October 31, 2009

Hopenchange flops in...California?

Sure, lots of attention has been paid to the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia and the special election in NY-23, but on Friday evening, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom dropped out of the race to become the next governor of my state.

Does any of this stuff sound familiar?

He just basically cribbed the whole Obama playbook there. Universal health care? Check. Creating "green jobs" to save the economy? Gotcha. All that's missing is a Shep Fairey painting and a "YES WE CAN!" chant (though Barack might just sue him over that sort of thing).

Yeah, the guy's been through a sex scandal and rehab recently, but if you can't gain any traction by borrowing Obama's agenda here in one of the bluest of states, what does that say?

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October 30, 2009

Something Tells Me The Public Option Is Not All That It's Cracked Up To Be

Seriously, anybody at this point who is clamoring for this piece of shit legislation deserves whatever calamities befall them. Especially when I read this.

The public insurance option would typically charge higher premiums than private plans available in the exchange, according to the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the House bill.


But, I also found this interesting:

That surprising conclusion raises doubts about Democratic promises that a government-run insurance plan would provide a lower-cost alternative to consumers. At the same time, it calls into question Republican charges that the plan amounts to government takeover of health insurance -- because only 6 million people would enroll in the plan, according to the CBO.

Maybe so. But if only 6 million people would enroll in the Public Option , why was Obamacare so important and a matter of life or death that HAD TO PASS YESTERDAY!1!11?

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October 29, 2009

Homeschool FAIL

She's ready to take him back to classes because she's realized her son is completely insufferable and she doesn't want to deal with him anymore.

A woman who took her sixth-grade son out of an Ada elementary school because of how he was punished said she is ready to take him back to classes. Amy Caton said her 12-year-old son, Jonathan, was told to stand facing the brick school building at Willard Grade Center during recess on Oct. 20. She said the boy was told to stand close enough to the wall that his nose would touch it.
If you're going to leave the discipline of your child up to the school, you should at least go whole hog and let the school choose the method of discipline they find most effective.

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October 28, 2009

Reason Eleventy Bazillion And Twenty Eight Why The Government Should Not Be Allowed To Run Anything More Complex Than A Sno-Cone Stand

Holy Jeebus! These guys really know how to run an efficient program, don't they? Just look at the roaringly efficient success Cash For Clunkers was.

The government could have done almost as well by just giving away cars for free, instead of creating an elaborate incentive program, according to an analysis by the automotive information firm Edmunds.com in Santa Monica, Calif.

What happened?

Well, it’s in how Edmunds crunched the numbers. A valid way to evaluate the program economically, it says, is to look at how many people purchased cars that otherwise wouldn’t have been bought. The firm says that number is about 125,000 cars. By that measure, the government spent $24,000 to generate each sale of a new car.

For comparison, the average price for a new vehicle in August 2009 was $26,915, minus an average cash rebate of $1,667.

In all, the government spent $3 billion on a program that provided cash toward 690,000 car purchases – about $4,348 per car. That makes 565,000 people who got as much as $4,500 to buy a car they would have bought anyway, according to the Edmunds analysis.

Yeah, and anybody who believes Obamacare will be an efficient, cost effective endeavor needs to just get a whack in the head from the clue bat.


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Behold The Tolerance And Sheer Lunacy Of The Left, Vol. Eleventy Bazillion And Five

Holy shit! This guy is so fucking crazy, I don't even know where to begin. But, obviously, he must have some issues with Dick Cheney.

MIKE MALLOY: Cheney, by the way, looks very ruddy. I couldn’t get over that. Like he must have feasted on a Jewish baby or a Muslim baby. He must have sent his people out to get one and bring it back so he could drink its blood. Because that – you know, that’s what somebody like Cheney does to get that ruddy look … it was very clear that he had been eating the blood of either a Jewish or a Muslim baby.

Mike, just a tip: the "Cool Facts About Dick Cheney" Thread was just a joke, mmmkay?!?

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October 27, 2009

The Alan Grayson Crazy Value Meal: Moonbattery With A Supersized Dose Of Asshattery On The Side

Wow. Just wow.

Republicans and Democrats slammed Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) for calling Linda Robertson, an adviser to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, a “K Street whore” in a month-old radio interview that circulated on Capitol Hill Monday night.

