October 09, 2010

That's it, I'm done

If this is true, and I have every reason to believe it is, then I am done attempting to show even basic courtesy in referring to Obama.

Netanyahu and his entourage were then left to cool their heels in the Roosevelt Room. At one point, the Israeli delegation asked for something to drink and food. They were served non-kosher food, which some of them wouldn't eat.

From here.  Note that this is a HuffPo link so it's not like it's coming from some evil neocon.

Fuck.  You.  President.  Obama.  Fuck your staff.  Fuck your cook.  Fuck your stewards (who I have to believe weren't actually at fault since the White House stewards are renowned for professionalism but since this makes me furious I'm including them too).  Fuck the State Department.  Fuck every single fucking person who is such a fucking jackass that common motherfucking courtesy was not given to respect the dietary requirements of a fucking HEAD OF STATE and his entourage.  Motherfuckers want me to fucking be accepting of fucking jackals who will fucking kill me because I think Christina Hendricks is a miracle of God's creation but won't fucking serve Netanyahu kosher food. 

You know what?  Fuck it, I'm going to show Obama the exact level of respect for the office of the President that he does.  Or, you know, none.

(The rest of the article is even fucking worse btw)

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