February 28, 2010

Stan Isaacs brings the stupid

Is this guy really getting paid to pen this sort of consummate idiocrity?

This may come as a surprise to some people, but the U.S. Constitution does not specify the size of the Supreme Court.
So if nine justices is not writ in stone, the embattled President Obama should deal with this hostile conservative/reactionary court by adding three members.
I suppose this sort of unrivaled gibberish should be expected from someone who doesn't recognize that 9+3=12, and having twelve justices doesn't lend itself to tiebreakers. 

So, since we have a few Keystone bloggers here, would any of you care to explain how, with a state unemployment rate of almost nine percent, Stanbecile still has a job?  Is the Philadelphia Inquirer such a miserable place to work that the only people they can hire are cretins with a poorer understanding of math than my four-year-old?  I'm fairly certain that if I walked in with a box of a dozen chocolates, and asked her if they could be divided evenly with her brother, I'd receive a correct answer.  Yeah, she might have to count on her tiny fingers, but she's not getting paid by a major metropolitan newspaper to do simple fucking addition, is she? 

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February 27, 2010

Party like it's 2008

Did you see the Hot Air post on the "Coffee Party" movement?  If you didn't, their founder, Annabel Park is claiming that it's an alternative to the Tea Party movement that's based on stuff like "cooperation" between the parties in Washington.

Um, yeah. You may want to sit down for this, but it turns out that Park is (GASP!) an Obamaton...

Well, I guess she had some foresight there about Obama taking over bankrupt companies, so she's got that going for her.

By the way, it took me about ten seconds to find that video and decide to mention that Park was an Obama supporter going back to the 2008 primaries. Which was apparently too difficult for WaPo Staff Writer Dan Zak, who never mentioned it in his article, though he took pains to mention that another of the new Coffee Party group's members, Alan Alborn, voted for George W. Bush and Obama. Yeah.

It's bi-partisan, see?

Update: Gee, Ms. Park sure is a real non-partisan voice for Change in Washington. How did that (and by "that," I mean her previous association with an organized leftist convention) possibly slip Dan Zak's attention?

Well, we may never know.

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February 25, 2010

Do you take blood pressure meds?

If the answer is yes, you might want to gulp down a handful or two before reading this post by former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy:

The Obama Democrats have outdone themselves.


While the country and the Congress have their eyes on today’s dog-and-pony show on socialized medicine, House Democrats last night stashed a new provision in the intelligence bill which is to be voted on today.It is an attack on the CIA:the enactment of a criminal statute that would ban “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.” (See here, scoll to p. 32.)


The provision is impossibly vague — who knows what “degrading” means? Proponents will say that they have itemized conduct that would trigger the statute (I’ll get to that in a second), but it is not true.The proposal says the conduct reached by the statute “includes but is not limited to” the itemized conduct. (My italics.) That means any interrogation tactic that a prosecutor subjectively believes is “degrading” (e.g., subjecting a Muslim detainee to interrogation by a female CIA officer) could be the basis for indicting a CIA interrogator.

There's much, much more at the link, and it's all fucking disgraceful. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say smart, strong.

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Dear California

Fuck you. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. Fuck you and your fucking fuckpuddle of fuckingly fucked up fucking fuckbag of fuck.Fuck your fucking fucked up set of fucking priorities and general fuckheadedness in the fucking face of fuckingly fucked up economic and budgetary times.

The rest of next week will be officially swear-word free if both houses approve the resolution {fuck that shit. Fuck it with the fuckstained fuckbag of fuck-ed}.

The resolution by Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, D-La Canada Flintridge (fuck him. And fuck that area.-ed}, was inspired by a South Pasadena teenager, McKay Hatch, who founded a No Cussing Club {I guess Student Council was too butch for him-ed}at his junior high school in 2007. His efforts to stamp out profanity have generated international attention, with 35,000 members joining the No Cussing Club's Web site {oooohhhh....I now have a purpose in life!-ed}.

Portantino said the California Legislature -- known for imposing strict clean air and clean water laws {yeah, and how has that fucked up the state?-ed}-- is the first state legislative body in the nation to consider a statewide profanity-free week {fucking losers-ed}.

Hatch, now 16, said he sees a link between cussing and drug use, bullying and other harmful behavior {prove it, junior. I curse, and yet have never used drugs-ed}. A cuss-free world would be a more harmonious one, he said {and it would be more fucking lame, antiseptic and fucked up with the fist of Fuckitude-ed}.

