October 26, 2010

How is this a lie, Markos?

Kos thinks the idea that one would go to jail for not buying health insurance under Obamacare is a lie. Sorry, that ain't gonna fly. It's true that jail isn't the first remedy. Those not complying would first face fines or taxes (whichever is the politically or Constitutionally "in" term of the day).

What happens when you don't pay taxes or fines?

You go to jail.

The ultimate cost of noncompliance with any government edict is eventual imprisonment. If you don't pay your parking tickets, you'll eventually be behind bars.  Why would Obamacare be different?

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October 25, 2010

Oh this could be good: Veritas infiltrated a NJ educators union summit

Hmmm...gonna be interesting to see what all they have,

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When the left has lost 60 Minutes...

...they've lost the election.  Big time.

Note that the word "unexpected" isn't even used any more when talking about the subject.

I'm really looking forward to next week's bloodbath.

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October 23, 2010

Le Tough Guy

If you're one of those Tea Party malcontents who don't like the way things are going here in America, this guy thinks you should look to France...

We need to ask the French for a Berlin style airlift to deliver us testicles. The French President Sarkozy suggested raising the retirement age from 60 to 62 and the country erupts into strikes by school teachers, truck drivers, garbage men, air traffic controllers. The trains have stopped, the gas stations are closed they're one step away from Armageddon as Sarkozy sits in Elisa Palace holding his head saying, "Holy Moly!" or whatever the the French equivalent of "Holy Moly!"might be.
"Sacre bleu!" is what French people say, if I've learned anything from cartoons and Pink Panther movies.

Anyway, I'd like to think that Sarkozy's reaction is more along the lines of "Sacre bleu! Do we have enough fucking tear gas to shoot at these bastards?"

Seriously, most of the "protests" I've seen were comprised of teens and twenty-somethings hurling gas canisters back at riot cops.


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October 19, 2010

ZOMG liek Palin is soooo stooopid

1773?!?!?  Silly Caribou Barbie...

Liberal ignorance would be more entertaining...if only it weren't so fucking destructive.

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Yes, I'm smarter than you

Thoughts on the MFM et al's the idiot peasants are revolting meme - Heavens knows that there are few people who are as intellectually arrogant as I.  But here's the thing - I do not presume that those who hold opinions which differ from mine are per se idiots.  I allow them to open their mouths and remove all doubt, but, my initial assumption is that said person is operating from a different set of assumptions and is placing priority on different values than mine.  If I demand that others accept that I am opining in good faith, and I do, then I owe it to my opposition to do the same.  Such a presumption is a fundamental proposition of clear and logical thinking.  The fact that Obama, the MFM and the rest of that ilk refuse to accept that there are legitimate grounds for opposition says far more about them than it does about me.

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Oh, I just don't know where to begin

I guess I'll begin at the beginning of this stupefying piece from the WaPo's Richard Cohen:

Can it be that the conscience of the Republican Party resides in a 26-year-old woman who has never held elective office and derives her authority, not to mention name recognition, for the fame of her father? I am referring to Meghan McCain...
Okay, let me stop you right there and answer your mind-numbingly retarded query with a firm and resounding "AW, HELLS NO," Richard. MeggyMac is not the anything of the Republican Party, much less its conscience. And authority? Seriously? You get paid to write this shit? I mean, nobody to the right of fucking Lenin gives a shit about what she thinks regarding the GOP.

Cohen is, of course slobbering over Meggy's appearance on a Sunday chat show where she called Christine O'Donnell "a nutjob." Cohen calls this deep analysis a "searing evocation of the truth" and a "refreshing statement of an obvious fact." Now, I think O'Donnell's a little flaky, and she's said some stuff that has made me wince, but elevating a lame insult to the level that Cohen does here suggests to me that there's maybe just a little more than some casual antipathy going on here.

