October 14, 2009

Quick question, Neal

There are a number of countries that you mention in your column where it might not be safe for citizens to criticize their "own" governments if another country hadn't intervened.  France, for one, comes to mind.

Which country am I talking about, pray tell? Hm?

(Via Rosetta's update to this poat.)

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Liar Lying About Limbaugh Licks From The Toilet Seat Of FAIL AND PWNAGE

Given that Rush Limbaugh wants to be part of an ownership group that buys the St. Louis Rams Football Team, the buzz and chatter on the St. Louis news and sports talk shows should is not a surprise. Sadly, the stupidity from leftist reporters and talkers regarding the Limbaugh story also is not a surprise.

One of most egregious idiots on this topic has been Jeff Gordon, a long time sports reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and various sports talk stations in town. Well, "Gordo", as he is called, is not hip to the prospect of Limbaugh owning the Rams, and has done his best to pass along the Charles Johnsonesque tripe about Rush and his comments.

Well, an intrepid St. Louis Blogger decided to confront Jeff Gordon on his lies and chronic assholia. Here is the footage.

Well played, young man. Well played.

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October 13, 2009

Colorado to lower minimum wage in 2010 - Heads prepare to explode as another liberal policy fails

DENVER — When Coloradoans voted to tie the state’s minimum wage to inflation, they were trying to make sure low-wage workers did not fall too far behind the cost of living. But their vote has had an unintended consequence: Colorado plans to lower its minimum wage next year because of falling inflation rates, becoming the first state in the nation do so.

Keep a bunch of paper towels handy to clean up the mess.

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October 12, 2009

Another Right Wing Terrorist On Tape Criticizing Teh Won

Shamelessly stolen from Ace's sidebar, I present to you Hugo Chavez, Right Wing Terrorist.

Chavez, who has mixed praise for Obama personally with criticism of his government's "imperialist" policies, said he thought it was a mistake when he read the U.S. leader had won.

"What has Obama done to deserve this prize? The jury put store on his hope for a nuclear arms-free world, forgetting his role in perpetuating his battalions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his decision to install new military bases in Colombia," Chavez wrote in a column.

"For the first time, we are witnessing an award with the nominee having done nothing to deserve it: rewarding someone for a wish that is very far from becoming reality."

Chavez said giving Obama the Nobel award was like giving a baseball pitcher a prize simply for saying he was going to win 50 games and strike out 500 batters.

Wow. Welcome to the club, Hugo.

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October 11, 2009

October 09, 2009

The Nobel: Liberal Circle jerk or a big fuck you?

What did Obama do?  What did he accomplish by his first month in office, when this whole thing was decided?  Nothing, unless you're looking at it from a European leftist elite perspective.  Obama did accomplish something major from their perspective.  They think he heralds the end of the old individualist, exceptionalist, capitalist America, with a Constitutionally constrained government, the one that Europeans loathe and American liberals are embarrassed by, and the beginning of a new, socialist, statist America, run by an entrenched leftist patrician class.  Or at least a celebration over the fact that a nation that traditionally rejects their brand of noxious socialism out of hand caved and elected this fucking dunce.  Or not, could just be a big fuck you to us, they're not above cheapening what is a considered a prestigious award to say fuck you to middle America. 

From the left elite, particularly the Euro left elite's perspective, yeah, he deserved this.  The only reason the media and talking heads on the left here aren't collectively having a collective full body orgasm is because they know this shit isn't going to fly politically.  America may have elected a Euroleftist, but it isn't a Euroleftist nation.


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October 08, 2009

Is Obama Collecting Fake Art To Join His Fake Everything Else?

Maybe. Brian at Snapped Shot may have something here.

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NOW is just figuring things out

Funny how the feminists didn't publicly recognize that Letterman was "toxic", "inappropriate", "hostile", and "demoralizing" when he was cracking jokes about Sarah Palin's daughter.

(Thanks to madtechie at the Head Moron's for the graphics idea)

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Once Again, Team Obama Proves How Retarded They Are

Seriously, what the flying fuck a flailing fish with a fistful of flammable fluids is the matter with these people? When the assfisters in DC aren't kicking around Axelturfing ideas such as this  , they are busy finding ways to do doubleplus fucking up retardation such as coddling illegal aliens they catch.

