September 29, 2010

An in-depth response

First, everyone go look at the post below this. I'll wait. I know it's going to take awhile. Back? Good.

Here is my in-depth response to this article at the Village Voice.

Fuck.  And.  You.  Listen, you utterly ignorant piece of shit motherfuckers, it is not insane to hold conservative views.  It's not.  Also?  Fuck you for being utterly fucking racist jackwipes.  There is no such thing as  "white" brain or a "black" brain or any other fucking color (other than, you know, gray) to describe a mind.  Fuck you for perpetuating the vile and loathsome concept of racial group think.

Fuck you.  I hope that bedbugs infest your offices for the rest of time. 

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September 27, 2010

Tell Me Once Again Who Is Paranoid

It sure the fuck isn't us.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: You know, a great question, Charles, that wasn't on my list to ask but I'm going to ask you because you seem like a sophisticated guy of many parts. You think business can sit on those billions and trillions of dollars for two more years after they screw Obama this time? Are they going to keep sitting on their money so they don't invest and help the economy for two long years to get Mr. Excitement Mitt Romney elected president? Will they do that to the country?

Wow. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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September 21, 2010

Those stupid hippies

There's an additional fire insurance policy that can be purchased to have a company come in and spray your house down with fire-retardant chemicals and take some other fire-preventive measures if your house is in danger of being consumed by a wildfire. The company (Chubb Wildfire Defense) that provides this service has a written understanding with local firefighting services regarding what they will and won't do.  Chubb's work possibly was responsible for saving ten houses that were within the burn zone and were covered by their policies.

So what's the reaction from a local Boulderite?

"When you don't have that policy and someone else does, it sets up a have and have-nots kind of feeling," she said.
I'm not going to provide links here, but this poor have-not's two-bedroom, one-bath house was valued at over $400,000 prior to the fire, and prior to the housing crash is was valued at almost $600,000.  So I'm going to make a wild-assed guess that she might have been financially able to purchase a policy that included this protection.  She had Allstate insurance, there's no reason she couldn't have purchased from Chubb instead. 

So I'm curious...Is it better to have ALL your neighbors' houses burn down than to allow a few of them to buy extra protection for their houses to protect their investments?  Or would it be better to just raise everyone's rates so they can all have this sort of protection? 

It's this same sort of stupidity that's creating a lot of the health care debate.  People buy low-end policies and then are surprised when they don't get high-end treatment.  And there's no way we can give low rates to everyone and expect everyone to get high-end treatment; math just doesn't work like that.

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September 20, 2010

Need Any More Motivation To Vote Come November?

Avenge this shit!

The Florida Democratic Party sent out a mailer last week detailing Republican congressional challenger Allen West’s 2005 tax lien and court orders to pay delinquent credit card bills. West is challenging Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein.

The mailer includes a reproduction of the $11,081 tax lien filed against West in Marion County, Indiana, and paid off four months later. The document, pulled from public records, includes a column titled “Identifying Number” that shows West’s nine-digit Social Security number. Although the number isn’t specifically identified as a Social Security number, West campaign manager Josh Grodin said there is no mistaking what the number is.

West called the mailer “an unprecedented new low in American politics.”

Agreed, Sir. And fuck the left for how they are acting over this. If they want to act like this, then seeing them get kebabfucked with a side of fucksauce by the electorate will only be sweeter.

So get prepared, lefties. Get prepared to be kecklefucked by the fuckrope of fury until you learn to like it in revenge for this shit. And then be prepared for me to piss all over your supine carcasses after we glorypound you.

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September 19, 2010

Yes, The Contrast Is Telling

This article describing the difference between how leftists and conservatives view the voters.

This is yet another confirmation that the right and left look at America – and Americans – quite differently. The leftists view their countrymen as in dire need of supervision — by elites like them, of course. Americans are not competent to make decisions on their own, and left to their own devices,  will run amok. Wall Streeters are greedy, New Yorkers are xenophobes, and the rest of us are Bible- and gun-huggers. And here we go again — acting out and acting up. Obama, the poor dear, just can’t talk sense to us.

When things go wrong for the left, it blames the people; when things go wrong for the right, it blames the governing elites. It is not in the nature of conservatives to demean and attack fellow citizens. To the contrary, conservatives’ vision is grounded in the belief that Americans are competent, decent, and hardworking, and it is the heavy hand of government that threatens to squelch American virtues.

