December 31, 2009

Once again, it takes a heart of stone not to laugh at this

Snowstorm squelches climate change protest.

My second favorite quote? ""Not many people showed up because of the blizzard conditions," said organizer Clea Major, an international studies student at the University of Utah."

 My favorite quote is this "As for the snow, it's not entirely new; a protest she attended last year in Washington, D.C., suffered a similar fate.  "There is always the irony element," Major said."


It appears the Gore Effect is contagious. 

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December 30, 2009

In which Alex proves she's a tolerant, loving person

Mandatory disclaimer: The moms (and dads!) who post here are wonderful parents who are not the target of my wrath. That being said:

The NHTSA has launched a distracted driver website to point out that, hey, maybe not paying attention while you drive is a bad thing, m'kay? No! No! I did not know that! I thought that texting, eating, putting on makeup, reading a book, talking on the phone, getting a hummer, doing your nails and the rest make you a better driver! Thank you NHTSA! Thank you!

My wrath really isn't aimed at that. After all, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is kinda responsible for keeping track of national highway traffic safety. My ragey rage is more directed towards things like this where the discussion is all about texting, using PDAs, using GPS devices and the like.

What's not on that list?  Parents dealing with their screaming brats in the car.  The guy and girl having an enormous fight and/or sex.  The gaggle of 16 yos shrieking about how hot Count Sparkula is (sekrit to Sparkly Vampire Boy - shower.  Haz one).  The people who are car seat dancing along to Lady Gaga.  Because that's not distracting at all.

Seriously, I would rather have someone texting away driving behind/alongside of me than a parent who is busy trying to deal with what the kids are doing.  I cannot tell you how many times I've nearly been plowed down because Mommy has to help her Precious Child do something.  Hell, yesterday there was a woman on the highway turned completely around in her seat reaching for her kid.

If there's a ban on texting while driving, then there should be a ban on driving with children in the car.  I mean, the goal is to promote safety, right?  Don't we want the children to be safe?  To paraphrase the Southwest ads, why do they hate your kids?  Why, it's enough to make one who is more cynical than I believe that this is all about making gestures and not actually thinking through a problem. 

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Obama's Inner Circle Certainly Is A Cross Section Of America

If by a "Cross Section Of America", you mean Domestic Terrorists (Bill Ayers), Tax Cheats (Geithner), Fisters For Fifth Graders(Kevin Jennings), Truthers (Van Jones), Mao Lovers (Anita Dunn), Crazy Old Men (VP Biden), and now Identity Thieves.

Jide Zeitlin, the Obama administration's nominee to be America's point man for financial reform at the United Nations, has withdrawn himself from consideration for the job, an administration official tells The Cable.

Zeitlin, a former Goldman Sachs executive and telecom entrepreneur, had faced criticism for his business dealings related to Indian contractors and was also accused of identity fraud for an incident in which he admitted to sending an email to investors masked as coming from one of his competitors. Zeitlin testified before Congress that the email was a prank.


But concerns about his nomination grew as rumors swirled around Washington and New York that Zeitlin was engaged in other activities that called into question his overall character and also may have included elements of identity fraud.

Specifically, one woman contacted several government offices and multiple news outlets, including The Cable, with allegations that Zeitlin had used deception to lure her into what eventually she claims was a romantic relationship. Those allegations could not be independently confirmed by The Cable. The administration official declined to comment as to whether they had been investigated as part of Zeitlin's vetting process or afterwards.

You know, I get the feeling that Team Obama is a bit reckless in its vetting process. But that's just me.

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December 29, 2009

Doncha Just Hate It When Those Damn Neocons Get All Violence-y?

I mean, those fucking Neocons, always overreacting, always wanting to shoot first, ask later. Those fuckers and their yee-haw policies are so bad for all of us, right?


Oh, nevermind.

Heh. I wonder why the Democrats are acting this way. Could it be this?

Naw. Couldn't be.

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Obama is an awesome negotiator. No, really.

Does everyone remember Obama telling Poland to go fuck itself by cancelling the missile defense shield on the 70th anniversary of Russia's invasion of Poland during the second World War?  I know, it's such a silly thing to talk about, right?  Big O has said that we're going to be awesome and loved, and told all his dictator friends that's he's super-sorry that Dubya was so doggone mean, so why do we need a missile defense shield?  Besides, we scrubbed it to keep those extra-nice Russians happy, because we've never, ever had any problems at all with the Russians. 

