February 16, 2010

Congrats, Daniel Entrikin, you just committed a federal felony

Via SiH, some dipshit comm major at UMass decided to be all profound'n'political'n'shit, and went to New Hampshire to buy a firearm in a face to face sale.  He's trying to make a point about the nonexistent "gun show loophole."  Of course, in the process of buying a firearm outside of his state of residence without an FFL overseeing the transaction, he committed a federal felony. 

This clip is gonna get a workout today, I see.

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Union wins again: Rhode Island town's union teachers refuse small concessions to improve failing school, all are shitcanned

The median income in the town is $22K, the teachers were making an average $70-78K.  The superintendent asked that the teachers work an additional 25 minutes a day, be more involved with students, eating with students in the cafeteria once a week, receive an extra two weeks training and occasionally do some extra tutoring.  The superintendent not only shitcanned all the teachers, she shitcanned all the administrators too.  The area is in rough economic shape, and the graduation rate is horrible, graduation rate is under 50%.

You really weren't willing to take on those concessions for a job paying 70K+ a year?  I'll wager there are college professors that don't pull that much,

Good riddance to bad rubbish, and good on the super for doing what needed to be done.

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February 15, 2010

Bias, what bias?

I just watched a story on NBC about Amy Bishop.  Discussed?  Her brother's death.  The pipe bomb issue.  Her husband.  Her kids.

Not discussed?  One damn word that she was an avowed socialist and enormous Obama supporter.

But, you know, if she had a book by Beck that's all you'd hear.

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Remember Liza from Beakman's World

Probably not. It was like Bill Nye the Science Guy but more fun. Anyway Liza was one of his sidekicks and I remember her as being fairly doable (although I was usually watching drunk in Iceland so doable could be relative).

Anyway turns out she is a big fat lefty so now I can't download copies of Beakman's World for my nieces and nephews.

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February 14, 2010

Holy Shit


From here, via Alice.

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February 13, 2010

Yeah that whole don't be evil thing is a total fucking joke

I loathe google. I'll admit that I'm an enormous hypocrite and I do use gmail but I definitely reconsidering that. Why? Because of the whole buzz clusterfuck.

Did you know if you manage to find the fucking turn off buzz thing that's not the end of keeping your info private? Nope.

Here's all the steps you have to do to fucking opt out of something you never oped into.

This is an internets pet peeve of mine - companies that auto opt everyone in and then make it nearly impossible to opt out. 

Bite me google.  This is enough to make me reconsider getting that droid phone I want so much.  Fuck you if I'm using anything android based.  At least Microsoft is open about wanting to control the internets. 

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New facts emerge after Amy Bishop's rampage

She also shot and killed her 18 year old brother during an argument in 1986.  Turns out Rep. William Delahunt  (then DA Delahunt) ordered the charges be dismissed and Bishop released,detectives were pulled off the case, files in the case have been missing since 1987.  Bishop's mother was on the town's Personnel Board when Amy killed her brother.

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February 12, 2010

Check out the big brain on Ron

It is, I guess, with some regret that I post this bit of dumb as a sack of fucking rocks political analysis from Ronaldus Maximus' son right after eddie's Reagan post, but them's the breaks...

"As much as we're ringing [sic] our hands about the Democratic Party though and it's all well that we do that, we have to remember that the alternative, the Republicans are a true train wreck -- a train wreck," Reagan said. "Look at Sarah Palin. Look at Scott Brown. You know."

First, while we can debate the merits of Palin's decision to resign as Alaska's Governor (I personally think it was a mistake), she's got the best-selling political memoir since, well, EVAR and just signed a lucrative deal to appear on the most-watched network on cable. Meanwhile, you made these remarks on, um, where, exactly? Did anyone view these remarks? Someone noted them, I guess, or we wouldn't be talking about any of this. Oh, and, um, what exactly is it that you do for a living?

Secondly, pointing to newly-elected United States Senator Scott Brown (D-oh, wait, R-Massafuckingofallplaceschusetts) as a "train wreck" seems to cast some doubt on your sagacity as a political analyst. You know, since he won as a Republican in the bluest of blue states and all. And because you're apparently a fucking dumbass.