Cohen continues:
McCain went further. Appearing on the ABC show "This Week with Christiane Amanpour," she noted that O'Donnell "has no real history, no real success in any kind of business. And what that sends to my generation is: One day, you can just wake up and run for the Senate, no matter how [little] experience you have." The only quibble my generation would have with that statement is the allegation that O'Donnell woke up. She seems to have slept through much of recent history.
Really? That's your only quibble? You don't have any problem with the fact that the only fucking reason this ditz is making these sort of pronouncements on national television is because her dad is famous? Which is, I noticed, a detail that you actually noted in your opening paragraph? No quibble over the idea that someone with no experience of her own is supposed to be taken seriously when leveling the same charge against someone else who is actually a few years older? Did that escape your notice, or are you willfully glossing over that shit?

I'll skip past his "blah, blah, the Tea Partiers are teh stoopid" and "Republicans only want to win" (like that's not something Dems worry about) boilerplate for this...
No doubt Meghan McCain will hear from her father about what she said. It was he who promulgated the GOP doctrine of win-at-any-cost when he chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Palin was, and remains, highly unqualified for the presidency, talented only in demagoguery. She came, like Eve, out of John McCain’s rib.
Three words, Dick: Barack. Hussein. Obama.

And that's really what this is all about, isn't it? People like Cohen can't own up to the idea that they backed an inexperienced, incompetent empty suit for a job—THE JOB—that he was completely unqualified for, so they resort to shouting "Look over there!" at whoever is the current object of their Two Minute's Hate. And when a "Republican" or "conservative" stalking horse like MeggyMac or Kathleen Parker or The Twat comes along to do their dirty work for them, so much the better! That invite to the next cocktail party is on the way.

Cohen concludes his drivel with this:
The pureness, the political virginity that is supposed to be the virtue of the political outsider, has come, as it is supposed to, from Meghan McCain. "Out of the mouths of babes…" the Bible says. And not a moment too soon.
I'm not a very religious guy, but I believe there's also a Bible verse that talks about noting the mote in someone else's eye while ignoring the beam in your own.

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October 18, 2010

Sleestak utilizing tired leftist talking points in PA

Thankfully the ZOMG THE REPUBLICANZ R GONNA TAKE UR SOCIAL SECURITY GRAMMA!!1!1!11!1eleventy!1 tactic I don't think is gonna cut it this year.

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October 15, 2010

Who Will The Democrats Allow Into Their Bunker?

Remember that movie with Morgan Freeman about the meteor set to hit the earth and cause an ELE (Extinction Level Event)? Remember how they held a lottery to determine who would be allowed to live in a bunker and survive? Well, it looks as though an ELE is on the horizon for the Democrat Party. And to make things even sweeter, the Democrats are starting to cut off campaign money to candidates they view as dead in the water, leaving them outside the locked bunker doors while only the ones deemed as viable are allowed into the room for safety.

Good. Fuck them. Wipe them off the fucking map. Cometfuck their careers with the flaming fuckfury of millions of voters. Leave as few standing as possible. And lock the doors of the bunker from the outside so that the rest cannot come out for air. I want fucking blood. I fucking want to see them despair. And I want to gloryfuck their lives so mightily, they will need a compass and a flashlight to know which fuckhole is which.

Yes, let's be the fucking comet that ends the left as we know. Let's bring about the ELE for the left. Let's see them desperately banging on the fucking door wanting in as they see the fuckwaves and flaming fuckhate of a pissed off electorate come raining down on them. And then, let's fucking laugh at their misfortune.

Fuck them for ignoring us. Fuck them for sending goons out to beat us up. Fuck them for lying. Fuck them for calling us racist. Fuck them for their refusal to face reality. And fuck them because I am fucking fed up with them.

I owe it to the future of this country to be the comet. I owe it to my family to be the comet. And I owe it to generations unborn to be the fucking comet so that they can live in the same freedom and opportunity I grew up with. And to that extent, I must urge one and all to do their best to fuck the future of the leftists so vigorously, they will no longer be a viable threat to our future.