"I want to bring as much awareness as I can to people about their language and how they're speaking to each other," {hey. I'm fucking wellfuckingaware of how I speak-ed}Hatch said in a telephone interview Wednesday as he was headed to Sacramento. "We need to stop tearing people down and uplift them instead." {that is some weapons grade naivete-ed}

Portantino said his resolution is simply a guideline, a reminder to "act like you're at your grandma's house." {so I get to sleep on the couch in the lobby in the middle of a party and get ass ripped drunk on a case of beer? Sign me up!-ed} There would be no enforcement mechanism included. {typical. Stupid fucking hippies-ed}

Good luck, kid. I admire your pluck. As for the Assembly, they can fuck off wit their failed budgetary plans.

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February 24, 2010

Role Reversal

The Weasel Zippers found this story about DC police enforcing segregated praying at a mosque.
The learned Imam says women have to be segregated or else he won't be able to focus on prayer.
Hmmmm, so you love your god less than your wang? Sounds like a personal problem to me.
But the point....
Remember when leftists accused conservatives of wanting to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen?
Yeah I know, that was as long ago as "this morning", but let's see if it's evil, womyn-hating conservatives or tolerant, equal-rights-loving lefties who protest this.

Via the Jawas, only because they're before Weasel Zippers on my intertubing.

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February 23, 2010

An Update To An Earlier Poat

Last week, I mentioned how St. Louis jackass reporter Charles Jaco fucked with a Conservative Activist. Well, it looks as though things are going to get a bit more interesting for him.

Yeah, you fucked with the wrong guy, asshole.

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Obama's PR Machine: Winning Hearts And Minds

Fuck you, Valerie Jarrett. Fuck you and your fucking arrogant attitude with the fuckhammer of SHUT THE FUCK UP laced with Fuck Off. 

She agrees with one questioner that maybe the administration should create "the dummies guides to the issues Obama is talking about.  Because the people only understand simple things like "Hope and Change" but could never understand complicated issues like "cloture." Sorry Valerie, but even "us common folk" can count to 60.

Amen, brother Ben. Fuck these fucking double fucking baggers of fuckheadedly arrogant fucking futility and fucking cluelessness. Fuck them for looking down their noses with such fucking contempt the very people who helped elevate Obama to the White House. Fuck them for failing to fucking think they are fucking better and smarter than everybody else. And fuck you for thinking the American People are stupid.

Yes, the American people may not understand every fucking procedural technique or policy statement that takes place in Washington. But you know what, Valerie fucking Jarrett? The American People are fucking smart enough to see what you and your crew are trying to do, and they have fucking told you to fuck yourself with a diet goatse flavored fucksicle. And guess what, Valerie Fucking Jarrett? You are the fucking stupid ones to not realize what is happeneing to you, your party, and Captain Awesome's policies and political standing as you fail to comprehend the public's voice and continue to fuck the fowl.

Oh, and now, all of a fucking sudden, you are upset that the American people, dumbed down by decades of your fucktastically fucked up fucktunnel of FAIL education system do not understand "cloture"? You are the fucking fools who created the educational system, Valerie Fucking Jarrett. You are the ones who told those of us who preached responsibility, eduscation, civics, and basic fucking competency that we wer evil bigots and racists for demanding such awful things from our fellow Americans. You are the ones who fucking pushed to lower standards and learning sets, only to piss and moan when the people you helped educate turn their backs on you? Fuck you, Valerie Fucking Jarrett.

No, Valerie Fucking Jarrett. You fucking tried to pull one over on the American People. You fucking tried to cram an agenda down our throats, hoping we wouldn't understand what the fuck fuck fuckity fuck you were fucking trying to do. And when we told you to knock this shit off and vote your people and party out of office, you kept telling us we didn't know what was best for us and were stupid. So fuck you, Valerie Fucking Jarret. Fuck off, and take your failed agenda with you.

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Racist, Bitter Clinging Teabagging Bigot Criticizes Obama's Leadership Skills

WOW. Since when did Ezra Klein become a teabagger?

But the White House has stayed quiet -- and confusing. Publicly, Kathleen Sebelius said the White House would do whatever Harry Reid wanted. Privately, there's been no support for this public option push, and the idea didn't even make a token appearance in their white paper. They wish this wasn't happening, but they're not willing to put a stop to it. Instead, they hoping someone else -- maybe Jay Rockefeller -- stands up and calls the play.

This is, however, the worst of all worlds. In refusing to disappoint the left early, they're assuring the sense of betrayal will be much more acute because the feeling of momentum will have far longer to build. And in refusing to embrace this strategy cleanly, they're making it harder to lay the groundwork for an effective communications strategy around a bill that's tougher on insurers. The problem isn't just that the White House is following, but that they're making it harder to eventually lead.