“‘Alternatives to Detention’ is kind of a range of things, and that includes stuff like electronic monitoring or intensive supervision, where people come and report into an office three times a week to a certain deportation officer there. Or have some sort of electronic monitoring,” Brigham said.

As many as 15,000 illegal aliens are already in ATD program, Brigham said.

Brigham said it would be up to ICE officers and case workers to decide whether a non-criminal illegal alien is placed in the “less restrictive” detention in a converted hotel, nursing home or other residential facilities, released and monitored electronically, or required to report to an ICE office a specific number of times per week.

Yeah, this should be a blast.

Thanks to Veeshir

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Obama broke his promises to gays and lesbians - who could have guessed

besides the 27% of them who didn't vote for him I mean?

GOProud is fed up and is calling him out on his duplicity with a pretty nice little ad.


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October 07, 2009

So, ObamaCare Will Make Us All Highlanders Now?

I admit, I did not watch the Olbermann "Special Comment" tonight, but when I read about him fighting death and all that shit, I figured he believes we will all become immortal once Teh Won gets his way.

In that vein, I thought of this song:

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Because I needed to raise my blood pressure some more

It's time for another round of Who Can Beclown Themselves Most Over Polanski!

Today's "winner" is that Dean of Rocket Surgery, Tom Shales:

Dunn Loring, Va.: Just wondered if you've noticed your habit of apologizing for media figues? For example, Polanski rapes and sodomizes a drugged 13-year-old and you write a flattering article that falsely understates his crime; Letterman jokes about the statutory rape of the teenage daughter of a conservative politician and you call the joke inartfully phrased but otherwise fine; Letterman admits to affairs with subordinate employees and you state it's alright because he's just a media personality. Do you ever condemn anything done on TV unless it's done by a conservative?

Tom Shales: Hello, Dunn Loring, I didn't want to sign off without trying to answer your question. I didn't realize I had written a column defending Roman Polanski and minimized his crime - are you sure it was me? I mean, I? There is, apparently, more to this crime than it would seem, and it may sound like a hollow defense, but in Hollywood I am not sure a 13-year-old is really a 13-year-old. . . .

From here.

On Twitter (yes, I use twitter - shut up, is why), I introduced Mr. Shales to the barbed cock of Satan.  I would like to publicly withdraw that.  I would never ever want Satan's barbed cock to touch Mr. Shales.  Why would I do that to Satan?


In Hollywood a 13 year old isn't a 13 year old?  Look, I know *precisely* what you mean and so does everyone else.  But the overt sexualization of tweens and young teens (I'm looking at you Disney) is something to be condemned, not something to be celebrated.  And "she came to Hollywood so she's asking for it" is VILE.  Utterly fucking VILE.

Just for giggles, let's pretend, oh, Rush Limbaugh said that.  The screaming for his head from NOW, et al, could be heard from space.  I'll keel over in shock if one damn thing happens to Mr. Shales about this.

Mr. Shales, I most certainly hope that each and every acquaintance of yours with a teenage daughter reads that and knows what you think about drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13 year old who dared to go to Hollywood.  After all, it's good that parents know the scum to which their children will be exposed.

DIAF Mr. Shales.  DIAF. 

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October 05, 2009

Granny McBotox And Russ Carnahan: A Symphony of FAIL

Oh, and look at what happens when the two meet up.

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If I Were A Stock Broker, I Would "Short" Obama, Inc.

Seriously, this dude couldn't run a sno-cone stand, let alone what he is fucking up right now.

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Obama Snubs, Abandons, And Insults Yet Another Ally Or Freedom Seeking Group

Add Tibetans to the growing list that includes the British, ordinary Iranians, Iraqis, Hondurans, Israelis, Eastern Europeans, Koreans, and Afghans.

For the first time since 1991, the Tibetan spiritual leader will visit Washington this week and not meet with the president. Since 1991, he has been here 10 times. Most times the meetings have been "drop-in" visits at the White House. The last time he was here, in 2007, however, George W. Bush became the first sitting president to meet with him publicly, at a ceremony at the Capitol in which he awarded the Dalai Lama the Congressional Gold Medal, Congress's highest civilian award.