Get the locks ready lefties, for we are coming. Comet Angryvoter Fuckyoulefty is on the way. And it will not fucking discriminate between "conservative" Democrats and leftists.

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October 14, 2010

In Tonight's Episode Of "Democrats Behaving Stupidly"

This guy is a Congressman in Massachusetts. 

Seriously, fuck them all. Fuck them and their careers so hard, they change gravitational impacts. These fuckers need to be put away, and put away so hard, it loses all meaning. 

I no longer want victory. I fucking want humiliation for the other side. I fucking want destruction. I fucking want electoral blood on the floor. I fucking want these turtlefuckers to get run out of town with a festering fuckspear of futility fucking forced up their asses. And I fucking want revenge for what they have done to our country.

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October 13, 2010

No, you don't say

So there's a NYT piece about Obama looking back on his first two years and blah blah blah. Here's the part that made my eyes nearly roll out of my head:

In the magazine article, Mr. Obama reflects on his presidency, admitting that he let himself look too much like “the same old tax-and-spend Democrat,” realized too late that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects” and perhaps should have “let the Republicans insist on the tax cuts” in the stimulus.

Oh, you're just noticing this now, you utter jackass?  Just now?  I mean, it's not like a huge freaking number of people who told you this. 

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October 12, 2010

There Will Be (Electoral) Blood

I cannot add anything more to what has been said the last 18 months. We stand three weeks away from telling the statists, leftists, RINO collaborators, and assorted fuckjumbles what we think about them and what they have done and wish to do to us. Hell, even their big money sugar daddies are bailing on them.

And to that, I say:

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October 11, 2010

Of course it means nothing

Because of course babies can't feel anything until they're out of the womb.

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Do you kiss your husband with that mouth?

Maybe she really views it as a compliment, as in "I like my husband to call me a whore in bed."

Fox News says people with knowledge of what happened say it was Brown's wife who suggested calling Whitman a "whore," for cutting a deal to get the union's endorsement.
So, NOW is an appropriate time for the iron.


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It's late, I know

But in light of their recent endorsement of Jerry Brown...


(no, I'm not the genius who came up with this.  I wish I was.)

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Revenge of the more housing stuff

There's momentum underway to push through a nationwide mortgage foreclosure due to the irregularities revealed in Bank of America's handling of foreclosures. Now, the WaPo is reporting that the Obama Administration knew, at the least, that the mortgage lending industry was not in position to deal with this problem.

This article is interesting in what it does and does not say and in the general tone of the article itself.  There's more than a whiff of "those bad bad lenders who only wanted to make money and who didn't care about the poor homeowners" to it.  I'll admit to being torn about this.  Of course the companies servicing the loans wanted to make money.  That's the whole point of being in that business.  (We'll leave to another day the undercurrent that mortgage lending, if not mortgages themselves, seem to be viewed as a combination of an entitlement and a charity.)  I am, however, a bit loathe to defend the mortgage serving industry as a whole since there were quite a number of really bad actors out there.

As always, what I'm more interested in some of the almost throwaway lines in the article, such as this. 

There is no evidence so far that the specific abuses made public in the past few weeks were known to government officials. Nor is it clear whether they were aware that the process of the selling and reselling of mortgages among financial firms - which became extremely common and highly profitable during the housing boom - was raising legal questions about who actually owned the loans and had the right to foreclose if they want bad.

This is something I've mentioned before but it bears repeating.  The churning in the mortgage marketplace created a situation where it can be very difficult to determine what entity is the true holder of the mortgage.  My prior firm did pro bono work, including some foreclosure defense, and I've had the joy of trying to work through the paperwork to verify if the entity claiming to be the final lien holder was, in fact, the final lien holder.  There was one instance where a company filed a foreclosure and stated that it was in the process of finalizing the assignment of the loan.  We pointed out to the court, and the court agreed, that in the process of finalizing meant that the entity filing suit didn't actually own the loan.  If you don't own the loan, then you do not have standing to file suit.  All that did was delay things for a month or so until the paperwork cleared but it is a problem.  Filing an action without standing to do so can open the door to counterclaims for abuse of process.  There's also the problem that if the house is foreclosed and sold and then another party shows up and proves that it was the real lienholder, then the home owner may be on the hook to yet another party.  It is a real problem, not just a lawyer trick to get people out of foreclosure. 

