September 29, 2010

He "laughed"

"Look, as president, I swore to uphold the Constitution, and part of that Constitution is a free press," Obama laughed, in response to a question from Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner about whether or not Fox News was "a good institution for America and for democracy."
Okay, this is kind of not healthy for a few reasons.

Let's substitute "Obama" with "Nixon" and "Fox News" with "The New York Times." And, then, how about we wonder about liberals and the MFM (I know, I know) would react to a president being asked a question like that?

Sure, a president would laugh when confronted about a press outlet that was critical of him, but the way in which the question was posed and answered was disturbing.

I mean, here, you have the publisher of one part of the media sincerely asking about whether or not a competing (and there's no doubt here—victorious) competitor is good for democracy, and you've got the guy who we count on the most to uphold the Constitution yucking it up a little, not the least because he shares the interviewers' same prejudices.

Chimpy McBu$hitler laughing about ANY of our civil liberties being infringed upon in the slightest would be a major issue. Barry H. O'Fabulous? Not so much, apparently.

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September 22, 2010

Not This Idiot Again!

Yup, Bob Inglis is back, and stupider than ever.

Inglis, a Palmetto State Republican who was defeated earlier this year in a conservative primary challenge {for his general dickfistery and support for statism-ed}, said that "optimistic" conservatives might have been threatened by the conservative Tea Party movement.

"Well, not so much moderates. Surely, maybe they're unwelcome, but also conservatives of the optimistic sort," Inglis said during an appearance on CNN in response to a question about whether centrists were being forced out of the GOP.

"I think this would be a tough time for Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp," Inglis added {notice he picked two dead guys who cannot speak for themselves. But more on that later-ed}. "They were optimists that believe in America. Right now, unfortunately, conservatism is being presented with a voice of snarling rather than a face of smiling, and it really doesn't fit America."

Ok. First of all, I really fucking think it is foul for an assfister and goatfucker such as Inglis to try to divine how and what Reagan and Kemp would do, especially since they have both left this mortal coil and can no longer speak for themselves. But rather than speak for Ronaldus Magnus, let me let him speak for himself.

Funny. A lot of that sounds just like what the "teabaggers" Inglis and the rest of the RINOs decry in the people who have defeated them, all while invoking Reagan. And this:

Fucking teahadi! Doesn't he know that RINOism is the way to go?
Well, soon to be former Congressman Inglis, let me learn you something:

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September 21, 2010

Where to begin?


Okay, let's break this down...

1. Songs that a bunch of people get together to record for a cause are almost always awful, but schlock like "We Are The World" at least featured pop stars.  This features, um...

2. The song sucks.

3. It was inspired by soccer.

4. This is the most important thing that the peacemongers didn't mention: North Korea is a fucking nightmare state where famine isn't just common, it's state policy. Terror is an official government program, but that's not mentioned in the nice little song about "peace." Sing all you want, but the monsters who run North Korea don't give a shit. In fact, you're helping them.

Peace doesn't come from a fucking soccer game.

It comes from Kim Jong Il realizing that his Stalinist government is killing his own people. Peace is guaranteed by the Korean-born American army officer whose proud father lives across the street from me, worrying about whether or not his son is going to have to face a nuclear war or a screaming suicide charge from the only people who get to eat to his north.

Peace comes from freedom.  They don't say that things can be "bought for a song" for nothing.

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September 18, 2010

The Million Hipster March

What do you want to bet that when a few hundred Trustafarian assholes show up for this that it gets much more MFM coverage than Glenn Beck's rally did?

Also, "overwhelmingly white"?  We'll see.

Update: I'm sure they'll be looking out for racist and/or inflammatory signs at their rallies.  Because, you know, neither of them would want that sort of thing showing up at their events.

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September 15, 2010

Some facts and statistics about Delaware

Since we've all been at each others' throats about the GOP primary there, I thought it would be interesting to learn a little about the state and the people who live there, so:


Well, there's...

I guess there was that one guy from Delaware, who's famous for...

The most popular vacation destination in Delaware is, uhhh...

Where Pennsylvania gave us the Philly cheesesteak and Illinois has Chicago deep-dish pizza, Delaware's culinary heritage is notable for...

The biggest professional sports team there is...


Honestly, what does anyone even know about Delaware? I mean, nobody in my family has ever been there. I can't recall any of my friends or even casual acquaintances mentioning that they had ever set foot in the state. I don't know that I've ever seen images of the place on TV or in any form of print media (I would challenge you to identify the skyline or layout of any Delaware city or town, but it would likely be a fruitless endeavor). And I can honestly say that I've never met anybody who had actually ever lived there.

Hell, on the 2008 campaign trail, Joe Biden—who supposedly represented Delaware in the United States Senate for years and years—couldn't stop talking about how he was actually from Scranton, which is in another state entirely.

My conclusion? The most interesting thing about Delaware is that it does not really exist.

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September 10, 2010

"Help Fight for Change"

That's the title of the ad sponsored by Team Barry that keeps showing up in the sidebar of my little crapblog.

On the one hand, this pisses me off because I can't in good conscience ask you Morons to go over there and click on ads to contribute to my Booze and Smokes Aid for Starving Orphans Fund. On the other hand, it's kinda funny, seeing as how I am fighting for change.

Money well spent, champ.

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September 05, 2010

Dear Charlie Crist

Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you with that which you fear most: a shortage of spray tan. Fuck you for making a Democrat look classier than you. Fuck you because you are a fucking lying fuckdustery of fuckquackery and opportunism rolled up in a flaming fuckzeppelin of fuckbaggery set alight by the glowing fuck baggery you exude. And zenfuck you to enlightenment for saying shit like this after the declining health, and eventual death, of an opponent's father:

Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, now an Independent, was also in attendance and I asked him what he thought of the elder Rubio’s illness, to which he responded, ” Yeah, I heard about that.”

How fucking crass is that? How fucking callous is that? And how fucking low of a wormburner do you fucking have to be to say something like that? And how fucking big of a cockhandler do you have to be to support that shit?

Seriously, "Governor", that is fucking low. No wonder you bolted the party before the primary: you don't have the fucking decency to listen to the people of Florida and stand down when they tell you. And treating an opponent in this fashion just exemplifies it further.

So fuck you, Charlie Crist. And fuck any RINOhumping fuckrumbler who still thinks getting rid of your orange coated ass was a bad move. Seeing Senator Rubio triumphfuck what will remain of your career this November will make everything worthwhile.

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September 03, 2010

Where to start?

I just saw this commercial (which has apparently been around for a year) and it's a perfect symbol for the federal government.  And that's not a good thing.

First of all, whoever came up with this seems to think that a "We Are the World"-type video is a relevant frame of reference circa 2009-10. Yeah.

Secondly, whoever decided that it would be a great idea to have a bunch of low-level Treasury Department staffers (I'm just guessing here—they could just as easily been Agriculture Department staffers or Justice Department lawyers who weren't busy working on ways to piss us all off) write a song...not a good idea.

Third, why are there a couple of black-suited, dark sunglasses-wearing agents from The Matrix in there? Seriously, those guys are in there twice. Did the Machines come up with this concept?

Actually, that would make a lot of sense.

Finally, we have Abe Lincoln telling us that this website is "So great, you might just get carpal-tunnel syndrome." Um, what? This government website is so good that you'll become somewhat disabled?

I give it a solid B+.

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