“There’s no call for that language. No call for it. That’s absurd. If he was standing here now, I’d say that to him,” said Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.)

“He’s out of control,” added Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who is vice chairwoman of the House Republican Conference.

The remarks are the latest to surface in a string of controversial statements by Grayson, who said on the Alex Jones radio show {yup. Truther goodness right there-ed.}that he believes Robertson, a former Enron lobbyist, is not qualified to pass judgment on intricate financial matters {and this lunatic is?-ed}.

It’s clear that his colleagues’ opinion of him has suffered.

“Is this news to you that this guy’s one fry short of a Happy Meal?” asked Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)

I figure Grayson will be back down in Florida soon, shaking down people at Magic Games for money.

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October 26, 2009

"Here, Watch This Drive", Redux

Remember when Pres. Bush was mocked for his golfing? Well, I am sure the MSM and Michael Moore will be all over this one.

Meanwhile, The White House is crafting a response.

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Random insomniac thought

You know how nearly all of we Ebil Conservatives used to get all upset because President Bush wouldn't defend himself?  Doesn't that seem fanfreakingtastic now that President Obama refuses to STFU about, well, anything and everything?

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October 24, 2009

Clean, Articulate Teleprompter Strikes Again

Look for a teleprompter to appear in Ft. Marcy Park soon.

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Soviet of California Treasurer loses his shit on CA Politburo

Wow, not often you see something like this,

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October 22, 2009

And once again I am one with my life choices

Disclaimer: I don't have kids. I'm not going to have kids. I may, in fact, be the least maternal woman anyone has ever met. So, you know, factor that into any discussion I make surrounding raising kids.*

That being said, what the ever loving hell - For some parents shouting is the new spanking.

In other words, oh noes!  Don't ever yell at your precious darling children!  You'll scar them for life!  You horrible terrible Mommy!  (also note how this is directed almost entirely at women)

From what I have observed, it's now actually risky to spank your children in private, to say nothing about spanking them in public.  Lay a hand on a kid and you're running a non-negligible risk of being reported for child abuse.  Well, if shouting is the new spanking, it's really really obvious where this is going.

Instapundit comments fairly frequently that the social stressors around being a parent are such that it's difficult to imagine why anyone would want to be a parent.  I agree.  Even if I didn't view children with fear and loathing, I'm still fairly certain I wouldn't want to be a parent. It's simply too fraught with danger.

Is it just me or is there a presumption that children are noble savages who only engage in "bad" behavior due to their parents being mean to them?  They're children.  They do stupid crap.  They do stupid crap on purpose and need to be punished.  If spanking is out and yelling is out, what's left?  Punishment isn't fun.  No one likes to be yelled at.  But sometimes yelling is necessary. 

Also the hell is up with this being "friends" thing?  You're a parent, not a friend.  Act like it. 

*I also want to say I'm only anti-child for me.  While I'm admit to throwing breeder around from time to time, I'm actually in awe of anyone who wants to be a parent and is doing their damnedest to be a good one.  I could never do it and y'all have my respect.

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October 21, 2009

Sweet: Moar ACORN pwnage

This is so awesome, looks like they'll be dropping the audio and the rest of the video later,

cannot wait for the audio and rest of the video.

Hmmm...we might not be getting audio of the ACORN manager because of PA wiretapping law.

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Lanny Davis Wins The Head In The Sand Award For Today

I mean, if only he would watch the fucking channel that has him appear on the air to debate, he might have heard about the Anita Dunn Comments. Instead, he makes himself look like an even bigger fool than usual.

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October 20, 2009

Stupid donk bullshit to keep Countrywide from being investigated

We don't really need to know what's going on with VIP mortgages to our politicians, do we?

The vid referenced in the article is here.


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October 16, 2009

Racist Bigot Tells Black Man To "Go Back To The Porch"

I am sure the race pimps and grievance hustlers will be all over this one.

You know, I get really fucking tired of shitheads such as Warren Ballentine trying to tell Juan Williams how to think and to essentially call him an Uncle Tom.

I may not always agree with Williams, but he has more integrity on his toothbrush than Ballentine ever will. Juan Williams has done more to chronicle in an honest and dignified manner, the race struggles in this country WITHOUT resorting to the cartoonish antics of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Maybe that's why Ballentine dislikes him.