You know.

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February 11, 2010

I do not think these words mean what you think they mean.

I couldn't resist clicking on the MSNBC link titled, "My policies aren't anti-business, Obama says".  Just try resisting that one.  I'll spare you the drivel, but I just knew my favorite Morons would find this particular quote to be highly amusing:

We are pro-growth. We are fierce advocates for a thriving, dynamic free market.

Feel free to browse the whole thing.  It's long and very painful.

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Well, At Least We Are Making Progress...

EJ Dionne gets in on the snarkfest attacking the Tea Party and various other Not Obama types with this gem. It is as misguided and foolish as you would expect from EJ, but one thing caught my attention:

So, yes, parts of this movement do seem to be motivated by a new nativism, and by racism. But it would be a mistake to see the hostility to Obama only in terms of race.

Ahh..so racism is no longer reason numero uno for the left's understanding of why we oppose Obama. At least that's some progress. But then, EJ goes into the swamp of stupid without his lifevest:

Something else is going on in the Tea Party movement, and it has deep roots in our history {so you are conceding you are going against tradition? So who is the radical then?-ed}. Anti-statism, a profound mistrust of power in Washington, goes all the way back to the Anti-Federalists who opposed the Constitution {when the only Washington was named George-ed} itself because they saw it concentrating too much authority in the central government {and that only happened becasue people in power didn't follow the Constitution, which if followed correctly, tells the government what we allow it to do, not what the munificent Big Brother deigns to let us have. So while the Anti Feds were wrong on what would fuck things up, they were correct that letting government have power would be a really fucking bad idea-ed} . At any given time, perhaps 20 percent to 25 percent of Americans can be counted on to denounce anything Washington does {that low? fucking welfare mindset!-ed} as a threat to "our traditional liberties." {that, and Government fucks up everything it touches worse than a hooker with your wallet-ed}

This suspicion of government is not amenable to "facts" -- not because it is irrational, but because the facts are beside the point {thus irrational. Oh preach on, Wordsmith!-ed}. For the anti-statists, opposing government power is a matter of principle {yeah, and a really fucking good principle. I fail to see the problem with your assertion, given that people without fucking principles will sway around to the latest fad. See Obama Republicans in 2008-ed}.

If those who think this way are asked whether an economic collapse would have been better than passing a stimulus and bailing out the banks, the anti-statists typically say "yes," even if they might also challenge the premise of the question. {hindsight is proving that TARP was a bigger dmistake than leaving me alone with a booze truck and a pile of pr0n-ed}

The purest expression of this disposition has come from Rep. Ron Paul {ugh. Here we go. Tying your opponents to the kookiest fuckbag out there? Nice logical progression there, pal-ed}, the libertarian Republican antisemitic loon {fixed!-ed}from Texas. In 2008, Paul strenuously criticized President Bush's proposed bank bailout for "propping up a failed system so the agony lasts longer." Without a bailout, Paul conceded, "It would be a bad year. But, this way, it's going to be a bad decade {thanks to Obama, who took the balout and fucked the carcass even after it had assumed rigor mortis-ed}."

So, basically, you are saying that those of us who oppose Obama are just irrational cranks bitterly clinging to quaint traditions such as liberty and distrust of Government's attempts to force us into the fuckden of fury, pain, and FAIL without our consent? You are shocked that people beyond those who believe in the Wekkly World News as a legitimate source of news are opposed to the shit coming from Washington? You are shocked that people who believe that a fucking nation that was founded on the mistrust of government, and took written and codified steps limiting the Leviathan, thus fostering the greatest fucking country to ever exist, should avoid chaining its people is a bad thing? So you think those of us who are trying to stop measures that will hold back, limit, and retard the potential still teeming in this country with more legislative prison rape are fools and irrational? Well, I have a word for you, EJ:


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Remember That "Teh GOP Is Teh Wingnutz!" Poll?

