October 15, 2010

Who Will The Democrats Allow Into Their Bunker?

Remember that movie with Morgan Freeman about the meteor set to hit the earth and cause an ELE (Extinction Level Event)? Remember how they held a lottery to determine who would be allowed to live in a bunker and survive? Well, it looks as though an ELE is on the horizon for the Democrat Party. And to make things even sweeter, the Democrats are starting to cut off campaign money to candidates they view as dead in the water, leaving them outside the locked bunker doors while only the ones deemed as viable are allowed into the room for safety.

Good. Fuck them. Wipe them off the fucking map. Cometfuck their careers with the flaming fuckfury of millions of voters. Leave as few standing as possible. And lock the doors of the bunker from the outside so that the rest cannot come out for air. I want fucking blood. I fucking want to see them despair. And I want to gloryfuck their lives so mightily, they will need a compass and a flashlight to know which fuckhole is which.

Yes, let's be the fucking comet that ends the left as we know. Let's bring about the ELE for the left. Let's see them desperately banging on the fucking door wanting in as they see the fuckwaves and flaming fuckhate of a pissed off electorate come raining down on them. And then, let's fucking laugh at their misfortune.

Fuck them for ignoring us. Fuck them for sending goons out to beat us up. Fuck them for lying. Fuck them for calling us racist. Fuck them for their refusal to face reality. And fuck them because I am fucking fed up with them.

I owe it to the future of this country to be the comet. I owe it to my family to be the comet. And I owe it to generations unborn to be the fucking comet so that they can live in the same freedom and opportunity I grew up with. And to that extent, I must urge one and all to do their best to fuck the future of the leftists so vigorously, they will no longer be a viable threat to our future.

Get the locks ready lefties, for we are coming. Comet Angryvoter Fuckyoulefty is on the way. And it will not fucking discriminate between "conservative" Democrats and leftists.

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