Look, I have no doubt that Klein is expressing his frustration over Obamacare's future still in a kabuki dance-like state, with confusion over its future increasing by hour. And I have no doubt the Democrats will try something to push it through (hell, Klein himself has been urging the "Any Means Necessary" theme). But watching one of the bright, young, smug Journolist members who was supposed to be the vanguard for Hope and Change lose faith in the Messiah, even if only a bit, is humorous.

Hey Ezra, now you are learning what those of us who did not vote for Obama knew a long time ago: that he is a shitty leader and incapable of taking charge. But I am glad to drink your bitter tears of disappointment and frustration. Keep trying pal, that chicken is always ready.

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moar epic facebook fail

So. You're a cop. You enjoy Facebook. You decide it 's a great idea to allegedly announce to the entire freaking universe that you plan on take action, including probably violent action, against the citizens in your community for exercising their Second Amendment rights.  (The allegedly isn't for show, presumably this is really the officer in question but that's not proven at this time)

Let's count the fail.

1.  Assuming that ANYTHING you post on Facebook is private.  It's not, I don't give a crap what your privacy settings are.

2.  Assuming that ANYTHING you post on ye olde internets won't immediately be shown to everyone in the universe.

3.  Stating in public that you're going to cap a member of the community for which you are a cop.

4.  Stating in public that you intend to engage in a massive civil rights violations.  Here's my inner litigator's response - CHA-CHING I'M IN THE MONEY I'M IN THE MONEY!  Yeah, let's tell the whole world that you acted with knowing disregard for the right to open carry.

5.  Being a utter douchebag who should not have access to a badge.

There's mention in the article about the open carry advocates going to gatherings to make a point and the cops monitoring those sites.  My immediate response?  Monitoring for what?  What the fucking hell, the state is monitoring citizens' discussions of lawful activities because the cops don't like it?  I'm not even remotely up on California law or the federal privacy stuff but unless there's some bullshit homeland security excuse (oh wait there probably is) then that's really freaking outrageous.

Fail Clue Boy.  Fail.

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February 22, 2010

Teh crayzee, it travels through generations

That dude whose mess Robin DeHaven had to clean up has an adult daughter. She's not DR. AMY BISHOP!!! levels of crazy, but she obviously needs to be kept away from planes, cars, sharp objects, guns, ropes, or anything else that can be fashioned into any sort of weapon.

Asked during a phone interview broadcast Monday if she considered her father a hero, she said: "Yes. Because now maybe people will listen."
She went on to say that her father's final action was "inappropriate".  Is there some sort of "I don't know if you're truly that stupid or if you have an amazing gift of understatement" award we can give to this gal?  Would anyone care to wager as to whether David Koresh and Timothy McVeigh give her a tingly feeling down there?  Is anyone else questioning their rejection of the idea of forced sterilization, given the obvious evidence of genetic batshittery in this family?

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I know, I know, we all saw this over at the Head Moron's but. Dude.

There's crazy.  There's batshit crazy.  There's Troofer crazy.  And then there's DR. AMY BISHOP.

Also this has got to be in the running for understatement of the year "Her lawyer says she remembers nothing of the shootings and that he plans to have her evaluated by psychiatrists."

No!  No, she may possibly be DR. AMY BISHOP levels of crazy?  The hell you say!

If I were her colleagues, I wouldn't go to work unless I was wearing a biohazard suit.  Also I'd make my TAs sample all my food and beverages before eating/drinking.

Really, every single time I think this story has hit the limits of weird, it gets weirder. 

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The level of disrespect this shows is incredible

If you haven't seen the slideshow of the Dalai Lama being rushed out the service entrance of White House, you need to see this.  Unfuckingbelievable.  The Dalai Lama is a major world religious leader, and from what I've seen and heard of him, a decent and good man.  Oh sure, there are probably things we'd disagree on, I'm not a Buddhist, so obvious theological differences, and no doubt he's not perfect, no man is, but I think he's a good man.  He doesn't deserve that, no decent man deserves that.

Do I think the Dalai Lama is bothered by what the Obama administration did to him?  No, I doubt it, he seems like a pretty mellow guy.

I ain't the Dalai Lama.  What the Obama administration did to him was a fucking disgrace and a national embarrassment.


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Russ Caranahan, Expert Gunman

Seriously, what a fucking fool. Just look at this picture.


Yup. I sure am glad he is my Congressman.

Meanwhile, his sister is running for Senate.

****UPDATE! It turns out the gun is fake. Oh well****

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February 21, 2010

And here. we. go.