Plus, when we scrapped the missile defense system, Teh Won said we were going to put one in the ocean and it was going to be the perfect compromise.  The evil, war-mongering Americans get their defense system, and the Russians get to win in a diplomatic fight. 

So, how's that working out for us?

Prime minister Vladimir Putin said today that Russia would build weapons to offset planned US missile defences and urged Washington to share detailed data about its missile shield under a new arms control deal.

Putin's remarks, posted on the cabinet's website, set a defiant tone and signalled new difficulties in talks between the two nations on a successor to the 1991 strategic arms reduction treaty that expired on 5 December.

Moscow and Washington had hoped to strike a deal before the end of the year.

Putin said that the arms control talks were proceeding in a positive way and added that Russia's president, Dmitry Medvedev, and Barack Obama would eventually decide whether to strike an arms deal.

Putin warned that a missile defence system would give the US an edge and could erode the deterrent value of Russia's nuclear forces. "The problem is that our American partners are developing missile defences, and we are not," Putin said.

"But the issues of missile defence and offensive weapons are closely interconnected ... There could be a danger that having created an umbrella against offensive strike systems, our partners may come to feel completely safe. After the balance is broken, they will do whatever they want and grow more aggressive."

Obama removed a significant irritant in relations earlier this year by scrapping the previous administration's plans to place interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar in the Czech Republic – deployments Russia treated as a threat.

The Kremlin has praised Obama for the decision, but Russian officials have also said they want to know more about the sea- and land-based systems the US plans to put in place instead.

Putin said that Russia had no intention of building its own missile shield. However, he added that it would have to develop new offensive weapons to offset a future US missile defence.

"In order to preserve a balance, while we aren't planning to build a missile defence of our own, as it's very expensive and its efficiency is not quite clear yet, we have to develop offensive strike systems," he said. Putin added that the US had to share information about its missile defence plans if it wanted Russia to provide data on its new weapons.

"They should give us all the information about the missile defence, and we will be ready then to provide some information about offensive weapons," he said.


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Chris Dodd Should Have More Time For Waitress Sandwiches This Time Next Year

Yeah, fuck you, Senator. Fuck you like you have been fucking those waitresses. Fuck you and your party for claiming the Republicans are at fault for the Crotchbomber story, despite the fact you and your deputy dickticklers of douchebaggedly disaster were involved in diverting TSA funds to your fucking pet projects. And while you are at it, go ahead and rape your soul with a fetid dildo covered in thorns and soaked in feline AIDS.

Enjoy your fucking retirement, Senator. Enjoy it while we try to rescue the country from the mess you have made.

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December 28, 2009

Golf: the new hot-button issue

We know that Obama loves golf even more than Dubya did, but that it's okay, because he's smart'n'stuff.  So, now it appears that Obama won't leave the golf course when a terrorist attempts to blow up a plane, but will leave when an unnamed friend's family member gets injured.  Don't worry, though - it was only a "brief delay" to Teh Won's golfing game:

President Barack Obama abruptly ended his golf outing and sped in his motorcade to his compound Monday after he learned a child of a friend was injured while playing on the beach.

Members of the first family were fine, a White House official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of a reluctance to discuss personal matters involving the president.

Journalists when they returned to the secured neighborhood where Obama was staying saw an ambulance speed past with its lights on. The ambulance then left the neighborhood with a black sedan trailing.

The president was playing golf with friends from Chicago who joined him on his holiday vacation. The White House is not identifying which friend's child was injured.

After a brief delay, Obama returned to the course.

My favorite is the title of the article:  "Obama friend's child injured, golf interrupted".  (My emphasis, of course.)  How tragic.

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The System Is Just Mailing It In Right About Now

Yeah, I know. Jokes about "The System" are as unoriginal as my smooth operator lines I try to use on my wife, but this is getting ridiculous.

Kurt Haskell of Newport, Mich., who posted an earlier comment about his experience, talked exclusively with and confirmed he was on the flight by sending a picture of his boarding pass. He and his wife, Lori, were returning from a safari in Uganda when they boarded the NWA flight on Friday.

Haskell said he and his wife were sitting on the ground near their boarding gate in Amsterdam, which is when they saw Mutallab approach the gate with an unidentified man.

Kurt and Lori Haskell are attorneys with Haskell Law Firm in Taylor. Their expertise includes bankruptcy, family law and estate planning.