And for a fool like Mr. Ballentine, I ask:, who the fuck are you to go around telling other African Americans how to think, or what to do? What have you done?  How many times has your fucking life been at risk to cover a story? How many miles have you walked, interviews done, articles written, and phone calls placed to write stories for as long as Williams has done? How many awards have you won? How much credibility within the Beltway do you have that politicians of all stripes, including Former President Bush, would sit down to talk with you? I may not agree with Juan Williams, but I at least respect the integrity he so vigorously works to uphold.

So, Mr. ballentine, why don't you just drink a nice tall galss of SHUT THE FUCK UP, and come back to lecture all of us when you have accomplished and EARNED as much as Juan WIlliams has?


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About a year too late

Yet another liberal realizes the ground moved under him.  It's funny how so many people agree on what the standards for basic human decency are, but don't recognize when their own political affiliation has gone far outside those standards.

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Shocka! A Carnahan Involved In Corrupt Politics

Yup. This time it's Robin Carnahan (D), the Secretary of State of Missouri, and candidate for the U.S. Senate Seat being vacated by retiring Senator Kit Bond (R).

It appears as though Secretary Carnahan, the same SoS who opposes measures to fight vote fraud in the state, may be coordinating activities between her office and a bunch of "independent" bloggers who just happen to support her and her policies.

Nice to see the Carnahan Family Tradition is alive and well in Missouri.

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Not much bang for your 787,000,000,000 bucks

Looks like Obama & Co. have been a wee bit optimistic (at least so far) about the number of jobs that Spendulus would "create or save."

Businesses that received federal contracts from stimulus spending reported creating or saving about 30,000 jobs, according to figures released Thursday. The reports also suggest that the program has been particularly beneficial for the Washington region.
And we're not talking about the Seattle-Tacoma area there, either.
The contracts represent just a sliver of the spending under the $787 billion package. Also, much of the $16 billion allocated to the 9,000 businesses has not been spent.
Is it just me, or is it horrifying that $16 billion can be described as a "sliver" of anything these days? And while I understand that a lot of that money probably hasn't been spent yet because of massive amounts of red tape involved, wasn't this shit supposed to be getting the economy back on track right quick?

Could be worse, I guess. With Sheriff Pluggy in charge of this fucking boondoggle, I'm surprised a bunch of it hasn't been spent on magic beans or fur-bearing trout farms yet.

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October 15, 2009

Zombie Brings The Heavy Artillery To Fire Upon Media Matters Over Kevin Jennings

The Soros-Funded Media Matters has been furiously trying to refute the ties between Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings and some very shady characters brought forth by Zombie. Needless to say, this was met by Zombie unloading yet again, this time direcly at those who claim (s)he is misleading or lying, especially David Brock's fools.

Go, just go. But while there, savor this point:

By advising Jennings to dig in his heels on a story that is only bound to grow in intensity, you are only exacerbating the problem. Enough evidence has already emerged (with more to surely emerge in the near future) that you should recognize the need for Jennings and the Obama administration to enter “crisis management mode”: In other words, they should get in front of the story, apologize, acknowledge mistakes, and vow to never repeat them.

Furthermore, your defense of Jennings is so weak, and so easily debunked, that you have now put your own reputation on the line, not just Kevin Jennings’.

But it’s not too late. I invite you, Media Matters, to join me in encouraging Kevin Jennings to make a public statement condemning Harry Hay in no uncertain terms, and to retract his earlier praise of him. Any action short of that — especially denying that the scandal has any substance at all — will only make the crisis grow.

Since almost all of the pro-Obama blogs which have covered this story have entirely relied on Media Matters’ supposed rebuttals as the final conclusive word on this scandal, we should look at your rebuttals more closely; and in so doing, we see that they are much, much flimsier than the accusations they claim to be debunking.

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October 14, 2009

Rule No. 32 Enjoy The Little Things

So. It seems that the Beponytailed One has gone whinging to Hot Air's webhost about false accusations against him in the comments sections.

Oh where to start?  How about here?  Those comments?  Obvious freaking mockery/parodies of your little "well it wasn't proven false" bitching about Rush, Charles, you swine.  Sheesh, even your little peabrain should get that. 

God, I'd compare Charles to a little six year old girl going crying to Mommy but a six year old girl could take this.  Nut up or shut up, Charlie.  Nut up or shut up. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go get some more popcorn to watch this.

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