October 28, 2008

Clarification issued

Remember last night's post about the lynched effigy of Sarah Palin in West Hollywood? No? Well, you may have been drunk. Happens to the best of us.

Anyway, our jackbooted friend and co-blogger alexthechick left the following in the comment section:

How is that not a hate crime? Seriously, using the definitions so favored by the Left, that is a hate crime.
Well, thanks to the Los Angeles Times, I have an answer for alex (sort of):
"I'm not defending this; I'm not criticizing it. It doesn't rise to the level of hate crime," said Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, who said he went out to the house himself to look at the display this morning.

"Now, if there was a crime against bad taste . . . "


Whitmore said that potential hate crimes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If the same display had been made of a Barack Obama-like doll, for example, authorities would have to evaluate it independently, Whitmore said.

"That adds a whole other social, historical hate aspect to the display, and that is embedded in the consciousness of the country," he said, adding he's not sure whether it would be a hate crime. "It would be ill-advised of anybody to speculate on that."
I hope that, uh, clears things up.  Let's not have anymore ill-advised speculation about this non-issue, m'kay?

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October 26, 2008

Were Vikings Ghey Metrosexuals?

Maybe so, according to this article.

Academics claim that the old stereotype is damaging, and want teenagers to be more appreciative of the Vikings' social and cultural impact on Britain.

They say that the Norse explorers, far from being obsessed with fighting and drinking, were a largely-peaceful race who were even criticised for being too hygienic.

The university's department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic has published a guide revealing how much of the Vikings' history has been misrepresented.

They did not, in fact, wear horned or winged helmets. And they appear to have been a vain race who were concerned about their appearance.

"It seems that the Vikings may not have been as hairy and dirty as is commonly imagined," the guide says.

"A medieval chronicler, John of Wallingford, talking about the eleventh century, complained that the Danes were too clean - they combed their hair every day, washed every Saturday, and changed their clothes regularly."

The guide reveals that Norsemen were also stylish trend-setters: "Contemporaries who met individual Vikings were struck by the extreme bagginess of their trousers.

"A tenth-century Persian explorer described trousers (of Vikings in Russia) that were made of one hundred cubits of material, and a number of runestones depict warriors with flared breeches."

The traditional view of the Vikings as "illiterate warring thugs" exaggerates considerably the reality of their life, the academics argue.

"Although Norse men and women may have sometimes liked fighting and drinking, and were sometimes buried with weapons, they also spent much of their time in peaceful activities such as farming, building, writing and illustrating."

So, does this change the meaning of "Like A Viking"?

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October 24, 2008

Your Daily Dose Of WTF, College Football Edition


Apparently, without much going on, the Westboro Baptist Cult is going to picket the Oklahoma vs. Kansas State football game this weekend. If it wasn't on their hate-site, I would have thought it was a joke.

From their hate-site:
10/25/2008, 09:30 am-11:30 am: Bill Snyder Family Stadium - K-State Football LOSERS! Kimball & College

We will picket your stinking, rotten awful football game. You guys are not good football players, I'm just saying. And that is because you try to throw that ball with limp wrists. More importantly you got those limp wrists from your Living God as a curse because you refuse to obey. Here was the promise from God, and they are good as gold. We are seeing with our eyes, each day more and more that when Our God determines to curse a land, He does it with great panache. Check this out, this is the promise made to our forefathers: Deuteronomy 11:26 ¶ Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse; 27 A blessing, if ye obey the commandments of the LORD your God, which I command you this day: 28 And a curse, if ye will not obey the commandments of the LORD your God, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods, which ye have not known. 29 And it shall come to pass, when the LORD thy God hath brought thee in unto the land whither thou goest to possess it, that thou shalt put the blessing upon mount Gerizim, and the curse upon mount Ebal. 30 Are they not on the other side Jordan, by the way where the sun goeth down, in the land of the Canaanites, which dwell in the champaign over against Gilgal, beside the plains of Moreh? 31 For ye shall pass over Jordan to go in to possess the land which the LORD your God giveth you, and ye shall possess it, and dwell therein. 32 And ye shall observe to do all the statutes and judgments which I set before you this day. Worshipping your goofy false gods got you in this mess - so we will gleefully stand and observe you play the part that you so desperately determined to play, i.e. the fool. And God will laugh you to scorn (Psalm 2) as you bellow and bawl about getting your backsides spanked both on and off the football field. God Hates Kansas State; God Hates Kansas; God Hates america and america is Doomed. AMEN!

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"I want a true leader"

In this video, a bunch of "life-long Republicans" (and one life-long independent) explain why they're abandoning their life-long principles and are voting for the most socialist, least experienced candidate probably ever to run for the highest office in this country.  Not to mention of the Free World.  Note that none of these foax has anything much to say about how they've been "life-long" advocates of conservative policies, but they're suddenly fans of a socialist who wants to "spread" their wealth.  Funny, that.

(Via...well, a site I used to frequent. I'm not gonna link it.  Let's call it "Light Drinking.")

