November 30, 2008

Hope! Change! Extra-Terrestrial Truth!

Looks as though the real truth will be revealed come 1-20-09.

PRG (Paradigm Research Group. Some sort of goofball group.) is well aware of your intention to launch a high technology “New Deal” code named “New Apollo Project” to restore America’s economy.   This massive program to subsidize green technology development, create jobs, expand the manufacturing base and reverse the trade imbalance will be likely accompanied by legislation prohibiting overseas hiring and offshore manufacturing.   

All well and good, but it will not be enough.   The challenges are too great and the response to these challenges too long delayed.   It is essential the paradigm breaking technologies hidden in unacknowledged special access programs and sequestered behind the extraterrestrial truth embargo be included.

If you are in need of counsel to assist you in these matters, you have but to turn to your transition co-chair, John Podesta.    His efforts to end the truth embargo and release all relevant government documents date back to at least 1993 and the Rockefeller Initiative.   PRG believes he is fully aware of the extraterrestrial presence and is committed to creating more open, transparent governance.   In this he is in sync with the chief financial backer of his Center for American Progress think tank, George Soros.

Reach out to your party’s allies within the military services and intelligence agencies.  When you take office conduct the necessary meetings with the cross agency committees managing the extraterrestrial presence issue.  In the spring of 2009, before the truth embargo becomes your embargo, initiate the most profound event in human history and begin rebuilding the trust of the American people in their government and the standing of your country in the world.

Dude. Some people need to put down the bong for a moment.

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November 29, 2008

Some people think a trampling death is sad, and others...well...

"A dude got trampled to death at Wal-Mart?  Friggin' sweet!!eleventy!!!one!!!  Send out a press release condemning Wal-Mart....QUICK!"
- Bruce Both, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union

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In my Christmas stocking I want...

...a gift certificate for Planned Parenthood.

They can be used for everything from birth control to $58 examinations that include breast exams and pap tests. Men who receive healthcare at Planned Parenthood can use them too...Some Hoosiers 24-Hour News 8 talked to asked if the gift certificates could be used towards abortions. The answer is yes.
On the surface, this looks like a nice way to say to your poor unmarried sister with five rugrats by five different fathers, hey, I care about your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your household. On the other hand, the minority communities (which Planned Parenthood seems to target) recognize that Planned Parenthood is encouraging minority genocide. (Good lord, did I actually type that?)

I'm sure we could have an interesting discussion here about teen pregnancies destroying the opportunities of young people vs the rights of the underprivileged to live their lives in whatever way they choose and who the hell are we to tell them not to have more children and the proper place of the state in being able to tell a woman whose children will have to be supported that maybe it's not a good idea to pop out another kid, but we're morons and we don't think that deeply, right?

To sum it up, if you really want to cause a stir at Christmas this year, you know what to get that special relative who has more children than they can possibly use (and we all have at least one), the one who you just want to tell, "Stop breeding already!" 

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November 28, 2008

Science of the Settled

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November 27, 2008

A Turkey Day Video

I'm sure David Shuster will be outrageously outraged by this.  Yeah.

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November 26, 2008

Kathleen Parker warming up to this Marxism thing

While finding that she's in the process of being purged from the conservative movement, she makes the move to secure her future by demanding the further Pravdazation of the press.  So, how does it feel to sell your soul, Kathleen?

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November 25, 2008


It's official, Robert Gates will be staying on as Secretary of Defense in the Obama Administration. 

In related news, the Daily Kos and Andrew Sullivan should be comedy gold today.

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November 24, 2008

52 to 48 2.0

Does anyone else think all this apologizing about open partisan cheerleading by various media vermin smack of the same condescending bullshit that emanated from the head tilting hipster douches from 52 to 48?

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Immune to Iron(y) Man

Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan wrote a post (no link to doucheblogger St. Andi as per dupd policy) which he titled "Leave The Kids Be."  He quotes this New Yorker article without any compunction, in spite of the fact that he couldn't leave the kids of one particular family be during the election.

FOAD, Andi.  Do us all a favor and leave us all alone.

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November 22, 2008

That Obama sure does know how to calm an economy

Headline: "Obama: 'Millions of jobs' in danger next year."

He learned stuff about the economy while helping ACORN up their false voter registration numbers 20 years ago, so it's cool. 