Many Jews are leaving Malmo due to the rise in hate crimes. And the utter failure of the state to protect them.

And, naturally, the ever so tolerant politicians on the Left are blaming Israel. 

Malmo's Jews, however, do not just point the finger at bigoted Muslims and their fellow racists in the country's Neo-Nazi fringe. They also accuse Ilmar Reepalu, the Left-wing mayor who has been in power for 15 years, of failing to protect them.

Mr Reepalu, who is blamed for lax policing, is at the centre of a growing controversy for saying that what the Jews perceive as naked anti-Semitism is in fact just a sad, but understandable consequence of Israeli policy in the Middle East. . . .

The mayor insisted to The Sunday Telegraph that he was opposed to anti-Semitism, but added: "I believe these are anti-Israel attacks, connected to the war in Gaza.

"We want Malmo to be cosmopolitan and safe for everybody and we have taken action. I have started a dialogue forum. There haven't been any attacks on Jewish people, and if Jews from the city want to move to Israel that is not a matter for Malmo."

Fuck you, Mr. Reepalu.  Fuck.  You.  You're ever so motherfucking proud of building a glorious shining beacon of multiculturalism that it's just fucking fine when those pesky Jews are put in the line of fire.  I mean, some eggs simply have to get broken to make that glorious omelet.  And if it's the same set of eggs that get broken in Europe all the time, well, them's the breaks.  

You know, I've seen this movie.  I know how this ends.  Steyn's right, Europe is going to deal with this in the historical manner.  It's just that this time, demographics favor the other side.

So fuck your rhetoric of tolerance and inclusion.  Fuck.  That.  Shit.  You don't mean it.  Not at all. 

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February 19, 2010

Heart of stone, etc.

Oh. Oh this one is nearly too easy. Never let it be said that I pass up anything too easy.

So. Over that HuffPo, Rabbi Michael Lerner discusses Post Traumatic Obama Abandonment Syndrome.  (safe link to WSJ making with the fun).

Where shall I start?  How about with pointing and laughing AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH

Srsly, if you go all True Believer on any politician, you deserve it when your wee little heart breaks.  Sure, I love Reagan and miss him desperately but I'm also cognizant of his flaws.  Politicians are humans and, generally, not very spiffy humans at that.  Poor little precious ones, all upset because The One turns out not to be.  Yeah.  Welcome to Earth!

Second, I love how everything has to be a syndrome or a disorder or a disease now.  It can't be that one was a rube or duped.  No, no, no, it's that one is suffering from a traumatic event and experiencing emotional distress as a result.  Uh.  Huh.  That's it, it's a disease.  And we all know you can't blame people who are sick.

Third, let's go back to the pointing and laughing.  You thought that Obama was going to be elected and then the entire country would be run in accordance with the wishes of the Hard Left.  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Fourth, I do appreciate the recognition that Obama's crapped all over his staunchest supporters.  Mmmmm schadenfreudey goodness.

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Racist, Bitter Clinger Blasts Obama Message Team And Calls Them Lazy

Oops. I meant to say John Aravosis.

The problem with the stimulus messaging is, well, the stimulus messaging itself. The problem is the White House messaging operation. It kind of sucks. And while Joe and I were living in Democratic exile over the past year for being the Cassandra's who saw all of this coming early on, nowadays it's pretty much accepted around town that the WH has been losing the messaging war with the GOP on a lot of issues. The stimulus isn't the problem, it's the symptom. We had the same issue come up with health care reform, a wildly popular idea that somehow the White House just couldn't sell.

I'm not going to write a graduate thesis here on marketing. But at times it feels as though the White House messaging folks - and I'm talking Axelrod's shop - don't think they even need try to sell what the President peddles. It's as if they think they're all so smart, and what they have to offer so obviously good for America, that the President's agenda will magically sell itself to both the Hill and the American people {that, and they assumed the MSM will carry their water, thus keeping them lazy and from having to have a strong message game-ed}.

It won't.

Democrats suck at marketing while governing. And while Obama was (generally) great at it during the campaign, so was Jimmy Carter.

Wow. Look, I don't expect Aravosis to become a Tea Partier, but when one of the most loyal shills Obama has writes this, this is not good. But, of course, the blame is not on Obama; notice the blame is placed on the message team. But who hires and ultimately manages the message team?

Oh well. This is gonna get good.

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February 18, 2010

Gaia FAIL, The Big Green Lie, And Wasteful Spending Go Hand In Hand

And predictably, this started in the UK. Seriously, fuck you hippies. Fuck you socialists. And fuck anybody and everyfuckingbody who thinks this shit is a fucking groovy idea.