A few weeks ago, a poll run by DailyKos and Research 2000 (No links to DKos) conveniently claimed (in conjunction with a book Kos is writing comparing the GOP to the Taliban) that the Republican Party is overrun by kooks, freaks, racists, weirdos, birthers, teh ghey bashers, etc. Not surprisingly, said poll was greeted on the left as proof of the claims the "Reality Based Community" had always held about us, our views, our leaders, and everything not Obama.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the moral high ground for the left: somebody bothered to fact check the data and ask a few questions, and they found *gasp* the poll has some serious issues. The questions include such serious polling flaws as question selection, wording, sampling, follow ups, and so forth. And when rabid right winger Nate Silver throws cold water on the poll, one must conclude that Kos was not trying to seriously sample the attitudes of his political opposites, preferring instead to have the answers written beforehand, and the fill in work performed in such a matter as to validate his ideas. Quote Silver:

In short, it appears to me that the Kos/Research 2000 poll -- probably for reasons having to do with the nature and ordering of the questions although other hypothesis are plausible {umm...agenda setting and a sense of "inevitability" that most lefty polls try to establish?-ed} -- wound up with a very and perhaps unrepresenatively conservative set of Republicans. Upon further examination, I'd encourage caution in interpreting its results. I'm happy that pollsters are exploring "politically incorrect" attitudes such as these, but they require a lot of sensitivity to survey design. I'm not sure that Research 2000's methodology, which led by hitting the respondent over the head with a 2x4 with questions about impeachment and socialism, really got it right.

Look, I am not going to deny that the GOP and Conservative Movement do not have some rough elements in it. But are they as prevalent as the left tried to claim, and then used this poll as validation? Who knows. But I do know this: any suspicions of a Kos sponsored poll being fair and reliable, all while they claim Rasmussen should be marginalized, should be supported. Any person who does not believe that DKos-R2000 is an outfit that has and will massage and manipulate numbers and data in an effort to establish a politically charged meme and a lefty self feeding sense of inevitability that polling can create needs to have their head examined. And anybody who still wants to use this poll in their agenda setting needs to fuck off with butane and do better research.

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Well, technically a double standard is at least a standard so there's that

Calling Pres. Obama "Professor"? Racist.

Telling him to "go gangsta" on the GOP? That's perfectly fine!

Yes, I know the reference in the article is to Capone.  But the spelling is the non-traditional one used to refer to primarily black gang culture.  It's terrible!  It's offensive!  HE'S A WITCH BURN HIM!

Look, it's nonsense on stilts to imagine that this is motivated by racial animus given the author and the advice being presented.  But if the Left wants those rules, the Left is going to be held to the standard which it espouses.

I think it's time someone went to a refresher sensitivity training course or 12.

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February 10, 2010

PDS also means Pretty Darn Stupid

Heh, you all saw the latest brouhaha, Palin had a bracelet on that she said was in honor of her son's deployment to Iraq and some lefty started screeching about how the bracelets were for memorializing soldiers killed in action, not live soldiers.
Crooks and Liars piled on (link to Crooks and Liars for pointing and laughing purposes only, someone delete if it's against the rules like a Sully link).
Their conclusion?

Then had to backtrack when the makers of the bracelet said, "Ummmm, those are for live soldiers, we sent one to Palin and one to Biden in the last election."
Read the whole, fairly short post and the update where they have to say, "Ummm, nevermind". They were in quite the lather until reality so rudely intruded.
At least the post didn't go down the memory hole.
Via Just One Minute, he has a link to Huff Po's page with correction.
I'll save that link until tomorrow. It'll be a nice morning laugh.

And if someone wants to get OUTRAGED!!!!!1!! think about this
Why haven't we seen that bracelet on Joe Biden? Is he ashamed of his son deploying to Iraq?
I know I've been told I would never have to use a /sarc tag, but in case you can't tell,

Biden can't outrage me, he can only make me cringe or laugh.

I was going to say, "Read the comments" but there's a lot of hate and not a lot of humor.
One comment prays her son doesn't die because then she'd play the martyr, another replies to that comment by saying something about how Palin's hoping her son does die so she can use it politically.

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Keith Olbermann: Genius

I wonder if his recent drop in ratings and sanity had any impact on this piece of genius.

KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST: That`s next, but first tonight`s worst persons in the world. The bronze to Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. You`ll remember, the record setter for longest monotone question to the president at their meeting. Her new debt solution? Allowing younger Americans to privatize their Social Security accounts, where they can get wiped out the next time the mortgage industry or some other form of legalized gambling wipes out another chunk of the economy. By the way, federal budget debt {?-sic} is a good thing in a recession. It`s not a bad thing. As a percentage of Gross Domestic Product, it`s about the same as it was in 1970 {??-ed}, as it is right now, far less than it was throughout the Reagan administration.


Sigh. I guess math and history were not in the curriculum at the Cornell Ag School.

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February 09, 2010

David Patersson (Dumbass-NY) Under Investigation?

Wow. This oughta get good.

Two reliable sources confirm the investigation is "very fresh," but could not say precisely what it is prosecutors are looking at other than questions about public integrity {ha!-ed}.

Paterson has been under fire by members of his own staff and legislative leaders for awarding the contract to Aqueduct Entertainment Group, a group that includes former Congressman Rev Floyd Flake, whose political support the Governor had been aggressively seeking {quid pro quo?-ed}.

Flake had said publicly that he was considering endorsing Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for governor, if he decides to run. The loss leading of a black Democratic leader's support would be a serious setback for Paterson. After the contract was awarded to Flake's group, the Governor met with the Queens leader, but Paterson's office denies any endorsement was discussed {heh-ed}.

Capitol insiders say the deal was politically motivated  {nah! Really?!? You don't fucking say-ed}. The Governor has defended the decision to grant AEG the right to operate video lottery terminals, saying they are suited for the job and that the decision was a unanimous one made by him, the leader of the State Senate and the Speaker of the Assembly.


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Rabid Reich Winger Warmonger Defends Bush Policies

Yeah, especially this reich winger.

To quote somebody we all know:


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Once moah. Wif Feeeeewing.

Slublog covered it, Ace covered it, now it's Veeshir's turn.
I'll be less long-winded (surprise, surprise).
John Brennan says the GOP shouldn't politicize Obama's handling of the War on (Some) Terror.

Ummmm, weren't you the asshole who on Sunday said the GOP knew all about giving a terrorist the same rights I have because you called them and told them the FBI was on the job? An assertion that was patently ridiculous and untrue?

So who's politicizing what now?
Typical fucking Obama official. Always blaming everything on everybody but yourself.

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TNR hammers Sully for his anti-Semitism

Moronbloggers have known this about Sully for ages, but this TNR guy does an excellent takedown, even if it is from a liberal perspective.

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Not so bright

Okay, so Megan McCardle compares Dems being obstructionist on social security to Republicans being obstructionist on health care.

Ummmm, no.
The Dems had spent much of the previous years talking about how social security was doomed and yet, when Bush wanted to do something they freaked out. They also really didn't offer any other solutions. They just wanted to stop Bush. They bleated about how evil Bush was going to link it to the stock market (which is obviously much worse than the pyramic scheme it currently is) without offering their own plan.

The GOP has been offering ideas on health care only to be told to go screw. Now that Obama is in trouble he needs some GOP cover so now he wants help.
I can never figure out why she gets links. It must be her economics posts, I don't read those, her political posts are usually equally silly.
H/T, I forget. I saw it a couple places before I clicked because I usually find her posts to be less than persuasive.

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Chris Matthews Has His Priorities In Order

Twelve minutes bashing Sarah Palin? Twelve. Fucking. Minutes? Oh, and nice to see your feminine cattiness coming through with that "balloon head" reference.

Ugh. Fuck him. Fuck him with a tetanus laden bag of clyster pipes soaked in the the fuckbarrel of fucking fury and festering fuck. Fuck him for his sexism, idiocy, and fucking fuckheadedness. Fuck his jealousy and rage for having a handful of shitty books that nobody ever bought, and a show nobody watches, while this "balloon head" has a mega ass kicking book, speaking, and TV gig. And fuck him for being so stupid, I feel compelled to mention it.

That is all.

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