While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, ‘He’s from Sudan and we do this all the time.’”

Mutallab is Nigerian. Haskell believes the man may have been trying to garner sympathy for Mutallab’s lack of documents by portraying him as a Sudanese refugee.

The ticket agent referred Mutallab and his companion to her manager down the hall, and Haskell didn’t see Mutallab again until after he allegedly tried to detonate an explosive on the plane.

Call me crazy, but isn't a passport one of the prerequisites for people flying to and from the United States? I dunno, but that sounds fairly elementary to me.

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December 27, 2009

Remember When It Was A Bad Thing For A President To Golf During A "Major Event"?

Yeah, me too. But leave it to Marc Ambinder to defend Captain Awesome's actions during the recent failed terrorist attacks(Since it's not an Andrew Sullivan article, I feel safe linking it). And all I can do is mock the article in the almost whole.

The president's vacation activities might have become the subject of a fierce partisan fight -- but really, the only carping is coming from the usual suspects on the right {as opposed to you guys mocking Bush's vacations?-ed}.

There is a reason why Obama hasn't given a public statement.{He's clueless-ed}

 It's strategy {Oh. That's better. I was afraid it was because Captain Awesome didn't know what to do-ed}.

Here's the theory: a two-bit mook {I have seen variations of this phrase all over the leftysphere the last few days. I smell a meme-ed} is sent by Al Qaeda to do a dastardly deed. He winds up neutering himself. Literally.

Authorities respond appropriately; the president (as this president is wont to to) presides over the federal response. His senior aides speak for him, letting reporters know that he's videoconferencing regularly, that he's ordering a review of terrorist watch lists, that he's discoursing with his secretary of Homeland Security.

But an in-person Obama statement isn't needed; Indeed, a message expressing command, control, outrage and anger might elevate the importance of the deed {yeah, because an attempted murder of hundreds of folks in a plane and countless others on the ground is child's play, right?-ed.} would generate panic (because Obama usually DOESN'T talk about the specifics of cases like this, and so him deciding to do so would cue the American people to respond in a way that exacerbates the situation).

Obama of course will say something at some point {yeah. When the teleprompter arrives in Honolulu-ed.}. Had the terrorist blown up the plane, it's safe to assume that Obama would no longer be in Hawaii. In either case, the public will need presidential fortification at some point {and he has done such a spiffy job of "fortification" so far, as it relates to jobs, the economy, health care, etc., right?-ed}. But Obama is willing to risk the accusation that he is "soft" on terrorism or is hovering above it all, or is just not to be bothered (his "head's in the sand," or "golfing comes first") in order to advance what he believes is the proper collective response to a failed act of terrorism {yeah, because he has been a daring and risk taking politician so far. And, BTW, what is the "proper collective response"? Mass ennui? Or, do you not know?-ed}.

Let the authorities do their work {Because they actually have a clue what is going on-ed}. Don't presume {a Muslim man with a bomb on a plane? I am sure he was just gearing up for a New Years Eve Party, right?-ed}; don't panic the country; don't chest-thump {because Yee-haw was such a bad idea, right?-ed}, prejudge, interfere, politicize (in an international sense), don't give Al Qaeda (or whomever) a symbolic victory; resist the urge to open the old playbook and run a familiar play {I hate it when the old playbook is used. Especially when KILLING FUCKING TERRORISTS was a part of the previous season's approach-ed}

In a sense, he is projecting his calm on the American people, just as his advisers are convinced that the Bush administration projected their panic and anger on the self-same public eight years ago {where was the panic? All I saw was a resolute determination to skullfuck terrorists with Dick Cheney's cock to a level whereby a new species of humanoids was to be created-ones with a hole in the back of their heads-ed}

It's a tough and novel approach {so doing nothing and being silent is the new toughness? That only works when you are Clint Eastwqood, about to unleash a gallon of whoopass on Lee Van Cleef-ed} -- and not at all (as they say in Britain) party political -- because the standard political script would have the president and his attorney general appearing everywhere as soon as possible. {yeah, and telling people all is well. But that's just crazy old me talking-ed}

Floral Fuck Me With The Snapdragons of Fuckheadedness, that was a worthless piece of crap! What the fuck? So, Ambinder basically spent all that time and space, only to say that it's OK for Obama to dither, because he isn't Bush, and that his golfing and vacationing during a crisis is OK, because he is Captain Awesome? Give me a fucking break. This has to be one of the weakest defense of Obama I have read, and I have read plenty of shitty defenses of the man. I am going to drink a bucket of turpentine, and then light my intestines on fire to purge my brain of the stupidity I subjected myself to with this article.