Schemes included a £40,000 DVD in which schoolchildren explained that in ten years everyone will have to wear sunglasses all the time, because the sun will be shining more {even at night?-ed}.

A tent set up in shopping centres and labelled an ‘experiential climate dome’ was subsidised by Whitehall to the tune of nearly £400,000; a computer game cost £47 every time it was played; and a series of ‘ challenging pub quizzes’ about climate change cost more than £85,000.

Large grants went to councils, schools and youth groups for ‘ attitude modification’ programmes {whoa! That's a scary term there-ed}and to assure the public that man-made global warming is an established scientific fact.

And £200,000 went to Oxford University to ‘take climate change into the community’ {you mean to make the climate change in the community? Not even Algore can do that on his best and least meatiest days-ed}.

Details of the projects and the report for Ed Miliband’s Department of Energy and Climate Change – which was never published – were unearthed by the TaxPayers’ Alliance through Freedom of Information requests.

Matthew Sinclair, the group’s research director, said: ‘The Government has clearly crossed the line from public information to propaganda on climate change {and brainwashing. Don't forget that-ed}.

‘Many of the Climate Challenge Fund projects are utterly bonkers and misleading, and come with a huge price tag {and are scary as fuck-ed}.

No fucking shit, my Limey Friend. And what were the results of these wasteful and foolish brainwashing programs?

‘Despite a fortune having been spent on these projects, the fund has failed even on its own spuripeopleous terms. It is infuriating for taxpayers to see their money squandered on attempts to scare and indoctrinate the public {damn Teabaggers!-ed}.’

The report by consultants Brook Lyndhurst said the projects largely failed to produce any changes in the opinions among their target audiences. It judged that ‘the aggregate picture is one of neutral or very modest positive shifts’.

Future programmes should ‘avoid sensationalist or shocking imagery in climate change messages, since respondents are likely to find this off-putting’, it said.

The report added that those attracted to the projects were ‘already interested in climate change’. It suggested that in many cases organisations viewed the funding as ‘a way to secure additional resources {Green Lie defenders scamming for cash? No. Fucking. Way.-ed}’.

Folks, this story has it all: wasteful spending on irrelevant rojects, Government Sponsored Propaganda and Brainwashing, and hardly any net gain for the proponents of the programs. In other words, Obama is probably cranking up the money press to fund something twice as FAILtastic and brainwash-y in this country. Fuck this shit. Fuck it hard, fast, long, and often with the syphiliis soaked sploogerocket of spiked stupidity.


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I'll give her an 8.5 on the DR. AMY BISHOP scale

Why lookie who went a bit Bishop and tried to take out her boyfriend? Crystal Gale Mangum.

Apologias that she was driven to this because those terrible terrible Duke boys refused to let her railroad them into jail for something they didn't do and besides we all know that they did something it doesn't matter what the facts are will start in 3. . .2. . . 1.

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Amy Bishop: Teabagger?

Hey! I have a fucking awesome idea. Let's ignore Amy Bishop's batshit insanity, Obama worship, arrogance, violent recidivism, and everything else, and claim she was like those vile teabaggers. Sounds like a plan to me!

In November of 2008, a prime debate was whether the United States – with Barack Obama’s election – lived in a post-racial society. Fifteen months later, the answer is a resounding, “hell, no.” The proof: last week’s shooting in Alabama, where a disgruntled white professor murdered three minority professors {notice he didn't say "black" or African American?-ed}; and the growing success of the Tea Party movement, which is overwhelmingly white and increasing {sic?-ed}vocal in its violent dislike {proof?-ed}of the nation’s first black president....{no, it's his policies and ineptitude, assfuck, not his race. And how the fuck are the two connected? But I sense a meme from the left.-ed}

One thing is certain {oh, this oughta be good-ed}, though: As we enter the second year of Obama’s presidency, the continuing economic squeeze is causing people to act in ways they could never have imagined when Obama took his oath of office {no. I think most people who knew Amy Bishop believed she was about to go nutters. Just ask the people at that IHOP in 2002-ed}under the banner of “hope” and change” for the better.

Yeah, because economic squeezes are what caused a woman who killed her brother years ago and assaulted a woman at an IHOP over a fucking booster seat to go on a shooting spree shortly after being denied tenure. 

Seriously, pal:

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February 17, 2010

Please, please, please let this man run for the Indiana Senate seat

So, a bunch of lefties want John Micah Joshua Marshall Cougar Mellencamp to run for Evan Bayh's Senate seat.

The GOP campaign spots write themselves.

Good luck with that. Yeah.

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