What I find difficult to believe is that the Obama Administration is shocked and surprised by this.  Or, well, maybe not since it is an obvious problem.  The Obumbles don't really seem to have a grasp of the obvious.  If anyone from the administration spent more than two minutes talking to anyone who deals with this area it would have been mentioned.  Hell, just do a bing search for how to defend foreclosure and there are tons of articles bringing up this point.

Should all foreclosures be halted?  No.  The housing market cannot possibly stabilize until there is some type of certainty regarding how and when the backlog of foreclosed properties will hit the market.  Should BoA be liable for screwing up how it handled the paperwork?  Yuppers.  The rules exist for a reason.

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October 09, 2010

That's it, I'm done

If this is true, and I have every reason to believe it is, then I am done attempting to show even basic courtesy in referring to Obama.

Netanyahu and his entourage were then left to cool their heels in the Roosevelt Room. At one point, the Israeli delegation asked for something to drink and food. They were served non-kosher food, which some of them wouldn't eat.

From here.  Note that this is a HuffPo link so it's not like it's coming from some evil neocon.

Fuck.  You.  President.  Obama.  Fuck your staff.  Fuck your cook.  Fuck your stewards (who I have to believe weren't actually at fault since the White House stewards are renowned for professionalism but since this makes me furious I'm including them too).  Fuck the State Department.  Fuck every single fucking person who is such a fucking jackass that common motherfucking courtesy was not given to respect the dietary requirements of a fucking HEAD OF STATE and his entourage.  Motherfuckers want me to fucking be accepting of fucking jackals who will fucking kill me because I think Christina Hendricks is a miracle of God's creation but won't fucking serve Netanyahu kosher food. 

You know what?  Fuck it, I'm going to show Obama the exact level of respect for the office of the President that he does.  Or, you know, none.

(The rest of the article is even fucking worse btw)

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October 06, 2010

Joe Sestak: Class Act

Just imagine if a Republican did this.

Fuck. Them. All. Fuck their careers. Fuck their futures. Fuck their electoral viability for seven fucking generations. And fuck everyone who supports them.

Leave no one fucking standing. Triumphfuck the carcasses of the defeated with the destructodong of domination, and circus fuck with a rabid stunt midget anyone who even thinks of defending their fucked up fuckheadedness down the road with enough fuckfury that Sherman's March to the Sea will look like a wet noodle in comparison.

Do it for the future. Do it for revenge. Do it for the Constitution. Do it to piss off the media. Fuck, do it just because you fucking want to. I don't fucking care, so long as you do it and destroy their chances of ever hurting our country again. But do it. 

Four more fucking weeks, my friends. Four more fucking weeks. Lets run up the score so fucking bad, their anal ruptures the furious fuckaphant of freedom will inflict on them will seem like a paper cut in comparison to what we need to do to them.

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"Pro-Life" Democrats that voted for Obamacare done fucked up real good

From the looks of things, a good number of them are on the verge of having their asses thrown out of office.  I think the pro-life Democrat is going to learn a lesson the pro-Second Democrat learned in 1994...words mean things, and if you're going to put yourself out there as pro-life, you better mean it, especially when a politically tough vote comes down the pike or that interest group is going do whatever it has to do in order to vote you out of office.  Looks like the Susan B. Anthony List is more than content to play the role of the NRA, too.

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October 05, 2010

This is petty but so am I

Margaret Cho is off Dancing With The Stars and Bristol Palin isn't.


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