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Peggy Noonan Just Can't Quit Barry

Fuck you, Peggy. Fuck you and your snotty spinsterish elitism with the hopes and dreams of Americans you helped destroy by pushing and shilling for Obama. Fuck you for either being a willing dupe or an outright hack to defend this imbecile, not for what he had accomplished (zilch), or for what he promised (egads!), but because he was a blank slate for which you and the rest of your amiable assfisters of abominable atrociousness to project YOUR fucking wishes, dreams, desires ("'s the 21st Century Jack and Jackie!") upon the rest of us and tell us WE were the evil racists if we dared question him. And fuck you for reminding me of that homely girl in school, who writes love poems in her diary to the school stud, hoping for that scant moment that Captain Cool will look at you in the hallway and say, "hi".

Seriously, Peggy. As Obama's administration becomes less and less popular, even in his own fucking party and movement, what do you do? Do you take the first, brave steps towards Obama Fangirlism Recovery and admit you were wrong? Do you ask for forgiveness from your putative side of the fucking political spectrum? Do you fucking ask for forgiveness from the American fucking people for pushing for this clown over the party that elevated a land grant educated, baby birthin' snowbilly to prominence? Absofuckinglutely not.

No, Peggy, you embarrass yourself even fucking further by tripling down on the adulation by writing this fuckdrippingly foolish paean to Obama as well as allowing his admirers to defend him in your column. And the best you fools could come up with?

"He's a young president, young in terms of youthful." Sometimes people come in to meet him and find "they came for a photo and he gives them a game" of pick-up basketball on the White House court. "Those are the things from a human perspective that make him so accessible. Accessible is the right word. He's emotionally available."

He is appreciative of his staff's efforts. "When you're working hard for your country and you know [he cares] it is huge." How does he show his thanks? "It's a little like a basketball game—'Thanks for that, I know what you did.' It's not a note or a pat or a call, it's a guy-to-guy thank you, 'That's cool, that's good.' You think, 'My coach got that I worked my ass off.'"

"As a person he is just an incredible human being who you can't help but love."

Oh, so we all are supposed to don the vestal robes and march up the volcano for Obama because he is the political equivalent of the assists leader in the Big 12? Seriously? Fucking seriously? Hey, Anonymous Admirer, I don't give a fucking flying fucklity fuck if he is a righteous dude or the "Floorburn Award" winner at the end of the year team pizza party. He is the Fucking President of the Fucking United States of Afuckingmerica. His job is to get shit accomplished and lead this country, not whip the towel on the bench. I fucking want Michael Fucking Jordan or Magic Fucking the Ladies Johnson out there. I want a fucking winner who is confident of himself and his abilities, feelings be damned. I want a guy who wants the ball, needs the ball in his hands at the end of the game. That's what winners fucking do. Did FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Or Dubya care if they hurt somebody's feelings or made sure they gave their guys a pat on the back? Who fucking knows. But they accomplished shit. Obama? Yeah, he wants the cameras on him, but when it comes time for the hard work of being President, he dithers and delays, and things fall apart because of it.

Good fucking grief, Peggy. Get over yourself and your refusal to face reality. It's really fucking pathetic and self absorbed. You seem to have run out of shit to say to defend this loser, so you turn your column over to "anonymous" folks to defend him? That to me smells of desperation and a "mailing it in" attitude. If you can't think of anything else to write, then just come out and admit it, not this chickenshit stuff. If I were your bosses, I would dock you a week's pay for not even bothering to write a reasonable column.

Face it Peggy. You lost. You didn't even pick the weak horse. You picked the retarded three legged one that is there to make the other horses realize they will never be the biggest glue bottle in waiting in the yard. You can't face the results of your crush, and it is pathetic. Grow up, and be an adult.

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December 25, 2009

...and something for our Jewish friends

Jimmy Carter just wants you to know, he realizes that the rabid antisemitism he's been slinging for years was horribly, horribly wrong, and now seeks forgiveness*.

*When Jimmy says he realizes the antisemitism he has been slinging for years was wrong, he means his grandson is running for congress in a district with a fairly high Jewish population, and he is still cognizant enough to realize that his years-long campaign against Jews has suddenly become politically inconvenient.