The U.S. decision to postpone the meeting appears to be part of a strategy to improve ties with China that also includes soft-pedaling criticism of China's human rights and financial policies as well as backing efforts to elevate China's position in international institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund.

Maybe it's just me, but I am starting to get a vibe about this Obama cat and how he views the world.

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October 04, 2009

How's about a little mid-afternoon Sunday EPIC FAIL

Gotta love when a sockpuppeteer makes it easy.

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October 03, 2009

No, I Am Mocking Your Belief In Obama As A Sun King

In light of DPUD's earlier post, and some of the bullshit coming from the left and formerly relevant and formerly conservative blogs who are claiming that I am un-American or whatever for enjoying a bit of schadenfreude over Chicago not getting the 2016 Olympics, here is my response:


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Yes, it's we evil wingnuts who make religions out of political movements, right Neal?

So, I see Neal Gabler has polluted my intarwebs with another one of his literary droppings, so let's see what inanities he has to offer for us today,

But it is becoming increasingly clear that liberals haven't just been succumbing to superior message control, or even to a superior political narrative (conservatives' frontier individualism versus liberals' communitarianism). They are up against something far more intractable and far more difficult to defeat. They are up against religion.

Perhaps the single most profound change in our political culture over the last 30 years has been the transformation of conservatism from a political movement, with all the limitations, hedges and forbearances of politics, into a kind of fundamentalist religious movement, with the absolute certainty of religious belief.

Heh.  Hahaha.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!   Oh this is fucking rich.  We're the ones who have made our political and philosophical movement into a religion?  Us? 

We're not the ones who spent the campaign chanting Yes We Can!  with glazed over eyes.  We're not the ones making children sing songs in praise of Barack Obama, both as private citizens and as teachers in public schools, like they're the Hitlerjugend or Kim Jong-il's cultists.  We're not the ones who claimed we take actions that could lower the fucking sea level.  We're not the ones who tacked up Soviet-style poster of Dear Leader Barack fucking everywhere.  We're not the ones who thought there'd be peace in the world when Obama took office.  We're not the ones who thought we'd never have to pay another bill again because Obama was elected.  We're not the ones who daily praise Obama like he's some fucking Man-God.  That's you, motherfuckers.  Not us.  You.  Don't you fucking try and tell me that we're the ones who have created a religious movement.  I'll have more on this piece later, I think.

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October 02, 2009

Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

So. That bastion of intellect, Garrison Keillor, has A Modest Proposal for fixing the budget problem:

When an entire major party has excused itself from meaningful debate and a thoughtful U.S. senator like Orrin Hatch no longer finds it important to make sense and an up-and-comer like Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty attacks the president for giving a speech telling schoolchildren to work hard in school and get good grades, one starts to wonder if the country wouldn't be better off without them and if Republicans should be cut out of the health-care system entirely and simply provided with aspirin and hand sanitizer. Thirty-two percent of the population identifies with the GOP, and if we cut off health care to them, we could probably pay off the deficit in short order.

Read that again.  He doesn't just want anyone in the GOP to be left out of health insurance or public health options.  Oh no.  He wants to actually ban anyone in the GOP from obtaining any type of health care. 

Who wants to kill who now?  Honestly, the fucking hell is wrong with those on the Left who are perfectly content to put these vile opinions out in public.  Now, I fully expect him to do the Jon Stewart "clown nose on" and claim that it was A Modest Proposal and of course he didn't mean it and aren't you wingnuts so stupid for not getting it?  Except.  Except he desperately wants to be taken as a serious commentator.  In which case, once again, let me retort.  Chainsaw.  Rusty.  Fuck.  You.  Some assembly required. 

Oh and it's totally a mystery why anyone on the Right would believe that health care would be doled out based on political views.  No fucking clue where that concept could be coming from.  Not a single one. 

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Good job, Barry!

Update: After some more serious reflection, I realize that the IOC are nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks, and this is about hating a black man in the White House.  This is racism, straight up.

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