Yes, and that is why I fucking hate the left. Fuck them for thinking they know better when every fucking program they start only makes things worse for the people they purport to help. Fuck them for telling us we are the bad guys for trying to stop their destruction of this country. And fuck them so hard that the earth's rotation gets knocked out of whack as a result for ignoring that the American people, not a buck of fistfuckingly fistfucked fuckwobblers are the ones who make things work.

And that is why the left hates us. They hate us because we refuse to give in to them and their ways. They hate us because they know, deep down, that their ways have failed and will fail again, and we are the only ones in the way of that disaster befalling us. They hate us because we put our faith in the Constitution, not the cult of personality that is the state. And they hate us because we are unwilling to be led like sheep and drones.

Well, jigglefuck them like a whore who thinks she is being charged an overdraft fee. I will not stand idly by and let the future be one giant shitpile topped with fuckspray. I will not allow my daughter to grow up in a day worse than today. And I will not allow the Last Great Hope for Man become a fucking weakened fuckvictim to the rest of the world because we did it to ourselves.

Take heart, though. Take heart, because the hate the left heaps upon the electorate reveals their fear. It reveals them to be afraid of what will happen to them this November for their disregard for us. And it reveals that they fear us and what our votes will do to them when we send them to the goatseheap of electoral history for their insults and arrogance.

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September 18, 2010

The Million Hipster March

What do you want to bet that when a few hundred Trustafarian assholes show up for this that it gets much more MFM coverage than Glenn Beck's rally did?

Also, "overwhelmingly white"?  We'll see.

Update: I'm sure they'll be looking out for racist and/or inflammatory signs at their rallies.  Because, you know, neither of them would want that sort of thing showing up at their events.

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September 17, 2010

Are you not stimulated?

In a statement, President Barack Obama called 2009 a tough year for working families but said it could have been worse.

"Because of the Recovery Act and many other programs providing tax relief and income support to a majority of working families — and especially those most in need — millions of Americans were kept out of poverty last year," Obama said.
Click here to find out the context behind that quote, and once you've got it, file it away in the "If Bush Had Said It" archives. Yeah.

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September 16, 2010

Please oh please oh please be true

I'll admit, I'm a bit skeptical about how accurate this is, considering it says all the things I want to hear, but if this is wishcasting, baby, I'm wishing on a star.

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September 09, 2010

Microsoft, just stay evil. You were so much better at it.

Hey Microsoft...

If I say, "I'm gay" or "He's gay," actually referring to someone's sexual orientation, that's not a slur.  If I say "I'm from the town of Fort Gay," that's not a slur.  Implying that Fort Gay is gay, because of the name, that's a slur.

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September 08, 2010

I was workin' for Babs Boxer, but then I got high!

I was pullin' six figures too, but then I got high,
Now I'm gettin' hauled off by Capitol Cops, and I know why,
(Why's that, man?)
Because I got high, because I got high, because I got hiiiiigh!

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Can't you be good at it at least?

Oh for pity's sake. Here's the thing about political corruption, people expect that politicians will get their beaks wet. I've said for years that the only reason to be on the sewer commission is to get your idiot nephew a job. But there's a certain expectation that the politician will be at least moderately competent and won't do things like get scholarship money for family members in violation of the rules and then write letters asking that the money be sent directly to the family, not to the colleges.

That's insultingly stupid, not to mention smugly corrupt.  This is the kind of stuff that's fueling the rage in the public.  It's so openly wrong, so blatantly droit de seigneur, that it's infuriating. 

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A copy editor really needed to get their pen on this

I only had a couple of minutes to bap on The Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Sciences, I'm sure youse guys can throw in much more fun.

Al Gore has had some tough breaks — like losing the presidency after getting more votes than the other guy — but the noted environmentalist achieved a singular honor last week, becoming the first vice president to have a Los Angeles school named after him.

And, fittingly, the school will be devoted to environmental themes. {as opposed to education}

But as in the 2000 election, there's a catch. {a catch?  since when is the U.S. Constitution a catch?}  Critics say the campus' location poses a long-term health risk to students and staff.


"Renaming this terribly contaminated school after famous environmental advocates {I thought Gore was a famous advocate of his own pocketbook} is an affront to the great work that these individuals have done to protect the public's health from harm," an environmental coalition wrote in a letter to the Los Angeles Unified School District. Making sure the school is safe "would be an even better way to honor their contribution to society." {making sure the school is safe should be a basic fucking requirement, and should have nothing to do with honoring ManBearPig.}


Lowry said the school's environmental emphasis will do Gore proud, including recycling projects and research and beach cleanups {but will he make money off carbon offsets from this?  I don't think he's going to be proud if he doesn't.}. Cross-curriculum efforts will include environmental speeches and presentations in English {at least they're teaching some English in this school}, topsoil measurements in math and climate study in science.