No words can ever describe how reprehensible I find Jimmy Crater.

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December 23, 2009

FAIL Is Now Spelled C-B-O.

I mean, is this shit a surprise?

The key point is that the savings to the HI trust fund under the PPACA would be received by the government only once, so they cannot be set aside to pay for future Medicare spending and, at the same time, pay for current spending on other parts of the legislation or on other programs. Trust fund accounting shows the magnitude of the savings within the trust fund, and those savings indeed improve the solvency of that fund; however, that accounting ignores the burden that would be faced by the rest of the government later in redeeming the bonds held by the trust fund. Unified budget accounting shows that the majority of the HI trust fund savings would be used to pay for other spending under the PPACA and would not enhance the ability of the government to redeem the bonds credited to the trust fund to pay for future Medicare benefits. To describe the full amount of HI trust fund savings as both improving the government’s ability to pay future Medicare benefits and financing new spending outside of Medicare would essentially double-count a large share of those savings and thus overstate the improvement in the government’s fiscal position.

Fuck this. Fuck this with the Sarbanes-Oxley Code Soaked In Government Grade "Fuck You". In my line of work, and with the numbers I have to deal with, this would be called fraud or criminal negligence. People in the "real world" would go to jail for this. But in Obamaland? You get a school named after you in Nebraska.

If this was intentional, then people need to fucking go to jail. If it was an accident, then people need to get fired and serve me my next pizza.

Fuck you, Congress. Fuck you forever.

Thanks to Alice

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To be fair, I guess they're not allowed to show prostitution on C-SPAN, so I guess there's there's that.

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Proof That Claire McCaskill Is An Idiot

She didn't even hold out long enough to get a porkola payoff, and now she is hinting that she may try to get one later.

Good luck on that one. That envelope on your dresser will always be empty, Claire.

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December 20, 2009

I'd rather wear fur than be naked in Ashland.

I don't even know where to go with this.  And, boys, before you get too excited about a town where public nudity is completely allowable, remember that it's Oregon.  I have yet to meet a liberal hippy chick from Oregon who shaves.  I'm just sayin'.

 ASHLAND, Ore. - A city council member in an Oregon town noted for its Shakespeare festival and its occasional dustups over public nudity plans a showing in his art gallery of nude portraits and conceptual art involving naked people.

 For gallery-goers as well, clothing will be optional — even though it's winter in Ashland, a small college town on the California border

 Council member Eric Navickas is opposed to a possible ban on public nudity in the town. Nudity is legal in Ashland, except in the city center and public parks, where people are required to cover their genitals.

 "We feel that the nude ban is not only an attack on freedom of expression but also an attack on the human body itself," Navickas said. "We wanted to have a show to celebrate the nude body and differentiate the nude body from anything indecent."

 The ban was proposed after two men were spotted walking naked near schools. The council is to vote next month on the issue.

 Navickas said he is willing to compromise and ban nudity within 200 feet of school zones. His partner, Amy Godard, said the two are interested in dialogue not controversy.

 "It's not like we're trying to polarize anything," she said. "We're trying to pay homage to the nude, which is a strong tradition in the arts."

 Open about a year, the gallery made news early on with an exhibit that allowed patrons to pitch paint-covered shoes at a large portrait of former President George W. Bush. The gallery owners called it a "statement of solidarity" with an Iraqi journalist arrested after throwing shoes at him.

 The nudity exhibit is scheduled Jan. 29 to Feb. 5, Godard said, and patrons may participate by baring themselves.

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December 18, 2009

When You've Lost David Brooks...

No creased pants for you, buddy.

And yet, instead of certainty, Brooksie still quivers and trembles in fear and indecisiveness that Patton, Grant, Petraeus, or Washington never showed.

So what’s my verdict? I have to confess, I flip-flop week to week and day to day. It’s a guess. Does this put us on a path toward the real reform, or does it head us down a valley in which real reform will be less likely?

If I were a senator forced to vote today, I’d vote no. If you pass a health care bill without systemic incentives reform, you set up a political vortex in which the few good parts of the bill will get stripped out and the expensive and wasteful parts will be entrenched.

While I am glad to see Brooks side with the "no" votes (does that mean Frum, Noonan, Parker, and Gergen will soon follow?), this sheer limp wristed equivocation is why we need to tell the moderates to stay away from leadership and follow us or get the fuck out of the way.