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October 23, 2008

God, I can't stand these people

Can we make every last fucking detail of our lives reflect our creepy, hero-worshiping Cult of Personality?  Yes We Can!


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Let's Just Hope This Fool Doesn't Vote


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October 18, 2008

I don't know how to do a screenshot, so you have to see it yourself

So I was watching Nick at Nite (because I'm cool like that...) and I saw an ad for Nickelodeon's Kids Pick the President thing.  So I went to their website to vote for John McCain, because I'm pretty sure a 26 year old is still a kid.  I couldn't help but notice something.  See if you can figure it out.  The answer is below the fold. 


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October 17, 2008

Supreme Court rules in favor of Hope, Change, mass voter fraud


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October 15, 2008

Some Canadian assumes you're racist

But the good news is that you're worried enough about the economy to vote for the most socialist major party presidential candidate in our history:

Barack Obama is beating John McCain because fear trumps fear. That is, the fear of many white voters for their jobs and their homes surpasses the fear some of them feel over electing a black man.
Yep, because there's no other reason people (white people, anyway) could possibly have for voting against Barack Obama. Nope. None at all. Hell, even if you're white and you're voting for Obama, you're probably a racially scared racist who's afraid of black people anyway.  So if you're white and you vote against Obama, you're probably a racist.  And if you're white and you vote for Obama?  Probably a racist, too, but maybe a more pragmatic racist.

Thanks for clearing that up for us, Hoser.

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October 09, 2008

Why Is It We Only Get The Lame Celebrity Endorsements?

Well, it seems as though Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn and some lineman have endorsed Team Maverick.

Quinn introduced McCain and spoke briefly about how his service to the nation and time as a POW inspired him because he kept “fighting for freedom.”

“Too often times we label people heroes and get caught up in the moment but tonight we have a real hero amongst us,” Quinn said. “This is a man who endured great adversity yet remained loyal to his nation, a man who would not forsake his country…we need heroes like this to inspire us and to remind us that we are the greatest nation.”

All well and good, pretty boy, but I believe some other pundits have you pegged pretty good (NTTAWWT).

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October 06, 2008

I believe we're about to find out another code word for "black"

Here is an excerpt from McCain's speech today, where he will be hammering Obama and the Democrats on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (emphasis mine):

Rather than answer his critics, Senator Obama will try to distract you from noticing that he never answers the serious and legitimate questions he has been asked. But let me reply in the plainest terms I know. I don’t need lessons about telling the truth to American people. And were I ever to need any improvement in that regard, I probably wouldn’t seek advice from a Chicago politician.
Don't let those words fool you.  He really meant "I probably wouldn't seek advice from a brown person." 

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October 04, 2008

I Didn't Know NASCAR Needed To Be Bailed Out

It appears as though the bailout bill had some extra provisions in it for NASCAR, even though I didn't know it needed it.

The Senate-passed bill includes an array of so-called “tax extenders.” One extends for two years a tax policy that had been allowed to expire in December that lets motor-sports facilities be treated the same as amusement parks and other entertainment complexes for tax purposes.

Sigh. Oh well, I guess I could console myself in the fact the New Lingerie Football League is starting up.

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October 03, 2008

Friday night scary

(Via the comments here.)

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October 02, 2008

McCain-Palin conceding Michigan to Obama

They were never going to win it, anyway.  Evidence?  They keep electing and re-electing the Democrats that have caused their one-state economic depression. 

Hell, they love it so much they want it exported to the rest of the nation. 

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October 01, 2008

But can he walk on water?

Over here on the right side of the blogosphere, we make plenty of jokes about Barack Obama being Teh New Messiah, but for some people, it's apparently no laughing matter:

Barack Obama bore to me his testimony in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention, a testimony that included believing in concepts as simple and wholesome as the Constitution; a belief the current administration had done away with entirely. I was 17 and my antipathy for politicians was already in place before I had even reached the age to legally vote for one. He, though, seemed different. I was intrigued. I would follow him. I believed however, that my discipleship would lead me on a much longer path to political change than was true. He was much too young, not white enough, not rich enough, not jaded - the country certainly wasn't ready for this, maybe in 12 or 16 years he would be able to run in the Democratic primary, I thought.

My interest was piqued, but the dark time lived on until my faith in others was renewed on Jan. 4 in the Iowa state primary. Obama had beat out squeaky clean southern boy John Edwards and former first lady and next in the line of political succession Hillary Clinton. I was in shock. And then I came to Jesus/Obama.
That's from a column by one Maggie Mertens, published last month in Smith College's student newspaper, titled "'I Will Follow Him': Obama As My Personal Jesus." I. Shit. Thee. Not. These people have lost their friggin' minds.

Anyway, there's plenty more at the link, including this gem at the end:
I've officially been saved, and soon, whether they like it or not, the rest of the country will be too."
God help us.


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Your "impartial" VP debate moderator

Non-partisan PBS (heh) reporter Gwen Ifill will be the moderator for the upcoming Veep debate.  She didn't look terribly pleased after Palin's convention speech:

(Via Michelle Malkin, who has a lot more.)

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