lack of Vitamin D in her diet.  The hospital says this 12 year old now has the spine of an 80 year old woman.  The hospital is facing heavy pressure to request the child be taken into protective custo...wait, what?  She hasn't already?  They're killing this kid, they ought to be in jail! 

As it turns out, no, the Glasgow child services have received no complaints.  First question...why the fuck not?  And second question, why did the reporters not try and file a complaint themselves, or Glasgow's child services not start their own investigation?

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June 07, 2008

Does everything need to be remade?

Headline: Knightley in Talks for Columbia's 'My Fair Lady'

To borrow a line from [adult swim], I thought that the writer's strike was over?

Update: Ughhhhhhh. Why? (and yes, I know it's old news, but it still makes me mad.)

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