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Do You Really Want To Go There? Really?

I mean, really?

From the TPM memo:

Their strategy: GOP just wants to rewind the clock to Bush era.

"The Republican party in Washington today is no different than the Republican party that ran the Congress before," {true. The GOP still ignores its base-ed} Van Hollen said.

It's a message they will push especially in districts where there are repeat Republican candidates

Democrats think the economy will actually work to their advantage - if there is an uptick, they can say they stepped in to save it from a deeper dive and say Republicans voted 'No' on every piece of legislation that helped to turn it around.

"The big question will be who was on your side during this very difficult period of time," {if fucking the country with nice smelling lube is your idea of "on my side", I'll take the dry run instead-ed}he said.

But if it doesn't get better?

Then there's real danger, Democrats say privately.

But to give a sense of how much more difficult the landscape is this time around, Van Hollen detailed that 42 members are in their "Frontline" program of toughest battlegrounds {almost the same number of seats the GOP needs to regain the House.-ed}, a number that has increased as they scooped up GOP seats over the last few years.

"We are living with the results of our own successes, {!}" he said.

That gives them a smaller playing field to go on offense.

As we have reported, Van Hollen said the Democratic message next year will be deficit reduction, from President Obama's State of the Union address on down to the rank-and-file.

Van Hollen was pressed on whether a frustrated base of liberal Democrats would stay home from the polls next year, and he said that while many have forgotten about children's health care, the fair pay act and education reform, they are "all measures we could not get passed" under then-President George W. Bush.

Van Hollen said members who benefited from record turnout in 2008 "will have to be very clear that the future success of the Obama agenda is at stake and even though president is not on the ballot {but they seem determined to put a FORMER President on the ballot?-ed}that everyone who supported the president in the last election has to get out and support candidates [to boost] the president's agenda."

My take?


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December 17, 2009

Watch government regulation at work

When the government steps in to help us poor, pathetic mortals out, things like this happen:

It's no mistake. This credit card's interest rate is 79.9 percent.

 The bloated APR is how First Premier Bank, a subprime credit card issuer, is skirting new regulations intended to curb abusive practices in the industry. It's a strategy other subprime card issuers could start adopting to get around the new rules.

 Typically, the First Premier card comes with a minimum of $256 in fees in the first year for a credit line of $250. Starting in February, however, a new law will cap such fees at 25 percent of a card's credit line.

In a recent mailing for a preapproved card, First Premier lowers fees to just that limit — $75 in the first year for a credit line of $300. But the new law doesn't set a cap on interest rates. Hence the 79.9 APR, up from the previous 9.9 percent.

So, in stepping in to save us all from the big, bad, evil credit card companies, at least one of those companies is jacking interest rates from nearly 10% to nearly 80%?  We're talking about a card that lends to sub-prime customers, meaning customers who are much higher risk.  As a result, these sub-prime customers default on their loans more often than not, and the company has to do something to be able to keep loaning that credit. 

All this can do is open the way for more regulation to keep interest rates low.  And, of course, that will drive credit lenders out of business.  Then, there will be no credit for anybody and the economy will suffer even further.  It's brilliant liberal policy at work, ladies and gentlemen. 

Now, I don't have Eddie's gift with the word fuck, much as I wish I did.  So I guess I'll have to settle for a simple, "Fuck you."

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December 14, 2009

Senate aide: Obamacare will go to January, has less than 50% chance of passing

Hawkins has been calling up his insiders, who says the Democrats in Congress want to pass anything to get their foot in the door, and Pelosi will rubber stamp anything that comes out of the Senate, so don't expect that an inability to reconcile will stop this thing.  He also says the infighting is taking its toll and the Tea Parties, protests and angry calls, letters, emails and faxes are having an effect.  I'll also note that they're facing rebellion from the nutroots too, Kos is saying let the bill collapse.

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Is It Premature To Do An End Zone Celebration?

Given that the left is in their usual classy mode of how to treat the Liebermans when they don't toe the liberal line (remember: Joe Lieberman almost was Vice President of the United States), and the Democrat Caucus is set to meet tonight to determine how tobribe Olympia Snowe overcome the filibuster, things are looking good, but still fluid, regarding the Senate version of Obamacare. And here is a visual description of said agenda {thanks Alice}

Caution should still be exercised, since changes may happen, but it is starting to look like Barry and the Democrats may not get what they want enacted. And to that end, I must say:


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