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Mugabe refuses to allow Jimmy and Kofi into Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe is the tinpot dictator who turned the breadbasket of Africa into one of the most God-forsaken hellholes on Earth, has one of the worst human rights records in the past 25 years, the people of his nation are starving and dying, all while moving along steadily in his quest to make the hyperinflating Weimar Republic look like a bunch of fucking pikers, and even he can't stand the stench of failure that emanates from Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan.

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November 21, 2008

Ridiculous Obama cultist spin of the day

I sent an Obama-loving friend of mine the following ecard, found at HotAir:

Now, his response:  "Well, it's technically still Changetm, because those people weren't in the Bush Administration, and that's change enough for me."

And, no, in case you were wondering, President Bush installing people of his choosing after his election wasn't Changetm.

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Obama team now telling Republicans how to win elections

Boy, it's too bad McCain didn't chose Sen. Lieberman as his VP nominee.  Apparently a wildly pro-choice, pro-amnesty, pro-global warming, pro-gun control Senator (who, of course, isn't even a Republican) was just what we needed on the bottom of the ticket to energize the base and beat Obama.

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Because DC's public schools are too exclusive, I guess

The Obama daughters will not share the fate of most of the minority and poverty stricken population in DC.  They will have the opportunity to go to a school that actually teaches them something

Vouchers are totally dumb.

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Hey! I Found A Use For Those Coins I Found In My Car!

I think I may be able to buy the NY Times!


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November 20, 2008

Sully shown the pimphand

Very nice work by Patterico, not Ace-level Sully smackdown, but pretty damn good. 

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November 18, 2008

"Rank ignorance"

That's how Ace describes what's on display in this video, which, sadly, probably won't shock anyone here...

We are well and truly fucked, people.

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November 15, 2008

Obama Loves Comics?

Apparently he does, to the point of creepiness.

Maybe comic books are the peculiar affliction of middle-aged liberals. Mr. Obama's Democratic predecessor President Bill Clinton also read them, but he did it on the sly.

Mr. Obama is a "collector" -- a hard-core fan who goes to the trouble of slipping comics into polyester sleeves or Mylar bags before depositing them into specialty storage boxes never to see the light of day again.

Being a collector requires a level of psychic investment and discretionary cash this brother doesn't have. I stopped collecting comics in my late teens, but by the time I did, I had a complete run of Conans and a near-complete run of Spider-Man starting with issue No. 7. I sold them to comics dealers and other collectors in the early 1980s. Who knows, maybe Mr. Obama was one of them.

I imagine Michelle Obama's eyes bulged in horror the first time her husband came home from the Chicago Comicon babbling about having scored a near-mint copy of "Savage Tales No. 1" for hundreds of dollars less than he should have paid.

Comic collectors are usually completist -- which means they're inclined to hunt down whole runs of a title and its spin-offs because voices in their heads command them to.

They also carry checklists with them at all times just to keep track of their burgeoning collections.

Along with the nuclear codes, the new president will carry a list of missing "Marvel Team-Ups" he needs to fill the holes in his collection.

I am not a comics guy, so is this something out of the ordinary in that world? Should I be afraid?

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November 14, 2008

Pot, meet kettle

Bill Ayers says that critics are 'exploiting the politics of fear'.

Wait, are we will allowed to talk about pots and kettles, or is it racist?

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November 11, 2008

Shocka! A Socialist Politician Threatens Violence If He Doesn't Get His Way!

And take one guess which thug who has run his resource rich country into the ground is making these threats.

Venezuela's increasingly bellicose [I'd hate to see what they called his prior acts.-ed.]President Hugo Chavez warned that he may put tanks on the streets if a former television star running for his Socialist Party loses a state election this month.

Chavez is expected to lose control of some key states and cities in the November 23 nationwide elections for governors and mayors.

In Carabobo, where a Chavez loyalist and former late-night talk show host risks losing the governorship [David Letterman's next career move?-ed.], Chavez told party activists he might use the tanks to "defend the people."

"If you let the oligarchy return to government then maybe I'll end up sending the tanks of the armoured brigade out to defend the revolutionary government[and spread the wealth-ed.]," he said late on Saturday.

In recent weeks the former tank officer also has threatened to jail the country's top opposition leader, Manuel Rosales, whom he accuses of corruption and of plotting to kill him [pot, meet kettle-ed.].

I looked to 2010, and saw this is Missouri and Ohio.

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