The principal also envisions an organic garden that could produce a student-led farmer's market.

Suwol said Lowry sounds "incredibly wonderful," but added that she'd feel better if the vegetables were grown in planters above the ground.  {I feel bad cackling over kids getting poisoned, so I won't shout "BWAHAHAHAHAAA!".  But at least, thanks to the 20 million child deaths from the DDT ban, the school won't be overcrowded.}
(via IHateTheMedia)

UPDATED to include the Crazed Sex Poodle pic.  Thanks to Aggie for sticking that back in our brains.

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Yeah. How Dare We?

This lady over in England nails how the Eurotwats don't understand the opposition to Obama.

With the smug incomprehension in which it takes so much pride (can’t understand – won’t understand!), the BBC sets about the American Tea Party Movement as if it were a cross between the Klu Klux Klan and the German neo-fascist brigade. Not once in all the demonic depictions I have seen and heard (last week’s Newsnight package was particularly outrageous) have I heard a mention of what the TPM is actually about: taxation. (Note to BBC editors: the movement is named after the Boston Tea Party because it is protesting about the imposition of higher federal taxes and over-weening controls on citizens who believe their voices have been ignored.)

The British generally and the BBC in particular have a real problem understanding the obsessive suspicion in which the power of central government is held in the US. This is not some funny redneck eccentricity: it is fundamental to the Constitution which gives individual states much greater sovereignty than the countries of the European Union enjoy. The states have independent judicial systems (some states have capital punishment, others do not) and separate taxation systems (some have sales taxes, others do not). Only a Supreme Court ruling can over-turn state law by, for example, declaring something (such as abortion) to be a legal right which a state legislature may not deny.

Yeah. How dare we care for our future? How dare we cherish the freedoms brave men and women have died in order to protect? How dare we cherish the system set up that enables the United States to become the last best hope for man in the face of tyranny and despair? Yeah. How fucking dare we?

That's right. How fucking dare we care? What the fuck is wrong with us? Why can't we just take what the bureaucracy throws at us and ask for more? Why can't we just accept a lower standard of living and be happy, just so we don't get called racist?

You know why? Because we are fucking Americans. That's why. Freedom and opportunity were our birthrights, forged over 230 ago with people standing up, demanding that their leaders be held accountable, and refusing to accept limits on our futures. Liberty is our divinely entitled right, and fuck anybody who sees otherwise. Fuck them seriously and with the vigor that doesn't need boner pills to get ready. And fuck anybody on any side who wishes to endanger or limit those freedoms through deal making and then tell us they know better than us.

And how can we stand in front of our children and grandchildren and tell them that we sat silently by as the Leviathan sought to enevlop us? How? Through moderation? Fuck that. Fuck that with the forecock of future freedoms. Fuck anything close to surrender or compromise. I owe it to my daughter to refuse to let her future be threatened, and I must do what I can through the electoral process to preserve it. I must stand up and tell "our betters" that they are not special, and that they listen to us. I must exercise my rights, so that she will be able to have the same ones as she grows up. And I must not yield, for the other side never quits.

And while not easy, it can be accomplished. How do I know? Because I fucking lived through it. And I know we can do it again.

So fuck you, statist critics of freedoms. Fuck you, go to hell, and let us save the future.

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September 07, 2010


A lot has been made about Obama's "They talk about me like a dog" remark today, but check out what he just barely avoids saying at around 0:48...

Almost told the truth there, didn't you?

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September 03, 2010

I'm comforting myself that it's the Blind Squirrel Theorem

For pity's sake, Rahm Emmanuel actually said something I agree with - namely fuck the UAW.

Of course, the UAW is the one who wound up not being the chicken but still.  I feel dirty for agreeing with anything that Emmanuel thinks.

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September 02, 2010

Race Hustler Probably Regrets Talking Calls


Seriously, fuck the left and their race hustling. Fuck them for trying to tell people of any color and/or faith what to do, think or believe. Fuck them for thinking they are more enlightened than those who wish to help free people from a perpetual cycle of dependancy. And androidfuck them with Mechagodzilla's robotic fucklever wrapped with a hard earned ticket off of their plantation for thinking they can keep people down with their legislatively enforced slavery to statism and "knowing one's place". 

So fuck off, race hustling lefties. Fuck you for failing the people you purport to lead, and then continuing to try to keep them down so that they depend on you for help. Fuck you for crying racism at every turn instead of truing to fix the structural problems that have caused minorities to remain poor. And fuck you because your "help" has made things worse for ALL Americans.



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